Chapter 2312 Lightning Which Terrifies the World

Seventy-two Long Chens appeared in the sky. At the same time, Kun Pengzi and the others’ clones increased to seventy-two as well.

Di Feng and Tian Xiezi didn’t have time for another attack after their first missed. Their seventy-two clones were whistling toward them.

Kun Pengzi was also forced to turn toward seventy-two giant Kunpengs which attacked him. He had no choice but to give up on Long Chen and defend. As a result, he was seriously injured in just the first exchange.

Having summoned his true body, Kun Pengzi’s clones had also summoned theirs. He was being drowned in them.

Kun Pengzi’s true body was so huge that the lightning sea was unable to fully contain them. As they fought, the lightning sea surged outward.

For a moment, it was impossible to see anything inside the lightning sea. They could only see giant figures clashing.

As for the disciples peacefully absorbing the lightning within the tribulation, they were forced to flee for their lives. Kun Pengzi’s giant body was too dangerous.

Those clones didn’t care about them. If they were caught up in their hunt, they could easily lose their lives.

Even the likes of Pill Fairy, Zither Fairy, and Nangong Zuiyue retreated.

Once they left, nothing happened with the tribulation. It didn’t pursue them just because they had absorbed some of its lightning, allowing everyone to relax. They had gotten a huge benefit this time. Their Yuan Spirits and physical bodies had grown stronger. In particular, using the six-color divine lightning to temper their Yuan Spirits had doubled their power.

All the disciples retreated from the tribulation as the sea of lightning was flaring like a volcano. Giant waves crashed against heaven and earth.

Watching from a distance, they could only see giant Kunpengs crashing around in the lightning. They were unable to tell which was the real Kun Pengzi.

Occasionally, they caught sight of a large group of Tian Xiezis and Di Fengs through the cracks. For the two of them, it was easier to tell which was the real one because they had their manifestation behind them.

Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, and Di Feng were thrown into chaos. Even as they unleashed their full power, they were constantly coughing up blood because of their seventy-two clones.

Tian Xiezi was the first to decide to flee the heavenly tribulation. However, before he could leave the core region, a curtain of lightning sent him flying back. Then one of his clones struck his back, causing his blood to spray. If it weren’t for his immense combat experience allowing him to block a portion of that attack’s power in the critical moment, he would have been cut in two.

“Bastard!” Tian Xiezi’s expression darkened. Now, he realized he had truly been conned. Long Chen’s heavenly tribulation was too powerful.

Long Chen arrogantly laughed, “Hahaha, want to leave? Keep dreaming. You better pass my tribulation with me. To use your words, this is an honor for a group of ants like you. Yes, three can count as a group.”

Long Chen returned to standing atop the Peng Emperor’s statue. With every swing of Evilmoon, he forced back his clones. He seemed to have more than enough power left over.

“How can this be? Is Long Chen really so powerful?” This sight shocked everyone. No matter how powerful Long Chen was, how could he beat so many of his clones? Wasn’t the power of those clones based on his true body?

“It should be related to his cultivation technique. The Heavenly Daos are unable to replicate it, resulting in a giant difference between his true body and his clones. Long Chen must have some kind of giant secret.” Ye Benchang pondered to himself; a trace of shock and greed appeared in his eyes.

The other experts gradually came to realize that Long Chen’s divine ring, battle armor, and dragon scales were not replicated in his clones.

The strongest technique of those clones was the eighth form of Split the Heavens. Their other techniques were all ordinary, a great difference from the inexhaustible divine abilities coming from Kun Pengzi and the others’ clones. Long Chen’s clones were clearly weaker.

“Kun Pengzi and the others have been truly conned. The Heavenly Daos have locked onto them. Even if they’re Empyreans, it’s no good. This heavenly tribulation is a heavenly punishment and doesn’t care about them as long as it can kill Long Chen.”

“However, why didn’t Long Chen also attack the Pill Fairy? If she had also been drawn in, then…”

“Do you need to ask? He still has some hopes that the Pill Fairy might return to him.”

“I heard that before becoming the divine daughter, the Pill Fairy had a romantic connection to him. When Pill Valley was hunting down Long Chen, she even let him off. Perhaps it’s because of that kindness that Long Chen has never managed to harden his heart toward her. If those two peerless heavenly geniuses could end up on the same side, it would be good.” 

“Bah, who do you think Long Chen is? He already seduced so many beautiful women. Are all the world’s beautiful women supposed to end up with him?” sneered someone from the ancient family alliance.

“I don’t know if they’re all supposed to end up with Long Chen, but I do know that with your toad-like face and your jealous heart, you’ll definitely have no future with any beauty,” retorted someone else.

“Courting death!” raged the toad-faced man.

“Keep talking and I’ll really kill you.” Bao Buping turned and glared at that person, pointing his broadsword at him.

That person instantly deflated. He dared to say some arrogant words to others, but not to the madmen from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, so he shut his mouth.

“Attack together, quick!” Kun Pengzi’s roar suddenly rang out. Ignoring their clones, the three of them attacked Long Chen, seemingly in a panic.

“What’s going on?” All the spectators looked around, trying to see what was pressing the three of them like this.

“What’s that in the sky!!?”

Suddenly, a terrified cry made people raise their heads. At the very top of the heavenly tribulation, lightning was condensing into a giant figure.

Half of that figure’s body was above the dome of the sky, making it impossible for the people to see its face. They couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman.

That giant body was slowly shrinking, but as it shrank, the lightning forming it grew more solid. A new aura appeared, one that stood above all laws. It didn’t matter what cultivation base someone possessed, they still felt terrified in the face of this figure.

Below that figure, a curtain of light had surrounded the core region, trapping Kun Pengzi and the others. Even their clones were unable to breach that barrier.

“Heavens, what is that?! How can such a tribulation truly exist?! It’s hopeless!”

Just at that moment, the earth began to crack in every direction. Previously, the pressure from the tribulation had compressed the earth into becoming harder than steel, but now even that wasn’t enough. From outside the heavenly tribulation, it was possible to sense a will to crush all others.

This was most likely the final wave of the tribulation. But this tribulation was truly an apocalyptic one. No one could possibly pass it.

“That bastard Long Chen, he knew he would die so he dragged a few others with him?!” raged Peng Wanli. If Kun Pengzi and the others couldn’t slay Long Chen now, then they would be wiped out when this final level of the tribulation descended.


Long Chen blocked with Evilmoon but was still sent flying by Kun Pengzi. Kun Pengzi was too anxious to hold back in the slightest.

Long Chen had barely stabilized himself when Di Feng’s spear pierced at him. He wanted to dodge, but one of Kun Pengzi’s clones was in the way. As a result, he could only use Evilmoon to deviate the spear’s path. Its tip left a long cut across his ribs.

The tip had an explosive force behind it that broke Long Chen’s ribs and shook his internal organs. Di Feng was also putting his all into it.

Long Chen slashed Evilmoon behind him, barely blocking Tian Xiezi’s blood-colored spear. He was flung into the air.

The three of them were going all-out. They even ignored the attacks of their clones as long as they weren’t fatal, willingly being injured in order to keep the assault up on Long Chen. They even crowded their clones together, using them to limit Long Chen’s movements.

“You’re panicking just from this? Didn’t you say something about how my reputation was fake based on my weak tribulation?”

Even as Long Chen was driven to desperate straits by their attacks, his mouth didn’t rest.

During this time, the figure up in the sky grew ever smaller. Its aura also rose terrifyingly. It felt like it would suffocate people.

“Hurry, kill him!” shouted Kun Pengzi. A sense of mortal crisis was growing closer. He was afraid. This heavenly tribulation was probably enough to destroy this entire world.

Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, and Di Feng went all-out. However, lightning flashed around Long Chen’s body, allowing him to swim through the clones like a fish. It was very difficult for them to catch him and deal him a fatal blow.

“Long Chen, you trash, you’re too much of a coward to have a straightforward fight?!” cursed Di Feng.

“Don’t be impatient. Remember what you just said because I’ll be giving you that chance once my tribulation is over. Of course, that’s assuming you’re still alive then,” said Long Chen. He suddenly shouted, “Drake king, this is my greatest gift to you! Make sure you receive it well!”

Following that, the space behind Long Chen split open and a giant mouth appeared.

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