Chapter 2311 The Nethergate Star’s Power

Those twenty-seven figures were nine Kun Pengzis, nine Tian Xiezis, and nine Di Fengs. 

In the face of nine of themselves, their expressions grew ugly. Those figures had auras on the exact same level as them.

The three of them were peerless experts who had undergone such trials before. But that time, they had only been facing one identical version of themselves, not nine.

The void split open, and another nine figures appeared. These nine were of Long Chen, but while Kun Pengzi and the others’ clones had aura identical to the true body, Long Chen’s clones had stronger auras than Long Chen.

“How does it feel? You shameless fools, do you think I’m so easily taken advantage of?” Long Chen chortled at Kun Pengzi and the others.

“Idiot, worry about yourself,” sneered Di Feng. While they were surrounded by nine of themselves, Long Chen’s clones were clearly even stronger than him. Long Chen was the one who was really dead. For Long Chen to mock them made them snort in derision.

At this moment, those figures attacked. The nine Kun Pengzis launched attacks with nine lightning halberds.

“That’s the young master’s Kun Lightning Voidbreaker Art! And that’s the Lightning Spear Devours Souls Technique! There’s even the Kunpeng Splits the Void divine ability! Heavens, the nine of him are using all his strongest techniques!” The Kunpeng race’s experts were all stunned. The nine Kun Pengzis were each just as strong as him and unleashed his strongest attacks. This was essentially a hopeless scenario.

Kun Pengzi roared. His Blood Qi soared into the heavens as he used his Spirit Blood to link to his manifestation. The Kunpeng within his manifestation raised its head and roared as well. After that, Kun Pengzi’s lightning halberd rumbled through the air.


Kun Pengzi was blown back, a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth. Battle intent overflowed out of him. “The copies were created by the Heavenly Daos, and so they cannot replicate my Heavenly Dao manifestation. Otherwise, it would be the Heavenly Daos fighting against the Heavenly Daos. Without a manifestation, do you think I would be afraid? Even the most difficult heavenly tribulation of the heavens is just on this level for me! Long Chen, your reputation is completely fake!”

Kun Pengzi laughed as he fought his nine clones. Brilliant light exploded as they fought.

“Kun Pengzi is truly terrifying. Even facing nine of himself, his battle intent hasn’t diminished. That’s a true expert.”

“Even if those clones can’t summon Heavenly Dao manifestations, their techniques are still the same as the true body. They definitely have eighty percent of the true body’s combat power. Even facing nine of himself, he possesses such confidence. Such a thing is truly rare.” One of the human race’s elders gave a rather apropos evaluation.

Fighting nine of himself, Kun Pengzi didn’t seem to be miserable at all. The immense power he revealed shook countless people.

Tian Xiezi and Di Feng were also thrown into their own fights. Tian Xiezi became enveloped by black qi, and a giant figure appeared behind him. He also used his Spirit Blood to link to his manifestation.

Within Di Feng’s manifestation, the Blood Emperor was unleashing incredible pressure. With each wave of his hand, Di Feng caused heaven and earth to collapse. He also had it easy fighting the nine clones.

“They’re all so incredibly powerful.” Others could only sigh in despair. There was no way for them to compare to these three. Even amongst heavenly geniuses, even amongst the favorites of the great era, the difference could still be immense.

“Is bragging that satisfying? Do you think things are over already? Be careful of being slapped in the face later,” sneered Long Chen.

At this moment, the nine Long Chens with nine Evilmoons attacked at the same time. Nine saber-images crashed down like starry rivers. The old man and the others jumped. That was the eighth form of Split the Heavens.


Shockingly, Long Chen didn’t dodge. He directly took their attacks with Evilmoon. After a giant explosion, the nine clones of Long Chen were gone.


For a moment, everyone could only stare in dumbfounded silence. Long Chen had killed all nine of his more powerful clones in one attack? How was that possible?

Long Chen lazily rested Evilmoon on his shoulder. He took a deep breath, maintaining an exterior appearance of indifference. However, inside he was crying out excitedly. This was the true power of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

The lightning that he was absorbing caused his astral spaces to continuously grow. As they grew, the world energy he could control also increased. After his astral spaces had doubled in size, his FengFu, Alioth, Life Fate, Enlightenment Palace, and Divine Gate Stars had suddenly shuddered and sent a torrent of energy into the Nethergate Star.

The Nethergate Star had seemed to be in slumber all this time. Now, it had been awakened, and Long Chen felt a kind of power coming alive in his body.

This entire time, he had been suppressing that power, concealing it from the Heavenly Daos. However, it seemed that he wasn’t able to trick them. The clones of him that the Heavenly Daos made had much stronger auras than what he had revealed.

Just now, Kun Pengzi and the others’ derision had caused Long Chen’s temper to light up, and he had directly used the power of his sixth star. As a result, when the full power of the Nethergate Star was activated, the energy of his 108,000 astral spaces merged with it, giving him enough power to wipe out all nine of his clones.

“Could it be that the Nethergate Star is the core of my world energy? Only with it can I unleash the full potential of my astral spaces?”

Just now, when he felt how vast the world energy that soared out of his astral spaces was, he felt like his astral spaces had been lazy brats before, refusing to give him their power.

By using the power of the Nethergate Star, his astral spaces gave him all their power without hesitation. That was what had resulted in such a shocking result.

Long Chen’s lazy appearance stunned everyone. It looked like everything was under his control. Standing atop the Peng Emperor’s statue, he said, “I was just toying with you before. Do you really think I only have that little ability? Crushing ants like you doesn’t give me any feeling of superiority. Am I, Long Chen, someone who can be measured by the likes of you?”

Standing atop the Peng Emperor’s statue, Long Chen appeared extraordinarily heroic and domineering. He was unafraid of the heavens.

As if sensing his arrogance, the heavens were enraged. The void flickered, and countless lightning runes condensed in the sky.

Long Chen had just destroyed the nine clones when the runes condensed into eighteen clones.

When eighteen Long Chens condensed, in an instant, Kun Pengzi and the others’ expressions changed. Because while the nine clones of them remained, and an additional nine had appeared. The pressure immediately grew.

The eighteen clones of Long Chen attacked him once more. Long Chen snorted, and with the power of his Nethergate Star, he swung his saber.


Once again, the eighteen clones exploded. This time, Lei Long didn’t give them any chance to reform. It directly devoured their runes.

The void rumbled. This time, thirty-six Long Chens descended from the heavenly tribulation, and these clones of him were even stronger than before.

At the same time, Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, and Di Feng’s clones increased to thirty-six as well.

Tian Xiezi was surrounded and flustered. One of his clones managed to strike his shoulder, causing him to vomit blood. That attack was the skill he had the greatest proficiency in. Even he was unable to block it when his clone used it against himself.

“Corrupt God Slaughters the Heavens!” Tian Xiezi let out a roar, and the figure within his manifestation raised a sword. That sword sliced through the void, sending his clones flying. At this moment, Tian Xiezi was forced to show his real abilities.

Kun Pengzi was also no longer as arrogant as before. He abandoned his human form and transformed into a giant Kunpeng, merging with his manifestation. His wings slammed his clones away.

“Blood Emperor Descends Upon the Earth!”

Di Feng also let out a shout. The Blood Emperor figure within his manifestation unleashed rays of light that blew away his clones.

“Kill Long Chen! Don’t play with him any longer!” shouted Kun Pengzi. He sensed Long Chen growing stronger and stronger. If they allowed this tribulation to continue, then they would be in danger. Although this was a chance to absorb the lightning to temper their Yuan Spirits, compared to the danger, it wasn’t worth it.

Kun Pengzi’s giant body appeared in front of Long Chen in an instant. His heaven-splitting wings slammed down. It was like the very Heavenly Daos were being sliced apart in front of them.

Evilmoon flashed. Compared to the mountain-sized wings, it appeared puny, but power exploded out of it, causing the world to shake.

In the face of Kun Pengzi’s terrifying attack, Long Chen didn’t budge. He remained standing on top of the Peng Emperor’s statue even after receiving it.


Seeing Long Chen receive Kun Pengzi’s attack so easily, everyone was shocked. Before this, when the two of them had fought, Long Chen had been completely outclassed, unable to receive even an ordinary blow.

Kun Pengzi had now merged with his manifestation and raised his power to his peak, but Long Chen was able to receive such an attack without moving? Had Long Chen been intentionally acting weak before?

“The game has only just started. How can you stop now? Sorry, but as the one in charge of this game, I’m not going to let you off.” Long Chen’s power suddenly grew, sending Kun Pengzi’s giant body flying.

Just at this moment, Tian Xiezi and Di Feng’s attacks arrived. Long Chen didn’t take them on, instead dodging behind the Peng Emperor’s statue’s wings.

At that moment, his clones attacked as well.


Evilmoon once more let out a burst of power that smashed those clones to pieces. Kun Pengzi and the others’ hearts turned cold.

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