Chapter 2308 Sharing as a Group

Following the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples, the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples also moved. Ye Lingshan led her subordinates inside.

“Quick, enter the lightning sea to absorb its energy for a second upgrade.” The elders of various powers began to give orders to their disciples.

They had guessed that the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples must have received a secret message from Long Chen, or they wouldn’t just charge in without even testing things.

Then seeing the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples enter as well, they knew that it couldn’t be dangerous. Otherwise, Long Chen would have warned them not to enter.

Countless experts began to walk in. They were surprised to find that there was no change in the heavenly tribulation due to their intrusion. It maintained its regular tempo.

When they reached the outer edge of the tribulation, specks of lightning landed on their bodies. Those disciples cried out in pain as their skin split open.

This was just the outer edge. They hadn’t even entered the sea of lightning, but the slightest specks were enough to injure them.

Only the more powerful geniuses dared to enter the lightning sea. Some people barely lasted a few seconds before running out.

After running out, they found that the lightning didn’t chase them. It seemed that the lightning sea’s will was focused entirely on Long Chen. It ignored them.

As a result, people started growing more brazen. More and more experts entered.

Suddenly, one group exploded upon entering the sea of lightning, making everyone else jump.

“If you’re not a heavenly genius of this generation, the Heavenly Daos will not approve of you. If you enter, you’ll die,” shouted someone.

That group had been composed of Netherpassage experts of the senior generation. They had wanted to benefit from this as well, only to be wiped out by the lightning as soon as they entered.

Countless experts of the senior generation sighed in disappointment. They felt powerless that they hadn’t managed to catch this great era. This generation was favored by the Heavenly Daos.

To this generation’s experts, the heavenly tribulation was like a mother’s hands gently caressing them.

To others, it was like a stepmother’s hands crushing them to death.

The cycle of the lightning had formed four regions. The outer edge, the tide, the inner circle, and the core.

The outer edge only had some sputtering lightning splashing out. It wasn’t truly part of the tribulation.

The tide was the lightning surging out of the core and flowing toward the edges before flying back up. Just the power of the current was enough to pulverize people.

One step deeper into the tide region was the inner circle. Twisting pillars of lightning stirred in this place, crashing down from the heavens. The only ones capable of entering this area were experts at the very peak like Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, the Pill Fairy, Di Feng, the Zither Fairy, Nangong Zuiyue, Beitang Rushuang, Ximen Tianxiong, Dongfang Yuyang, Hu Feng, and Ye Lingshan.

Bao Buping, Chang Hao, Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, and the other experts just one level below them had tried to enter the inner circle, but had all been forced out. They were unable to endure the terrifying lightning there.

As for the core region, the center of the hourglass-shaped cycle of tribulation lightning, the only one capable of standing there was Long Chen.

Covered in lightning, it was only possible to catch glimpses of him. Not only was there lightning, but the surrounding space was also distorted, causing his figure to seem illusory.

Although no one was able to approach that area, it was clear that it was a region of death. The core of the heavenly tribulation was focused on Long Chen, which was why it ignored the others.

Suddenly, within the inner circle, Ye Lingshan coughed up a mouthful of blood. Zi Yan, who was close by, reached out a hand to support her. She summoned her own domain to block part of the pressure.

“Don’t try to talk to Long Chen. The divine lightning here won’t allow you to stretch your soul that far. Also, if he did manage to hear it, it would form a link in karma. The heavenly tribulation would target you as well then,” said Zi Yan.

Ye Lingshan was pale. She hadn’t expected things to be this grave. She saw Long Chen talk to Kun Pengzi without anything happening, so she had assumed that she could talk to him as well. But the terrifying pressure had almost caused her mind to collapse.

“Just leave it to Long Chen,” comforted Zi Yan.

Ye Lingshan nodded and closed her eyes, focusing on sensing the will of the Heavenly Daos within the lightning along with Zi Yan, Nangong Zuiyue, and Beitang Rushuang.

The disciples of the various powers had all entered the lightning to absorb it. This was an extremely rare chance. This six-color lightning contained a mysterious energy. If they could comprehend the slightest bit about it, it would benefit them endlessly.

As for the seniors of the various powers, they had high hopes for their disciples. Although they couldn’t enter, just being able to bear witness to such a sight made them feel like their lives weren’t wasted.

“That existence on the other side of the world said that this was Six Dao Divine Lightning. Does that refer to the Daos in myths, the Heavenly Dao, Asura Dao, Human Dao, Beast Dao, Ghost Dao, and Infernal Dao?” guessed someone from the Martial Heaven Alliance.

Qu Jianying and the others shook their heads. Myths were just myths. They weren’t too believable. That creature from the lightning world might not even be referring to six Daos that existed on the Martial Heaven Continent.


Just at this moment, a voice rang out and startled Qu Jianying and the others. They hastily bowed.

“Greetings, Daoist Heavenly Feather.”

The speaker was the master of the Divine Ice Palace, Ye Zhiqiu’s master, Daoist Heavenly Feather. She had actually come. She smiled and indicated for everyone not to be overly courteous.

Qu Jianying asked, “Senior, do you recognize this divine lightning?”

Daoist Heavenly Feather shook her head. “I don’t recognize it. This heavenly tribulation is no longer a tribulation, it’s heavenly punishment as its laws have changed. The heavenly punishment is targeting Long Chen, so others who enter the region of lightning won’t be touching those laws. As long as they can endure that level of lightning, they’ll be fine. If you look closely, you’ll find that there are six kinds of lightning: life, death, Yin, Yang, positive, negative.”

Everyone immediately looked closely, but no one else was able to see the different types of energy. “Perhaps our realm is too low…” They were unable to sense anything about those types of energy that Daoist Heavenly Feather had mentioned.

“It’s not that your realm is too low, it’s that you’re not looking closely enough. Look at the disciples within the lightning tide. Every time they are struck by lightning, there are at least two bursts but sometimes dozens of bursts. In every case, it’s an even number,” said Daoist Heavenly Feather.

Focusing on this detail, everyone looked and saw that it really was as she said. There were always at least two bursts of power. There was never an isolated one.

“Life and death, positive and negative, Yin and Yang. They are on opposite sides of the power spectrum, but when they combine together, they are a kind of Grand Dao. This is a good fortune to everyone, even to the people who can only watch. The Six Daos referred to by that drake king of the other world should refer to those six polar types of energy, not the Daos that you were referring to. They are completely different,” said Daoist Heavenly Feather.

At this moment, within the core region, Long Chen’s body became covered in dragon scales.

“Long Chen has summoned his Azure Dragon Battle Armor. It seems it’s getting hard on him as well,” said the old man solemnly. Based on his understanding of Long Chen, he would only take out the Azure Dragon Battle Armor when he was using his full power.

Standing in the core, Long Chen couldn’t see anything in the outside world. The space around him was completely distorted. At the same time, the lightning runes that landed on his body tore his body apart.

At first, his body was able to endure it. However, as time passed, their power grew. The lightning runes were like tiny bombs exploding on his body and were now causing some blood to appear.

At the same time as they split open his skin, they were also like poison, branding him with a kind of destructive rune that prevented him from healing.

Suddenly, Lei Long let out a roar, making Long Chen smile coldly. Lei Long had told him that the lightning attacking him was completely different from the lightning attacking the others. Their lightning was half life and half death, while his lightning runes had all their life energy stripped away. Lei Long had sensed that and alerted him.

“If even heavenly tribulation can cheat like this, is there anything fair in this world?” Long Chen shook his head disdainfully. The lightning striking him was full of death energy. “Lei Long, don’t worry about me. You can just maintain the channel and eat your fill. In a bit, I’ll be relying on you.”

Lei Long let out a growl and continued its task of maintaining the channel. The spatial channel was very stable right now as a constant stream of lightning flowed into it.

“Why is the lightning this time so strange? Has its nature changed? Why has it suddenly become gentle?” Long Chen looked up at the heavens. For some reason, a bad feeling started to appear in his heart. 

“Something’s wrong. I have to think of something. Lei Long, help me out!” shouted Long Chen suddenly.

Lei Long opened its mouth and devoured Long Chen. It then spat him out, causing him to shoot out of the core region like a shooting star. He instantly arrived in front of Kun Pengzi and slapped him in the face.

“Who let you not wear a hat?!”

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