Chapter 2307 Six Dao Divine Lightning

The world became silent like time was standing still. Everyone saw a giant hole in the tribulation clouds. It was like a gaping maw facing the world below.

“What is senior apprentice-brother Long Chen doing?!” cried a disciple of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Wasn’t constantly attacking the tribulation asking to be killed?

Everyone stared in shock. Long Chen actually dared to be so arrogant during his Netherpassage tribulation?

Due to how powerful Netherpassage experts were, they were easily sensed by the Heavenly Daos, and their lightning tribulation would be even more dangerous. That was why Netherpassage experts were especially obedient during their tribulations. They didn’t dare to show any disrespect to the Heavenly Daos for fear that the heavenly tribulation would become heavenly punishment.

The tribulation clouds remained in their pierced state for three breaths’ time. After that, an invisible heavenly might gathered.

Suddenly, lightning blasted out of the hole that Long Chen had created. A terrifying lightning net weaved itself into existence there.

The pressure of the tribulation grew and the ground began to sink. In the distance, the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring raged like it was boiling. The earth quaked and the sea raged. This was a sign of the apocalypse.

The experts watching hastily fled to an even greater distance. The Heavenly Daos had been enraged by Long Chen and would unleash their full fury. If they didn’t get further away, they might easily be killed as well.

“You want to drag me down with you? Long Chen, you really are a child.” Kun Pengzi sneered. His own lightning flickered around him. “I have a lightning spirit body. Powerful thunderforce only nourishes my body, making me stronger. Due to how much you’re helping me out, I don’t mind letting you live for a few more hours.”

Kun Pengzi didn’t immediately launch his attack. Holding his lightning halberd, he continued to stand within the heavenly tribulation, facing Long Chen without any fear.


Suddenly, the tribulation clouds exploded. The black tribulation clouds which had turned the world dark vanished, replaced by multicolored lightning.

The multicolored lightning illuminated the world. It held a bewitching beauty, but within that enchanting light was an air of boundless death.

In the next moment, a waterfall of lightning crashed down on Long Chen and Kun Pengzi. The earth shuddered and exploded. Distant mountain ranges split apart. The entire Martial Heaven Continent shuddered.

The wild lightning collapsed upon Long Chen and Kun Pengzi. Then it raged outward, shooting in every direction, terrifying the experts watching into fleeing even further. However, the lightning stopped at a range of ten thousand miles, instead charging back into the sky. A giant loop of lightning formed.

“Hahaha, amazing! This is Six Dao Divine Lightning! After being stifled for hundreds of thousands of years, I’ve caught this wave!” The drake king’s excited roar came from the other side of the channel. It recognized this lightning.

The lightning poured into the channel as a powerful current, and the Dragonblood warriors stood within that current. Some of them were tottering and stumbling back. Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Ye Zhiqiu, Dong Mingyu, and the healing warriors were blown back by the current.

This current didn’t just contain powerful lightning but also the will of divine punishment. Rather than the damage to the body, the damage to the soul was much worse.

“Wan-er, don’t fight back! Our bodies can’t endure it!” Meng Qi held back Tang Wan-er from charging back in against the flow of the current.

“She’s right. This lightning current isn’t something our physical bodies can endure, even if our wills can. There’s no point in forcing it,” said Chu Yao.

“We’ll stay at the edge of the current and just absorb as much as we can. There’s no need to fight against the current.” Meng Qi brought her group to the edge of the main current.

Just at that moment, the drake king said, “Here, come onto my body. I’ll block the destructive will so it should be easier to absorb.”

The silver drake king and the other lifeforms of the lightning domain were like fish swimming within the current of lightning. They absorbed it like a riverbed taking in rain after a drought. 

The silver drake king stood before the Dragonblood warriors, devouring the lightning current. The other lightning drakes could only absorb the leftovers.

Meng Qi and the others were delighted. They were standing on the silver drake king’s back, and lightning shot out of it and enveloped them. The silver drake king sent a portion of the lightning to them.

After being purified by it, the lightning had become gentler. Even their weaker physical bodies were able to freely absorb it.

Just at this moment, a figure came flying over. Tang Wan-er’s lips curled. “Guo Ran, why are you coming over?”

Guo Ran arrived just as Meng Qi and the others found a good place for themselves. “This place is very dangerous. I’ll protect you. Don’t worry, I, Guo Ran, guarantee to protect you even in death!”

“How shameless.” Tang Wan-er rolled her eyes.

“Many thanks for your praise. It’s all thanks to boss’s guidance.” Guo Ran snickered, beginning to absorb the lightning with his thick skin.

“Guo Ran, you traitor, can you show some maturity? Look at Xia Chen and Zifeng. They’re still enduring, while you ran away. How will you be able to face your brothers in the future?” demanded Gu Yang.

“I walk a different path than everyone else. I’m not supposed to raise my will and physical body. Otherwise, back in the Netherworld, I wouldn’t have been able to save everyone. Thus, you shouldn’t compare different people. You continue with your path, and I’ll continue on mine,” said Guo Ran righteously.

There was no way for anyone to retort to that. After all, his lack of willpower had once saved all their lives. There was nothing they could say in the face of that laziness.

“Don’t talk. Focus on absorbing the energy of the Six Daos. This is an important chance for you humans,” said the drake king.

Everyone shut their mouths. They focused on absorbing the lightning while also resisting its impact. The six-color lightning was constantly wrecking their physical bodies and tearing at their souls, and despite that, they had to pull it into their bodies and absorb it. That was torture.

Every Dragonblood warrior was confident in one thing after being with Long Chen for so long. The more that they could endure, the greater it would benefit them.

Every little bit they absorbed would strengthen their bodies and souls. They would only get one chance at this, so they had to push themselves to their limits.

Finally, Yue Zifeng and Xia Chen were unable to endure any longer. That had nothing to do with their will, it was simply that their physical bodies weren’t able to endure. They went to Meng Qi and the others’ side to absorb the gentler lightning.

As the Dragonblood warriors absorbed the lightning on this side of the lightning channel, the lightning on the Martial Heaven Continent’s side grew even more violent. Long Chen had his divine ring out and was absorbing this lightning at a crazy rate.

That was because he had found that while this lightning tore about his body and soul, its tempering effect was extremely strong.

His physical body had already reached an extremely terrifying level, so it had been a long time since he had been able to improve it. Now, that chance had come.

Lei Long was immersed in the lightning like a dragon returning to the sea. Lei Long was the one benefiting the most.

In the distance, Kun Pengzi’s gaze was still cold, but he was delighted inside. This six-color lightning was a priceless treasure to him. He was absorbing as much of it as possible.

The image of a giant Kunpeng appeared behind him. It gradually grew solid as he absorbed more of the lightning. Lightning runes appeared all over Kun Pengzi’s body, and he opened his mouth, creating a giant vortex to absorb the lightning.

“Brother Long, is it possible for me to take advantage of you like this?” Suddenly, a shout came from the crowd.

It was someone who hadn’t been seen in a long time, a scholarly man with a giant die spinning behind him. It was the Gambling Heavenly Dao’s heir, Hu Feng.

“The tribulation lightning doesn’t belong to me. If you want to come, then come. But if you get anything good, you’ll have to remember this little favor.” Long Chen smiled.

“Many thanks.” Hu Feng smiled in return, and in front of everyone’s shocked gazes, he walked into the tribulation lightning.

The divine lightning crackled as it met his body, but Hu Feng remained unharmed. He walked to the point that he was almost about to enter the core region before he stopped and closed his eyes.

“The Pill Fairy’s entering as well!” Just at that moment, people saw the Pill Fairy walking gracefully into the lightning.

“Tian Xiezi’s going as well! Heavens, is this heavenly tribulation a priceless treasure or something? Why are they all taking the risk to enter?”

The Zither Fairy Zi Yan looked toward Beitang Rushuang and Nangong Zuiyue. The three of them nodded, and together, they walked into the sea of lightning. A clamor followed. People were unable to understand why the top geniuses were entering Long Chen’s lightning tribulation. Were they not afraid of karma striking? Did they not fear the lightning tribulation wiping them out?

“Hahaha, let’s go!”

Bao Buping suddenly laughed and waved his hand, leading the disciples of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect into the tribulation lightning.

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