Chapter 2306 Lightning Spirit Body

A cracking sound came from within Long Chen’s body, and the tribulation clouds rumbled intensely. A terrifying pressure grew, as if a slumbering ancient beast had been awakened.

The tribulation clouds suddenly spread far beyond their original scope. At the same time, the violet lightning changed color. There was now, red, yellow, green, azure, and blue added onto the violet lightning, a total of six colors.

“So it was just the Dragonblood warriors’ tribulation before, while Long Chen was simply standing amongst them. Now Long Chen is also undergoing his tribulation.” However, as soon as this person said that, he found that it didn’t make sense. If someone interfered with someone else’s tribulation, the heavenly tribulation would settle things with them first. He had already attacked the tribulation clouds more than once. How was it that his tribulation only descended now?

“Heavens, how could there be six-color lightning? Isn’t the highest level five colors? I’ve never heard of six-color lightning!” People had no time to consider the first question, because the six-color lightning was far more shocking.

“Six-color lightning is clearly divine lightning based on this pressure! Why is Long Chen’s tribulation so terrifying?!” cried out an old expert of the human race.

“Back when the Pill Fairy, Tian Xiezi, Kun Pengzi, Di Feng, and the other top geniuses underwent their tribulation, they locked down the surroundings and concealed themselves with a formation, but from a distance, it was possible to tell that the final level of the tribulation was five-color divine lightning. However, that only appeared in the end. How could Long Chen’s tribulation start with six-color divine lightning? Just what kind of level will it reach in the end?” analyzed one person.

“The most inexplicable thing is that five-color lightning represents the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. What does the six-color lightning represent?” The six-color lightning flickering within the sky had surpassed everyone’s understanding. Such a thing had never occurred even in stories and legends.

Kun Pengzi’s expression changed when he saw the six-color lightning. He shouted, “run!”

There was no time for him to lead these people away. He dispersed his lightning screen, having them run for their lives. It would be up to who was lucky enough.

Those disciples of the Kunpeng race fled for their lives. They had barely started when some of them were killed by the lightning.

Although the six-color lightning had yet to reach this region, they were still within the scope of the heavenly tribulation. 

Thousands of them fled. Some of them were disoriented by the lightning and ended up going backward. Either way, the lightning cut them down rapidly. In the end, only eighty-some people managed to reach the edge of the tribulation.

At the edge, the power of the lightning was weak enough that there was no threat to their lives. However, they didn’t have a chance to relax. The six-color lightning was extending from the core region to where they were.

They continued to flee for their lives. Regretfully, they were too slow. The six-color lightning got closer and closer.


Those disciples’ cries were drowned out by thunder and lightning. It wasn’t even possible to see their bodies explode as they were enveloped by lightning. Within the six-color lightning, their deaths didn’t make the slightest sound.

“A sea of divine lightning which buries the sky. Is this the legendary lightning sea buries the heavens?!” Someone suddenly let out a startled cry as he recalled a certain legend.

The area of the tribulation was filled with surging lightning. It wasn’t even possible to see lightning falling from the sky. It was simply a violent sea of lightning engulfing the world.

The Kunpeng race’s ancestral lands had long since vanished. The only surviving building was the Peng Emperor’s statue. It continued to remain standing even within the lightning.

“This lightning sea is practically a domain of death. This is no tribulation, this is heavenly punishment! It doesn’t leave anyone a chance to live!” cried Bao Buping. Even he felt that things were wrong. This lightning was filled with a will of annihilation, completely different from the previous lightning. There wasn’t the slightest hope for life.

The continent’s experts, including Ye Benchang, were all appalled. This terrifying heavenly tribulation was too shocking.

Only Li Tianxuan remained calm. He sighed. As Long Chen grew, the signs that Long Chen was a Heaven-Defier grew clearer.

Although he was calm, he was filled with worry for Long Chen. The ultimate fate of a Heaven-Defier was to die to the Heavenly Daos. Would Long Chen be able to pass this tribulation? This was just the first wave.

“Kun Pengzi is still within the lightning!” A startled cry rang out. Through the sea of lightning, they saw Kun Pengzi standing there, immersed in the lightning with a murderous expression.

The sea of lightning raged and rumbling sounds rang out from the void. Long Chen continued to stand atop the Peng Emperor’s statue, his hands clasped behind his back. He didn’t even look at the wild lightning. Instead, he was indifferently looking at Kun Pengzi.

Long Chen didn’t care about the six-color divine lightning. However, the Dragonblood warriors weren’t quite able to endure it. The destructive power of the lightning was wrecking their bodies.

Guo Ran was the first to be unable to endure. He put on his armor. That wasn’t him being lazy. He truly couldn’t continue without it. Any more and he would die.

Xia Chen was the second to be unable to endure. He put on his soft armor, blocking the lightning. The others still bitterly endured.

The divine lightning cleansing their bodies was painful, but as Dragonblood warriors, they endured. They had to endure. This was not just a cleansing of their physical bodies, but a tempering of their wills as well.

“Long Chen, you killed my people. Today, I’ll kill every one of your people one by one. The cycle of karma will get you your comeuppance.” Kun Pengzi suddenly began to walk through the lightning tribulation toward Long Chen.

“If your Kunpeng race believes in the cycle of karma, you shouldn’t have done what you did at the start. Today is your comeuppance.”

Long Chen formed hand seals, and a dragon roar rang out over the thunder. Lei Long appeared, circling in the air. At the same time, the void split open, creating a giant lightning channel.

That lightning channel linked to a different world. A new sea of lightning burst out of it, creating a new lightning domain within the tribulation.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, you finally have the conscience to send me a big gift.” From the other world, the silver drake king’s wild laughter rang out. This surging divine lightning was entering its domain. That was a great surprise to it.

“You’ve helped me out many times now. Did you think that I would forget?” Long Chen smiled slightly. He then turned to Gu Yang and the others. “You can absorb the lightning domain’s lightning.”

Long Chen knew that his tribulation was too powerful, as it contained the world’s will of annihilation. This lightning would harm their foundations, and that was why he didn’t normally undergo his tribulations with them.

The lightning from the lightning domain would erase the will of the tribulation lightning when it passed through, weakening its harmful nature. The Dragonblood warriors could absorb it then. If they were still unable to do so, then the silver drake king would help them.

Gu Yang and the others entered the lightning domain and vanished. Within the giant sea of lightning, the only ones remaining were Long Chen and Kun Pengzi.

“Did you think hiding them in a turtle shell would make them safe?” Kun Pengzi sneered and suddenly also charged into the lightning channel. 

Long Chen didn’t stop him. A contemptuous smile appeared on his face.

“Fuck off!”

Kun Pengzi had just charged in when the silver drake king’s roar rang out from inside. Following that, Kun Pengzi flew out like a shooting star, hacking up blood.

Kun Pengzi flew so far that he escaped the tribulation’s range and even continued beyond that, disappearing over the horizon.

For a moment, people could only stare in dumbfounded silence. Just what had happened for someone as powerful as Kun Pengzi to be tossed out like trash?

After a moment, Kun Pengzi came flying back, furious. He was still covered in bloodstains.

Just now, he had met a giant claw that sent him flying. He had known about the silver drake king’s power before, but after advancing to the Netherpassage realm, he had been confident in fighting against it. Even if he couldn’t beat it, he wouldn’t lose. 

However, he found that the silver drake king’s power far surpassed his expectations. Just one blow had sent him flying.

When Kun Pengzi came flying back, Long Chen gestured to him, welcoming him to keep trying. He wouldn’t stop him.

Long Chen knew that the silver drake king was the ruler of that domain. That was its territory, and it was king. Without the restrictions of the Martial Heaven Continent’s laws, it could unleash its full power.

His contemptuous look made Kun Pengzi’s expression sink. When Long Chen gestured again as if telling him to hurry up, he grew even more infuriated. He had guessed the reason behind the drake king’s power based on the clues, but he had declared that he would kill everyone in the Dragonblood Legion.

Now, he was caught in an extremely embarrassing state. His promise ended up becoming a slap to his own face.

“As expected of a coward, you only know how to rely on outside power. Since that’s the case, I’ll kill you first before taking your head with me to kill the others!” Kun Pengzi switched targets, unleashing a powerful attack straight at Long Chen.

Lightning wings spread on Long Chen’s wings. He avoided Kun Pengzi’s attack and indifferently said, “Since you’re in such a rush to kill me, I’ll give you your chance. I’ll quicken the pace of the heavenly tribulation so that you don’t need to have any doubt over the result.”

Long Chen suddenly charged into the sky and repeatedly swung Evilmoon, tearing through the tribulation clouds nine times in total.

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