Chapter 2304 Who Cares About You?

Kun Pengzi was rushing over with an army of hundreds of thousands of Xuan Beasts. This giant army’s furious killing intent could be sensed even before they arrived.

Kun Pengzi had led the Xuan Beasts’ junior generation over. However, the others also came, including those from Pill Valley, the Martial Heaven Alliance, the Corrupt path, the ancient races, and the ancient family alliance.

These people had all rushed from their campaign against the Blood race when they had heard that Long Chen was assaulting the Kunpeng race.

All the experts from there had rushed over. Now, only the seventh Heavenly Dragon Legion remained to guard the entrance to the Yin Yang World.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is still alive!”

“Every warrior of the Dragonblood Legion is here. They all survived!”

“Haha, with senior apprentice-brother Long Chen back, we don’t need to keep getting pissed off by those idiots!”

The Martial Heaven Alliance’s warriors clenched their fists excitedly upon seeing Long Chen standing on the statue of the Peng Emperor, immersed in lightning along with the Dragonblood warriors. Ye Lingshan also grew emotional upon seeing that familiar figure. These days had been hard on her, and someone she could rely on had finally appeared.

“I told you, right? Bad people don’t die so easily. That fellow has already reached an unparalleled realm in that regard, so he couldn’t possibly die.” Beitang Rushuang smiled and stretched her waist with a pleased expression, revealing her curves.

Beside her, Nangong Zuiyue also smiled. Long Chen’s return was a great thing for them. After all, they were allies.

Nangong Zuiyue and Beitang Rushuang had both chosen to stand beside the Martial Heaven Alliance. As for their respective families, they had not stated anything explicitly and were still watching.

Other than the Nangong and Beitang families, another powerful figure stood beside the Martial Heaven Alliance. That was the Zither Fairy, Zi Yan. The Illusive Music Immortal Palace had also not expressed its attitude, neither going against nor supporting Zi Yan’s decision. Other than Zi Yan, their disciples all remained neutral.

Zi Yan also sighed in relief upon seeing Long Chen’s return. She had been worried with him being gone for so long.

The Pill Fairy remained expressionless. Some faint fluctuations appeared deep within her eyes, but that was all. Her aura had grown even more reserved and profound. God energy surged within her, making her seem impenetrable.

Tian Xiezi was wrapped in black runes. The evil air around him had grown noticeably denser, to the point that even the other disciples of the Corrupt path didn’t dare to get close to him.

The Pill Fairy, Tian Xiezi, and Kun Pengzi had all arrived flying on their own. Only one person came in a resplendent and extravagant carriage.

This person was the one who had awakened a double manifestation, the strongest expert of the ancient family alliance, Di Feng.

Di Feng wore golden imperial robes with a golden crown on his head and a golden belt around his waist. Lavishness radiated out of him. He looked like an emperor out for a stroll.

Ever since Di Feng had awakened a double manifestation, he had grown more arrogant. Although he wasn’t a divine daughter or divine son, he seemed to find even them insignificant.

In fact, he had actually chased Dongfang Yuyang from the Yin Yang World, injuring him in one blow.

Due to some issues, Di Feng had almost started fighting Kun Pengzi. If it hadn't been for a warning from the divine families, they really would have started fighting.

Di Feng had clearly become overbearing. He had been suppressed and endured so much over the years that this sudden release made him uncontrollable. 

Standing on top of his carriage, Di Feng looked coldly at Long Chen. With his arms clasped behind him, his mouth gradually curled into a look of contempt.

As for Dongfang Yuyang, he had declined to the point that he was standing amongst the crowd, seemingly insignificant.

Ximen Tianxiong of the Ximen family, as well as Hu Feng of the Heavenly Gambling Dao, were all present. All the big faces of the various powers had come.

The Martial Heaven Continent’s senior and junior experts were all here because they knew that something big was about to go down today.

The sound of thunder had reached them from far in the distance, and they had seen waves of berserk lightning falling from the heavens. Long Chen seemed intent on fighting the Kunpeng race to the death. By undergoing tribulation here, the foundation that the Kunpeng race had built and accumulated over countless years would be destroyed. This would lay down an undying enmity.

There were also countless experts of the Xuan Beasts trapped within the barrier that was being pounded by the lightning. They couldn’t escape.

Everyone knew about how the Xuan Beasts had targeted the Martial Heaven Alliance during this time. The fact that the Xuantian Dao Sect’s core disciple, Wang Zhen, had been killed by the Peng race’s experts had almost resulted in a war between the two sides. Even though the divine families had settled things, the enmity could not be erased.

Once such hatred ignited from the slightest spark, the resulting explosion could not be controlled. However, no one had expected it to come so quickly, and be so violent.

Kun Pengzi pointed his lightning halberd at Long Chen, killing intent surging within his eyes.

“Kill the people beside me? Let’s see who kills who first!” Long Chen sneered. Even at this time, Kun Pengzi continued to threaten him.

“Save us, young master!”

The Xuan Beasts trapped inside the formation shouted at Kun Pengzi, begging to be saved. If no one intervened, they would all be wiped out by the lightning when the formation broke.

People like them weren’t strong enough to endure this lightning. They would only be able to last a few seconds before dying, and that would not be enough time to escape.

Kun Pengzi wished to save them, but he couldn’t. If he, an outsider, went in, it would only cause the tribulation to grow more intense. Then the people inside would die even faster. There was no way he could save them all.

“Long Chen, I’ll give you one last chance! Leave the Kunpeng race’s ancestral land, or I, Kun Pengzi, swear that I will kill everyone you care about and make you live a life worse than death!”

At this time, even the people from Pill Valley and the other powers knew just how stupid Kun Pengzi’s threats were. Long Chen was famous for his temper and how he responded to threats. Kun Pengzi was just throwing oil on the fire. Was he trying to save his people or kill them?

Even Peng Wanli had a bad feeling. After advancing to the Netherpassage realm, Kun Pengzi had grown even more arrogant, refusing to listen to anyone’s advice, even his. 

As expected by everyone except Kun Pengzi, Long Chen suddenly smiled very sinisterly. He didn’t reply though.

At this moment, the barrier looked to be on the verge of collapsing. It shuddered, making the experts inside wail with terror. In the face of death, their arrogance, their honor, wasn’t worth a single copper coin. Some of them were even kneeling on the ground, begging Long Chen for leniency.

That caused Peng Wanli and Kun Pengzi’s expressions to change. They had an urge to kill those people that had lost the face of the Kunpeng race.

Long Chen didn’t move, not provoking the lightning further. He simply continued standing atop the statue of the Peng Emperor, watching those disciples cry.

In his eyes, these people weren’t worthy of pity. The same perverse and tyrannical blood flowed within their bodies. They enjoyed controlling other people’s fates, believing others to be beneath them. The Peng race viewed not only the human race that way but also the other Xuan Beasts. They didn’t just want to be the rulers of the Xuan Beasts; they wished to be the rulers of all races.

Before the tribulation had descended, Long Chen had given them time to run. If they had run at that time, they would be outside the heavenly tribulation now.

Unfortunately, the ones who remained had ignored him, staying behind to antagonize him and bait him in. They couldn’t blame him since they had chosen not to run.

“Long Chen!” Kun Pengzi gnashed his teeth but didn’t move. Unless he wanted all those people to die, he couldn’t charge into the tribulation.

“Long Chen, as the representative of the divine families, I command you to immediately leave the Kunpeng race’s ancestral land. Otherwise, you will be viewed as an enemy of the divine families.”

Just at this moment, a voice that Long Chen detested immensely rang out. A group of experts came rushing over.

“The Heavenly Dragon Legion!”

“Ye Benchang!”

The seventh commander Ye Benchang had come while leading his ten thousand warriors.

“Who do you think you are to represent the divine families? Even if you could represent them, so what? Not even a god could change what I’ve decided on. Who the fuck cares about you?” Long Chen felt such hatred for Ye Benchang that he saw red. Last time, when he had snuck into the Yin Yang World with Dong Mingyu, Ye Benchang had ambushed them and almost taken his life.

“Do you realize just how insignificant your power is in front of the divine families? By going against them, you are dooming yourselves to death. Let me tell you, I really want to kill you, so don’t give me an excuse to,” shouted Ye Benchang.

If Long Chen still didn't leave, Ye Benchang would have enough of a reason to use the divine families’ power to kill him.

“Come. Let me see just how much ability you really have.” Long Chen continued not to make a move.

Just at this moment, the grand formation shattered. The huge lightning swords mercilessly pierced toward the Xuan Beasts within it.

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