Chapter 2303 Too Young, Too Immature

The void exploded, unleashing waves of heavenly pressure. The Dragonblood warriors had broken the final barrier to summon their heavenly tribulations. After passing, they would be true Netherpassage experts in control of life and death energy.

Looking at the tribulation clouds in the sky, the Xuan Beasts completely panicked. They retreated. When the heavenly tribulation descended, if they were within its scope, it would be viewed as a disturbance by the heavenly tribulation, so they would also be attacked.

The Dragonblood Legion was undergoing a collective tribulation. Hence, the heavenly might condensing in the sky was awe-inspiring and horrifying at the same time.

“Long Chen, you dare to undergo tribulation in my Peng race’s ancestral lands?! Is this a declaration of war against the Xuan Beasts?!” shouted Peng Wanli. He was also shocked that Long Chen would dare to do such a thing.

Long Chen sneered, “There is nothing in this world that I don’t dare to do.”

“Long Chen, you’ve gone against the Heavenly Divine Writ. You’re ignoring the prestige of the divine families and are causing the continent to descend into anarchy. You will be hunted down and slaughtered by the divine families!” shouted Long Juncang.

“Great leader of the ancient races, I’ve known you for many years, but I have yet to see your abilities aside from eating dogshit. You want to use the Heavenly Divine Writ to threaten me? Well, I’m not threatened. If others don’t offend me, I won’t offend them. If others offend me, I’ll endure a little. If they offend me some more, I’ll pull them up by the roots. Since the Kunpeng race is the leader of the Xuan Beasts, do you think you’re badass enough to do anything you want? Alright, then I, Long Chen, will make the Kunpeng race pay the appropriate price for your foolishness.”

Long Chen’s voice resounded even through the thunder. Lightning poured down from the sky.

The lightning crashed down like giant shooting stars, blowing apart the ancestral lands of the Kunpeng race.

“Activate the grand formation to block the lightning!” shouted Peng Wanli.

A translucent barrier appeared over the ancestral lands. Only the Peng Emperor’s statue was left outside.

The lightning crashing down slid away from the barrier. Long Juncang sneered, “Long Chen, do you think everyone else is stupid? After you used heavenly tribulation to destroy Heavenly Fate Island and the Xuan Beasts’ headquarters, did you think that we wouldn’t set up defenses? This grand formation was set up by a formation grandmaster of the ancient family alliance, and it is able to screen off the power of heavenly tribulation. To try using the same trick twice only indicates that you’re a child.”

“Long Chen, you and your Dragonblood Legion are all fools! Did you really think such a little ploy could threaten us?!” shouted one of the Peng race’s experts protected by the grand formation. “What, don’t like it? Then come at me!”

“He wants to bait you in. Once you get closer to the formation, its killing mechanisms will activate,” said Xia Chen.

“Too childish, too immature.” Long Chen shook his head disdainfully at the arrogant expert of the Peng race.

“Long Chen, you aren’t even a man! If you were a man, you’d come to challenge me in a one against one! Since you’re not a man, bring me your women! I’ll treat them properly!” The Peng race’s expert’s mocking suddenly took on a lecherous tone, causing Long Chen’s expression to sink.

“Since you want to die so badly, fine.” Long Chen suddenly slashed his saber. The tribulation clouds in the sky were cut in half.

The void exploded as the rage of the heavens descended. Long Chen’s attack had provoked the heavenly tribulation to a new level.

Gigantic lightning swords pierced down toward the earth. The lightning instantly grew several times stronger.

Even the Dragonblood warriors clenched their teeth from the pain. The rate at which they were progressing through the tribulation was too quick, unlike past tribulations where they always had time to adjust to new levels.

The grand formation rumbled, but it still endured the lightning swords. There were no signs of it breaking.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, you’re trash! You don’t even have the courage to come kill me, yet you claim to be a peerless expert? You claim the Dragonblood Legion to be number one? You should just call yourselves the Turtle Legion since you’re all cowards!” The expert within the barrier grew even more arrogant.

Long Chen’s expression didn’t change, while the Dragonblood warriors simply looked at that expert coldly. However, there seemed to be a trace of ridicule in their eyes, as well as the slightest trace of pity.

Xia Chen took out a small formation disc and tossed it out. The formation disc landed on the grand formation and exploded.

However, the grand formation remained unaffected. The experts inside the barrier became even more pleased. Their curses and taunts grew even more unbearable.

Just as those taunts rang out, on the spot where the formation disc had exploded, a single rune slowly lit up. That rune had been branded onto the grand formation.

Cracks spread throughout the grand formation, reaching every corner of it. The experts inside it instantly shut their mouths, growing uneasy.

However, their arrogance quickly returned because the rune that had caused the cracks now faded away.

“Boss, their crimes are unforgivable. They did this to themselves, so they can’t blame anyone else.” Xia Chen shook his head and sighed.

Long Chen nodded. A slightly complicated expression appeared deep within his eyes. Was a person’s foolishness really without limit?

At this moment, cracking sounds rang throughout the formation. The cursing from the Peng race’s experts quieted.

“What’s going on?!”

“Investigate it!”

“Everything about the formation is running normally! The runes are all intact, and there are no problems with the three hundred and sixty formation discs-!”

More and more cracks appeared, growing thicker and thicker. 

“Then how is this happening?!”

“Did he really…?!”

Some of them looked at Xia Chen with horror. Xia Chen was looking back at them expressionlessly. That look gave them chills.

They were naturally aware that Xia Chen was a formation master, but the person that they had invited to set up this formation had claimed himself to be a grandmaster amongst grandmasters, someone unrivaled on the path of formations.

At that time, he had sworn that this formation of his could not be broken by Xia Chen even if the latter was given ten years.

The Kunpeng race had also appraised the formation and truly found it to be powerful. If its full power was unleashed, then a fourth step Netherpassage expert could be killed if caught off guard.

That was why they were so confident in this formation. After all, they had set it up specifically to prevent Long Chen from causing destruction if he underwent his tribulation here.

However, the reality they were seeing flabbergasted them. Xia Chen had simply tossed out a formation disc and done nothing else. They were unable to even find what the problem was, but the formation was breaking.

The formation began to totter, and the giant lightning swords continued to strike it. The buildings within the barrier were trembling.

“Quick, run! This place won’t last much longer!” The experts inside fled in a panic. They rushed toward the giant transportation formation at the center.

Countless experts also came flying out of the buildings. They had felt that this place was the safest since it was protected by the formation. Inside it, not only could they witness the lightning tribulation up close, but they would also be able to see Long Chen and the Dragonblood Legion die. When the people outside had been cursing him, they had joined in as well.

Another reason they stayed behind was to show Long Chen that the Kunpeng race felt him to be beneath them. It was to antagonize him into coming closer and being instantly killed by the formation.

However, Long Chen hadn’t fallen for it. Instead, Xia Chen had made a single move to ruin everything.

“The transportation formation isn’t working!” shouted one of the Peng race’s disciples.

“The underground transportation formation is also not working!” 

“How can that be?! They’re separate from the protective formation!”

The experts in charge of the formations roared furiously. They had no idea what was going on. Seeing the cracks in the formation growing ever larger and more numerous, they were filled with horror and despair.

“Race leader, save us!” Pleas began to ring out toward Peng Wanli.

Peng Wanli and the others were also panicking. The Peng race’s territory was protected by three main formations and seven secondary formations. They were set up to prevent worst-case scenarios, to handle anything that could possibly happen.

They had left a portion of their people behind as bait for Long Chen, but now that the formation was being broken, Peng Wanli was also afraid. Although the ones inside the formation were not their elites, they were half their members.

The Kunpeng race didn’t have that many members. If half of them died, it would definitely cause a big problem for their future reproduction.

“Long Chen, release my people, or I, Kun Pengzi, will slaughter everyone beside you.” Just at this moment, a voice full of killing intent rang out. A large group rushed over.

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