Chapter 2299 The Righteous Path’s Decline

Guo Ran immediately fled. Once he was gone, Long Chen realized that there was only one rune left at the exit, when there had been many brilliant runes at the start. 

That made Long Chen realize that there were quotas for leaving. However many people arrived here was however many people could leave. Less than the max could leave, but not more.

Seeing Guo Ran leave, Long Chen took a deep breath. Evilmoon took this moment to warn him, “Long Chen, this thing may be infected with karma. Do you really want it?”

“Seeing something good and not taking it isn’t my style. As for karma, who can say whether it’s good or bad? Since that’s the case, let’s just close our eyes and do it.”

Long Chen suddenly yanked on the chains. His divine ring appeared, as well as all of his battle armor. The ground shattered from how hard he pulled.


One of the door knockers left the gates. As he had predicted, their connection to the gates was not very sturdy.

However, just as it left the gates, Long Chen’s hair stood on end. A terrifying sense of danger filled his heart. It was like a beast of death had locked onto him.


Long Chen once more pulled, dragging out the second knocker.

“Get in!” Activating the primal chaos bead, the two giant knockers were pulled into the primal chaos space. He then immediately fled.

Suddenly, the gates opened and a giant head stretched out of it. The head was black and even bigger than the gates.

“Holy… what the hell is that?!”

Long Chen turned green. He couldn’t see what exactly it was, but he saw a pair of giant eyes. Long Chen felt like his soul might flee his body.

The head was so big that it couldn’t squeeze any further out of the gates. It suddenly let out a furious roar. The void exploded, and Long Chen’s soul almost dissipated.

The head struggled to charge through the gates, and cracks actually started to appear all over them.

“It seems that I really did provoke a calamity.”

Long Chen was horrified to see that this monster was so powerful that it was even able to tear the Gates of Hell apart. Finally, the two gates exploded and a giant figure appeared.


Long Chen charged through the exit, which immediately closed behind him.

Even once Long Chen was gone, that giant figure continued to grow larger. It was so big that it was impossible to see its full form.

However, it was possible to see that it had three heads. It was growing taller, and its back was swelling, as if it had been lying down and was now standing up.

As it stood, countless chains thicker than mountains appeared on its back. The entire Netherworld rocked.

Within the Nethergod Palace, Leng Yueyan and Ming Cangyue, who had been preparing to go into seclusion, stared in shock as they watched what was going on. Ming Cangyue cried out, “That’s the Three-Headed Heaven Devouring Beast! It was suppressed and bound as soon as this Netherworld was born. How could it have broken its seal?!”

“It was Long Chen. He tore off the seal, releasing it. That bastard, since we didn’t give him anything, he actually took things himself. He has just planted a gargantuan karma,” said Leng Yueyan, her expression odd.

The thick chains binding the beast were torn apart one by one. In the end, that giant monster was free.

It roared several times, causing the entire Netherworld to shake. Suddenly, a pair of sharp claws appeared and sliced open a giant hole in the void. It stepped into that opening, vanishing.

“This is troublesome. The Three-Headed Heaven Devouring Beast will throw the Netherworld into chaos. It’s going to return all its grievances at being caged a hundred times over.” Ming Cangyue was grave.

On the other hand, Leng Yueyan smiled. “It has nothing to do with us. The Netherpassage Path’s laws are separate. We can’t control them, so it’s not our responsibility. Furthermore, the more chaotic the Netherworld grows, the more beneficial it is to us. Don’t go into seclusion. People will come to investigate this matter soon, and we need to be prepared to face them. That fellow Hong Yaoyang will definitely try to add oil to the fire as well.”

Ming Cangyue nodded. Now that the Three-Headed Heaven Devouring Beast had regained its freedom, this matter was entirely out of their control. Long Chen truly knew how to cause trouble.

Long Chen opened his eyes. He stood, seeing that the other Dragonblood warriors were also awake in their bodies. They were examining themselves, sensing the changes they had undergone.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and the others had surprised expressions. Meng Qi looked at the necklace on her neck in confusion.

Chu Yao was the same, examining her new black staff with a puzzled expression. Everyone’s memories regarding the Netherpassage Path had vanished. They didn’t know where these gifts had come from.

“Long Chen, what is going on? Did someone give you these gifts?” Meng Qi looked at Long Chen curiously.

“Those were given to you by Leng Yueyan,” said Long Chen. Long Chen gave a simple explanation about what had happened in the Netherworld. After all, having accepted gifts from Leng Yueyan, they were already affected by her karma. There was no need to conceal it.

By explaining what happened, he awakened the memories slumbering within them. They quickly remembered.

“Boss, did you succeed in the end?” With their memories awakened, Guo Ran immediately asked about the door knockers.

“Hehe, has your boss ever failed?” chortled Long Chen. He showed him the two door knockers. 

“How are they so small? Their aura also isn’t the same,” said Guo Ran.

“It’s due to the different laws between the Netherworld and the Martial Heaven Continent. You can research these knockers yourself. I already said, we’d split them one each.”

“Hehe, don’t worry boss, I wouldn’t dare to place my sights on your things!” declared Guo Ran.

Seeing that everyone had returned safe and sound, with their Yuan Spirits powered up to a new level, Long Chen felt a heavy weight fall from his heart.

When they came out of seclusion, they saw Yue Xiaoqian waiting for them. She and the other experts of the original devil race had already advanced to the Netherpassage realm.

Long Chen had wanted to undergo this journey with Yue Xiaoqian, but Yue Xihan had said that the original devil race’s people were different from the rest of the continent’s lifeforms, and she couldn’t go with them.

Unexpectedly, Yue Xiaoqian had been the first to break through. She had even undergone her tribulation to officially enter the Netherpassage realm.

“Long Chen, the outside world’s growing chaotic.” Yue Xiaoqian immediately brought up bad news.

“What is it?” asked Long Chen.

“It’s been half a year. Many people think that you’ve run into a problem. Pill Valley, the ancient races, the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, they’ve all started making trouble for the Righteous path again…”

Long Chen and the others were shocked to hear that half a year had passed here. They had felt it to only be a few days.

In truth, what they didn’t know was that they should have come out around the three-month mark like the majority of the continent. However, they had been delayed while accepting the divine light blessing at the end of the Netherpassage Path. That was an extremely special place, and the time they had lost there while Leng Yueyan distributed gifts had distorted their time here. As a result, they had spent an extra three months away from the continent. Most of the other experts on the continent had already finished breaking through and finished their tribulations.

The Pill Fairy, Tian Xiezi, Kun Pengzi, Dongfang Yuyang, Ximen Tianxiong, Nangong Zuiyue, Beitang Rushuang, Ye Lingshan, Mo Nian, and Hu Feng had all come out of seclusion. The Martial Heaven Continent’s power had soared.

With their power on a new level, they had returned to the Yin Yang World, with some of them even entering deeper into it.

With everyone competing for the immemorial essence blood, things had gone well at first, but then some conflicts occurred. The Righteous path had many experts but few elites. They were often bullied and pushed aside.

The majority of the time, the Righteous disciples were forced to endure. After all, there was a ceasefire, and they weren’t as powerful. Their territory was forcibly occupied by others.

As time passed, the others seemed to get used to this and often expelled the Righteous experts from the battlefields so that they couldn’t obtain any of the essence blood.

The Righteous disciples were infuriated. Ye Lingshan had personally reported this matter to the divine families, but the reply was that the bigger the mouth, the more meat they could eat. In other words, if they couldn’t deal with it, they should leave the battles to others.

This was a clear bias toward the other powers that were targeting the Righteous path. It was only later when Ye Lingshan investigated that she realized that the ones guarding the outside of the Yin Yang World were no longer the warriors of the eighth legion. They had been replaced by the seventh legion.

“Ye Benchang?” Hearing that, Long Chen narrowed his eyes, killing intent surfacing within them.

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