Chapter 2295 The Final Juncture

The immense power was like a tsunami throwing them into the air. They felt like their souls were being crushed. Their heads were blank.

“Quick, run!”

Long Chen’s voice sounded like it was coming from a great distance away, but it woke them from their semi-conscious state.

Taking note of their surroundings once more, they saw that the void had been destroyed. Countless broken runes were whirling through the air. The nine paths were revealed to everyone, and at the end of all the paths was the bridge.

Long Chen’s saber had unleashed extraordinary power containing an invisible will that clashed against the laws of the Netherpassage Path. 

“Long Chen!”

When Meng Qi saw Long Chen, she let out a shocked cry. Both of Long Chen’s arms had been destroyed by the laws, and his body was covered in cracks. He looked to be on the verge of shattering into a million pieces.

Meng Qi grabbed Long Chen and pulled him along. In his current state, he couldn’t receive any further impacts at all.

The bridge’s runes had gone completely dark. The Dragonblood warriors ran across it as fast as possible.

If it was during normal times, they could reach the end in a single step. But they were affected by the laws of the Netherworld and couldn’t fly.

The void behind them rumbled as the laws slowly restored themselves. The spatial barriers reformed.

“Faster!” shouted Long Chen. When the barriers recovered, the laws of the bridge would receive energy and activate once more. At that time, half of the Dragonblood warriors would die.

Long Chen had sent his Spiritual Strength through to this place before. He had used the primal chaos bead’s power to run simulations of various possibilities.

Long Chen didn’t know how to read the future or anything. However, he found that by borrowing the power of the primal chaos bead, he was able to undergo a dream-like simulation in this place.

During his simulations, he had ‘died’ countless times. In the end, he had found one possibility, but even then, he had still died.

However, that was the only option he had found after so many simulations. There were always differences between reality and simulations, so that was his best bet.

The Dragonblood warriors roared as they charged forward. Long Chen’s arms slowly regrew, and the cracks on his body healed.

There were no attacks coming for him from the bridge. All the energy of the Netherpassage Path was focused on restoring the nine paths behind them.

“Boss, the runes are about to recover!” shouted Guo Ran.

Just before charging into the last path, Long Chen had explained his goal of redirecting the energy of the bridge to make it lose effect. However, right now, the Dragonblood warriors had only gotten halfway across the bridge. At this speed, there was no way they could make it.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

Long Chen roared, sending Lei Long and Huo Long crashing against the nine paths behind them, once more tearing apart the laws that were healing.

“Attack together!” shouted Long Chen. Everyone turned back to unleash their own attacks at the paths.

The Dragonblood warriors unleashed all their power, but they found that their attacks had far too little effect compared to Long Chen’s attack.

“Is the difference really so great?” The Dragonblood warriors were startled. Long Chen had said that the laws here could only be torn apart by powerful wills. They had thought that their wills were already strong enough. On the Martial Heaven Continent, they stood at the peak amongst all experts in this regard.

However, in the face of the Netherworld’s laws, their attacks were unable to cause any real damage. Fortunately, with their numbers, they were able to buy some time.

Guo Ran unleashed two arrows and found that they didn’t have any use. With a furious roar, he summoned his battle armor and slashed his saber. He found that his saber-image faded before even reaching his target.

“No way…” Guo Ran turned green. Was his will really so powerful? So his will was so weak that the laws here couldn’t sense his existence.

After Long Chen’s Double Dragon Destruction, the space back there was badly damaged once more, but the others’ attacks only slowed down the recovery slightly. They couldn’t tear it apart once more.


Everyone shouted. They had reached the last half of the bridge, but the space back there was starting to heal. They were still a bit too slow.

Once the space healed, the runes on the bridge would activate, killing half of them. All their previous efforts would be for nothing.

“How could this be?! My intuition told me that this was the only option! The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art couldn’t have tricked me!” Long Chen had exhausted all his power and no longer possessed the energy to tear apart the spatial laws back there.

Just like his final simulation, he was still missing something. They were only a few miles away from the end, but they weren’t going to make it.

There was a giant plaza at the end of the bridge, and there was a statue at the center of it. The statue was a winged monstrosity.

It had its hands open in front of it. Moreover, there was a sphere rocking back and forth within its arms like a pendulum.

The left hand was white as jade, while the right hand was black as ink. From Long Chen’s previous observations, when the sphere was in the left hand, the white runes on the bridge would light up, and when the sphere swayed to the black hand, the black runes would light up. The two alternated.

This was the crux upon which the bridge’s laws were built. However, no one could reach it. Long Chen had tried to break it in his simulations. As a result, thirty-six giant hands had appeared in the void and smashed him to bits without him having any chance to resist.

He had tried many times without being able to approach the statue, so he had given up and been forced to rely on his method of redirecting the energy to fix broken laws.

These few miles separating them would only take half a step to cross on the Martial Heaven Continent, but here, it was like a heavenly chasm separating them from success.

A divine rune started to glow on the statue’s head at this moment. The sphere started to move once more. Black and white lines spread throughout the bridge.

In just a few seconds, the laws of Half-Life Half-Death Bridge would reactivate.

“No, the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art couldn’t have tricked me! My intuition can’t be wrong! This is the only way. I must be missing something.” Long Chen started to panic. He tried to think of what he had missed.

At that moment, his gaze fell upon Guo Ran who was unleashing exploding arrows at the statue. Those arrows were obliterated by the laws before they got close to the statue.

“Guo Ran!” shouted Long Chen.

“Boss, I’m here!” Guo Ran jumped and turned back.

“Guo Ran, you’re the only one who can save everyone. Do as I say.” Long Chen transmitted instructions to Guo Ran. He passed a long chain, and before Guo Ran could say anything, kicked him through the air.

Guo Ran shot out like a cannonball, flying toward the statue. Long Chen had calculated his power perfectly, allowing Guo Ran to land within the left hand just as his momentum started to drop.

Everyone was startled by this. They didn’t know why Long Chen said that Guo Ran was the only one that could save them.

When he saw that Guo Ran had landed safely within the left hand, Long Chen clenched his fists. His guess was right. The laws here couldn’t sense Guo Ran.

Long Chen was gambling on his intuition, or more accurately the intuition of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. He had absolute confidence in it, but this related to everyone’s life and death, so he couldn’t help being nervous.

“Quick, retreat!” shouted Long Chen. The runes on the ground were starting to light up. If the light shone on them, their fates would be decided.

Everyone hastily fell back. The light continued to spread closer and closer to them, much faster than they were retreating. They would be caught up in just a few seconds.

Guo Ran wrapped the chains around the oscillating sphere. When the sphere swayed into the white hand, Guo Ran tightened the chains and wrapped them around his wrist.

Creaking sounds rang out as the sphere was suddenly locked in place and unable to return to the black hand.


Long Chen cried out excitedly. The black and white runes had been about to reach their feet, but now the black runes faded away, leaving only the white runes shining.

“Run!” shouted Long Chen. Everyone hastily rushed over the bridge. 

Just as they all reached the end of the bridge, an explosive sound came from the statue. The chains exploded, allowing the sphere to once more begin swaying back and forth between the black and white hands. Half-Life Half-Death Bridge’s order was restored to normal, but the Dragonblood Legion had charged through.

“Hahaha, did you see? All your lives were saved by me! I Guo Ran, am the savior of today!” Guo Ran jumped off the bridge, exceptionally pleased with himself.

“Good job. You really are the savior.” Long Chen would usually give Guo Ran a blow when he was acting so pleased with himself. But today, Long Chen patted him on the shoulder.

Before this, everyone liked to tease Guo Ran for having such a weak will. During every tribulation or trial, he cried and begged to be let off. No one had thought that here, his weak will would be a trump card that saved the Dragonblood Legion.

Just at this moment, rays of divine light descended from the sky, enveloping the Dragonblood warriors.

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