Chapter 2294 Breaking the Laws

Long Chen’s full-power attack created a hole in the void that led to another path.

The two paths were originally separated by a spatial barrier, but Long Chen had pierced through it and jumped through.

The Dragonblood warriors followed close on his heels. The hole quickly closed, but the Dragonblood warriors were used to working together and had moved to the other path with more than enough time.

The lifeforms that were on that path were badly shocked by their sudden appearance. They stared at the Dragonblood warriors like they were monsters.

The void began to rumble. Fragments of spacetime flew, causing the world to twist. A terrifying pressure appeared, shaking people’s hearts. The lifeforms on the path were too terrified to move.

That pressure was targeted toward the Dragonblood Legion. Long Chen’s actions had clearly infuriated the laws of the Netherworld.

“Let’s go!”

Long Chen shouted, ignoring the changes in the void. He started charging forward.

Flashes of divine light descended as the entire world seemed to be attempting to kill Long Chen.

The laws of the Netherworld did not possess their own sentience. Having confirmed that Long Chen was the one who had destroyed its laws, while the Dragonblood warriors were just accessories to the crime, the majority of the attacks concentrated on Long Chen.

Long Chen went all-out, charging through the laws. The other lifeforms fled, afraid of being drawn into that tumultuous flood.

“Split the Heavens 8!”

Long Chen once more unleashed a powerful attack that tore through the spatial barrier, revealing another path.


This time, there was no hesitation at all from the Dragonblood Legion. They charged through as soon as the hole appeared.

Within the Nethergod Palace, Ming Cangyue was in shock as she watched Long Chen. “What is he doing? Has he gone insane?”

“Look at Half-Life Half-Death Bridge.” Leng Yueyan was looking in a different direction.

With Leng Yueyan’s reminder, Ming Cangyue looked over at the bridge through the Holders of Evil. Her eyes widened. “What is going on?”

The bridge was slowly circulating with black and white light. As lifeforms passed, black and white ripples would appear to decide their fate, to decide who lived and who died.

Half-Life Half-Death Bridge was the final part of the Netherpassage Path, as well as the cruelest. Only by crossing this bridge was it possible to advance.

No one could escape this bridge. The ripples along the bridge covered everyone that crossed it.

However, right now, the bridge was undergoing an alarming change. The black and white ripples, which were originally following an orderly sequence, were growing chaotic.

The entire bridge would sometimes go entirely black and then entirely white. It was shaking. The railings on the two sides blazed with light, seeming to be attempting to stabilize the bridge, but it was ineffective.

“Half-Life Half-Death Bridge is being affected by Long Chen…” Ming Cangyue could barely believe it. As the god of the Netherworld, she had never seen such a thing.

This bridge was not something that she or anyone else was able to control. There had never been a lifeform causing such trouble like Long Chen.

By breaking through the spatial barriers, the order of the Netherpassage Path was thrown into chaos, affecting Half-Life Half-Death Bridge.

“Long Chen found a way to pass with everyone together,” said Leng Yueyan.

“But how is that possible? The laws of the Netherworld can’t be destroyed, especially not by a mortal.”

“Perhaps others can’t, but you know that he is Long Chen, a heaven-defying existence.” Leng Yueyan was confident, but she then sighed. “That fool Long Chen, he knew we wanted to help him and were willing to pay a steep price to do so. However, he didn’t want to implicate us, so he decided to do things on his own.”

Leng Yueyan was more familiar with Long Chen’s character. He was very prideful. He liked helping others and didn’t require them to repay him, but he very rarely wanted to trouble others or accept their help.

This was a perfect example. Leng Yueyan had already laid a path for him, but he refused to walk it. He wanted to walk his own path.

The void rumbled and a giant bolt of lightning struck Long Chen. Long Chen slashed with his own thunderforce, blowing apart the lightning.

Long Chen was shocked by the power of this lightning. Lei Long’s pure Yang element lightning was able to counter the lightning here very effectively, to the point of blocking eighty to ninety percent of its power. However, what got through was still difficult for Long Chen to endure. He felt like his soul was being torn.

Long Chen faced the main attacks, while the Dragonblood warriors were affected by the leftovers. They felt dizzy, like they might vomit.


Long Chen stabbed through the void again. However, this time, his power was clearly a bit lacking. The hole he created wasn’t big enough for everyone to pass at once.


Fortunately, Long Chen was prepared and unleashed a second attack. The spatial hole was just starting to fuse back when it was torn open even wider.

Just at this moment, another attack struck Long Chen, and even doing his best to defend, he coughed up blood and was knocked back.

Long Chen had figured out the rhythm of this place. Every time he tore through the spatial barrier to another channel, the laws of this place would reset their attempt at killing him.

Their first attack was always the easiest to block, while the second attack doubled the power, and the third attack doubled the power once more. It would continue until the target was destroyed.

The only way to survive was to constantly switch paths. If he stopped, he would be killed.

Long Chen had started from the weakest path. As he charged into the stronger paths, the spatial barriers grew harder to break, and the attacks he faced grew deadlier.

By the time he reached the sixth path, an attack fell from the void before he even managed to step onto the ground. As a result, cracks appeared all over Long Chen’s body, making the others jump. If the Yuan Spirit shattered, it would signify death.

“Dragonblood Cross Slash!” shouted Long Chen. The Dragonblood warriors immediately summoned their Dragon Blood Battle Armor and activated their manifestations. Their power surged toward him.


Long Chen unleashed a far more powerful blow, instantly breaking the spatial barrier. Before the second attack could descend, he and the others had entered the next path.

Ming Cangyue was shocked to find that the ripples on Half-Life Half-Death Bridge had actually ceased. However, after a few seconds, they began moving erratically once more.

“I understand!” Ming Cangyue suddenly cried out. “Long Chen is drawing all the energy of the Netherpassage Path to fixing the destroyed spatial laws and killing the offender. By throwing the balance of power into disorder, he is able to make Half-Life Half-Death Bridge lose its effect for a short time. He wants to rush through it during that brief moment. What a crazy idea. But how did he understand these laws of the Netherpassage Path? We didn’t even know about this.”

Long Chen was just a mortal. How could he know secrets about the Netherworld that even she didn’t? In all her years being god of the Netherworld, this was her first time seeing such a thing and the resulting consequences.

If she didn’t know, then Leng Yueyan couldn’t possibly know either. So how had Long Chen known?

Long Chen charged through the next two strongest barriers with the support of the Dragonblood Legion. As he charged through the last one, he reached the entrance to Half-Life Half-Death Bridge.

The bridge’s runes had gone dark. It had lost all its effect.

Long Chen and the others had just appeared within the ninth path when a giant sword condensed at the end and pierced toward him. This was the strongest attack so far.

It was like all the power of the Netherpassage Path had been concentrated into this attack to make sure that Long Chen and the others supporting him were killed.

All of them were locked down by that power. Even though the bridge was right in front of them, they couldn’t move.

Evilmoon trembled in Long Chen’s hands. “Everyone, don’t be afraid! All the power here targets the will. My strongest aspect is my will. Some insignificant laws of the Netherworld think they can destroy me? I, Long Chen, am the ruler of the nine stars. Heaven and earth are within my palm. The stars are trampled beneath my feet. Gods and devils are only fit to crawl beneath my feet. A few little laws are nothing in my eyes.”

At that moment, it felt like Long Chen had become a different person. Even his way of talking had changed, possessing a new kind of arrogance. His pupils had become pitch black at some point, and he even seemed a bit deranged.

“It’s here again!” Evilmoon looked at Long Chen, seeing that old image.

Evilmoon slashed out. This attack wasn’t Split the Heavens. It was an ordinary slash, but a wild and indomitable will exploded out of it, causing the entire Netherworld to shudder.

Long Chen’s saber landed on the giant sword, and a huge explosion rocked the path. The spatial barriers separating the paths were blown apart. As a result, Long Chen and the others were sent flying by that terrifying power.

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