Chapter 2290 Returning to the Netherpassage Path

Long Chen’s slap only made Hong Yaoyang’s head turn, while Long Chen’s own hand ended up wracked by piercing pain.

Ming Cangyue and Leng Yueyan were both startled. Long Chen had attacked so quickly that even they hadn’t been able to react.

“Courting death!” Being slapped by a mortal enraged Hong Yaoyang. The black qi around him surged violently as he attempted to break Leng Yueyan’s bindings.

Seeing that he was unable to escape though and how much he wanted to tear him apart, Long Chen decided that one slap wasn’t enough. He slapped him thirty-six times in a row.

Perhaps he might be lacking in other regards, but when it came to face-slapping, no one would dare to claim that they were above him. This big face of Hong Yaoyang’s was begging to be slapped, free of charge.

The other six people who had come with Hong Yaoyang immediately roared and charged forward. As a result, Leng Yueyan waved her hand, summoning a barrier of light that knocked them back.

“You’re still acting so arrogantly within my palace? Do you think I don’t dare to kill you?” sneered Leng Yueyan.

The void trembled. Divine light streamed out of her throne, condensing into nine rainbow-colored swords pointed at Hong Yaoyang.

Upon seeing those swords, Hong Yaoyang’s expression changed. “I’m a Nethergod just like you! I refuse to believe you dare to kill me!”

As for the others he had brought with him, they were too terrified to say a word. The sinister killing intent coming from those swords filled the air.

“You’re right, I can’t kill you. But half-killing you is alright.” Leng Yueyan waved the Nethergod Order. The chains binding Hong Yaoyang slowly faded.

Hong Yaoyang looked at Long Chen who was just a foot away, but he didn’t dare to attack. Those nine swords were locked onto him. If he attacked, they would automatically pierce him.

“Fine. Count yourself vicious.” Hong Yaoyang’s gaze swept across them, a vein bulging on his forehead. “Just wait. You’ll regret this day. Especially you, you little mortal. I’ll make you regret ever coming to this world.”

Hong Yaoyang pointed at Long Chen, shaking with rage. He couldn’t even express his hatred with words.

“Did your parents never teach you not to point at others? It’s very rude. Who do you think you are? If you were born in the same era as me, in the same world, I’d teach you a real lesson. You’d quiver whenever you saw me,” sneered Long Chen. 

He knew that both Ming Cangyue and this fellow were existences that had lived for countless years. He couldn’t beat him now. But if they were the same age in the same realm, he’d crush him with just a palm.

“Good, you’re quite arrogant. Just wait!” Hong Yaoyang smiled cruelly. He turned, bringing his people away.

Watching them leave, Long Chen had an odd expression. “Who was that idiot? After living so many years, is this how gods live? If they were on the Martial Heaven Continent, they would have the crap beaten out of them.”

Leng Yueyan and Ming Cangyue smiled. Ming Cangyue said, “He truly does have something wrong with his brain. However, he has a very good background, so even if he’s brainless, others can’t do anything to him.”

“Long Chen, time’s about up. You should return to the Netherpassage Path. Come and give me a kiss.” Leng Yueyan beckoned to him with her fingers.

Long Chen warily asked, “Are you conning me?”

“What? Are you afraid she’ll get jealous?” asked Leng Yueyan.

Long Chen looked at Ming Cangyue. She smiled in reply, and only then did Long Chen walk over.

As soon as he got close, Leng Yueyan’s smile suddenly vanished and she shouted, “Long Chen, you dared to show disloyalty to me. This is your punishment.”

Leng Yueyan slammed her palm into Long Chen’s chest. He felt a burst of pain, as if hot iron had been stamped onto his chest. “Fuck, you really-”

Before Long Chen could finish speaking, a portal appeared behind him, and he was devoured. His voice was cut off. The Nethergod Palace returned to quiet, with only Leng Yueyan and Ming Cangyue present.

After a long time, Ming Cangyue sighed, “You’re smart to use such a method to help him.”

Leng Yueyan smiled faintly. “What, are you sad he’s gone?”

Ming Cangyue was silent for a long time once more before slowly nodding. “Thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for?”

“Thank you for allowing me to learn what love is. My heart has been opened.”

“So you’ve decided to start your revenge now? Otherwise, why would you bring Long Chen with you to antagonize Hong Yaoyang?”

“Is that despicable? Did I pull Long Chen into my karma?” asked Ming Cangyue.

Leng Yueyan sat back down on her throne and stretched lazily. “No. Let me put it to you this way. During the days that we fought, I finally comprehended something.”

“What is that?”

“I obtained the evil dragon’s soul essence before fighting against you on the Martial Heaven Continent. On the surface, it appears as if Long Chen has been infected by my karma. However, later, when I thought about it, I realized I was the one who fell into his karma. Now you’ve fallen in as well. Long Chen’s identity is very mysterious. He has never mentioned his origins to anyone, and his cultivation art especially involves even greater karma. So you don’t need to feel any guilt. Long Chen taught me that to be able to die with the person you love is a kind of blessing. Our lives are now inextricably wrapped around each other. Since we’ve already fallen within that karma, we don’t need to worry about this. We can join forces to go against our joint enemies.”

“You… you actually knew?” Ming Cangyue looked at Leng Yueyan with disbelief.

“Long Chen is my man. When you opened your heart to him and he became your man as well, your sealed soul opened to me. I saw all your secrets. Cangyue, our man has become the bridge reconnecting our god energy, our minds, and our souls. You are me, I am you. We should be working together for our goals,” said Leng Yueyan, walking over to Ming Cangyue.

Ming Cangyue looked at Leng Yueyan. A smile of relief gradually appeared on her face. “It feels good having someone to share my burden. With your help, I’m much more confident.”

“It’s not just me. Long Chen will help you as well,” promised Leng Yueyan.

“Him?” Ming Cangyue was unconvinced.

“Don’t underestimate him. The Martial Heaven Continent’s Heaven-Defier is also the Heaven-Defier born by the core of the star-field. A few years is just a flash for us, but it’s enough for Long Chen to undergo a shocking transformation. In the future, it won’t just be us. Long Chen will be there as well,” said Leng Yueyan profoundly.

Long Chen fell from the void, smashing into the ground like a meteorite and leaving a hole.

At the same time, he heard many familiar voices. The impact from his fall left him dizzy, like the stars were spinning around him.

“Long Chen!”

The familiar voices made him open his eyes. He saw Meng Qi’s shocked face. He also saw Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Ye Zhiqiu, Guo Ran, and the others.

“Boss, where did you go?” asked Guo Ran. “We were worried about you.”

They had entered the gates of hell together, but then they had found that Long Chen was gone.

That had naturally made them feel extremely anxious. But after going through the gates, they couldn’t go back. There was only a straight way in front of them. With every step forward they took, the space behind them solidified. They couldn’t go back.

Their hope was that Long Chen had gone off ahead to scout the path, but that wasn’t too likely. With Long Chen’s character, he wouldn’t do such a thing, especially not without telling them first.

Eventually, they were forced to continue pressing onward while still searching for Long Chen.

“You damn fool, where did you run off to?! We were all worried sick!” demanded Tang Wan-er with reddened eyes. She put on a tough exterior, but she had the weakest heart inside. She had been the one most worried about Long Chen. Her imagination had been going crazy as she worried about him.

“I don’t know either. I was drawn into a large palace. Inside, there were two demons. I fought with them for a long time before finally subduing them and running out,” said Long Chen. Thanks to Meng Qi and the others, he managed to get up.

Within the Nethergod Palace, the two of them chuckled. Long Chen actually called them two demons, and even said that he had subdued them.

“Do you see? Are you still sad about him leaving? I told you, this person needs a beating every few days or he’ll do something stupid. If you pamper him, he’ll ascend the heavens, and not in a good way.” Leng Yueyan snorted coldly while Ming Cangyue laughed.

The ground was embedded with giant rocks. Long Chen had smashed a giant hole through one of those rocks. The other lifeforms in the surroundings were frightened away by this scene.

“Oh, Long Chen, what’s that on your chest?” Meng Qi suddenly noticed something.

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