Chapter 2287 Doing Some Happy Stuff

The Yin and Yang Harmonious Merger Wine? Why did that sound almost lecherous? Yin and Yang coming together? Ming Cangyue stared at Long Chen.

Long Chen smiled. “This wine’s name might sound a bit off in that sense, but it’s not like you imagine.”

This wine was created by a master of the Wine God Palace. His position in the Wine God Palace was only second to the High Priest. He rarely came out, and even Long Chen had only seen him twice.

Ming Cangyue was clearly suspicious that this was one of those lover wines. When Long Chen said its name in particular, his expression became a bit wretched, increasing her suspicions.

However, when she thought about it, something from the mortal world couldn’t harm her even with her suppressing her god energy.

Being stared at, Long Chen could only cough awkwardly. How could he explain something like that? An explanation would be covering it up and accepting that it was true. Long Chen could only indicate with his hand to drink.

Ming Cangyue took a sip of the wine. Two different streams of energy danced on her tongue, creating an indescribable feeling.

“This Yin and Yang Harmonious Merger Wine is very miraculous. You can test it. Drink three mouthfuls, each bigger than the last,” said Long Chen.

Ming Cangyue drank according to his method. The wine energy grew, forming powerful waves inside her mouth. The combination of Yin and Yang refreshed her mind.

“This wine was created by a master of the wine community. There are fifty formulas for creating it, but in reality, you can only taste forty-nine of them. One of them was lost in the process of making the wine,” said Long Chen.

“Why is that?” Ming Cangyue did not understand how that was possible.

Long Chen smiled. It seemed that gods cultivated a completely different path and weren’t aware of the story-telling scams of the human race.

He solemnly said, “There are fifty paths, but only forty-nine can be used. The cosmos is incomplete. Heaven and earth are not full. It is precisely due to this that the myriad Daos can exist and evolve. A bottle filled with beans packed so tightly that they cannot move becomes dead, but if a portion of the beans is taken out, then the remaining ones can freely move. When they move, the world within the bottle is alive. Then the bottles can fill up a vat, and in the same principle, the bottles must have their own space to move. Above wine bottles and wine vats are wine cellars and wine houses, all growing bigger until it reaches the stars, the cosmos. The principle never changes. Going the opposite way, the cosmos contains the movements of space and time, as well as everything in between. How can they move? Precisely because a bit is missing, they are constantly able to change. There is no such thing as absolute perfection in this world because perfection is dead.”

Ming Cangyue stood without realizing it, her eyes shining. Long Chen’s words had struck a chord within her.

The knot inside her heart started to unravel. Things that she hadn’t been able to see before became clear.

Long Chen was pleased by her reaction. This principle and others were all the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s intuition. The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was like its own scale capable of measuring the boundless universe. He was quite delighted to see that even a god could be won over by what he spouted.

“Come, sit. Let’s talk more.”

Long Chen drank as much wine as Ming Cangyue did, so he personally experienced the effects. Being able to keep up with a god roused his courage, and he pulled her down.

Surprisingly, she really did obediently sit down. Taking the bowl he gave her, she toasted with him and drank.

“Thank you. The essence of this theory of yours has truly benefited me,” said Ming Cangyue.

She was unable to imagine how someone from a mortal world could say something even more thought-provoking than immortal scriptures and divine canons.

Long Chen’s theory was plain and easy to understand, but in reality, when she thought it over, it contained endless marvels that made her sigh.

Long Chen switched out the wines again, toasting with her. “Let’s first drink before going back to the question you asked.”

“The question I asked?” Ming Cangyue was startled. Without her realizing it, her face was starting to turn rosy from the wine.

“Have you forgotten? You asked why someone would dream of becoming a god or immortal when there exists such fine wine in the mortal world.”

“Right, I did say that.” Ming Cangyue smiled, taking the initiative to actually pour wine for Long Chen. She looked at him expectantly. It seemed she very much enjoyed drinking and chatting with Long Chen.

Long Chen was ecstatic. A god had personally poured wine for him. That was enough for him to brag for a lifetime.

“This time, let me offer a toast to your learning and comprehension.” Ming Cangyue raised her bowl.

“Cheers.” Long Chen laughed and toasted.

Long Chen felt the wine starting to get to him. He stealthily looked at Ming Cangyue, seeing she didn’t have much of a change other than being a bit rosier.

If this continued, he would lose badly in alcohol tolerance. Unacceptable. She had already released her god energy. How was she able to drink so much?

Long Chen had come prepared. These wines were all meticulously picked out. Although when drinking them, they didn’t seem very strong, when combined, their effect was incredible. Even Long Chen didn’t dare to drink this much normally. He was starting to be unable to bear it.

He had once drunk this wine with Gu Yang and the others, and as a result, they had collapsed after just one bowl of it, not waking for three days.

However, Ming Cangyue had drunk a dozen jugs of it and was still fine.

“I can’t continue like this. She’s going to crush me.” He saw Ming Cangyue pouring more wine. It seemed she wanted to keep drinking and drinking.

This time, when Long Chen drank, he activated the primal chaos space, sending the wine inside. But on the outside, it looked as if he drank it.

“I’ve toasted to you with three bowls of wine now. It can count as an apology for my hot-headedness. Let’s keep talking about our previous topic,” said Ming Cangyue. It seemed that this toast was an apology for the divine wine she had taken out.

Long Chen took out another jug of wine and poured. “I previously said that this question of yours was excellent. I wasn’t sweet-talking. You hit the nail right on the head and found the foundation of every living being.”

“What foundation?”


Long Chen put the wine jug to the side and didn’t continue drinking. Even if he was sending the wine into the primal chaos space, some of it was still released when it entered his mouth. He had to slow down.

“Desire isn’t good or bad. But many people think of it in a negative way. Desire is what pushes us forward. It gives us a thirst to explore the true meaning of life. But when desire has no limits from reason, it will explode and consume someone. For a mortal, the basic desires are having enough food to eat and having a warm bed. After that, they’ll desire not having to worry about basic necessities. After that, they’ll want more and more, to become a noble, to become emperor, to never die…”

Long Chen intentionally paused and drank a mouthful of wine. Enthralled, Ming Cangyue asked, “What’s after never dying?”

“After never dying is courting death in as fancy a way as possible.”

Ming Cangyue smiled. “Are you giving me a roundabout curse?”

As Nethergod, she was undying. But to break through to a new level, she had split herself up. Was that courting death in a fancy way?

Long Chen also smiled. “I wouldn’t dare. I just meant that people’s desires are endless. After satisfying one desire, a new one will appear. It creates one goal after another. Both humans and gods have desires, and so they have goals. However, many people are overwhelmed by their desires and see only their goals, neglecting many other important things.”

“What important things?”

Long Chen switched wines, and Ming Cangyue drank a bowl of it. He looked into her eyes. “Yes. That thing is called happiness. Mingyue, can I ask you, are you happy?”


Ming Cangyue stared at him. Her eyes reddened with emotion. She seemed to be recalling something from the past that had hurt her. Killing intent began to brew in her eyes.

Long Chen jumped. If her killing intent manifested, her god energy would return. All his previous efforts would then be for nothing.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to do some happy stuff.” Long Chen changed the subject, grabbing her hand and rushing off.

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