Chapter 2285 Subdue Her?

Long Chen felt his body was about to collapse. Leng Yueyan was like a wild leopardess. Long Chen didn’t know how many times he had been tormented before being utterly spent and falling asleep.

However, this time was better than last time. He finally experienced what it was supposed to feel like. But that feeling had lasted too long and for too many times. Even though Long Chen considered himself to have a strong body, he was almost exhausted to death.

Long Chen had tried to free himself several times but had been suppressed by Leng Yueyan. She had even summoned runic chains to bind his hands and feet.

No matter how he struggled, he was unable to break those chains. He had tried to press Leng Yueyan beneath him but had never succeeded.

More exhausted than if he had fought an immense battle, Long Chen finally slept.

After an unknown amount of time, Long Chen slowly woke. Leng Yueyan was sleeping on his chest like a gentle cat, a sweet smile on her face.

It was like a flower that had received the nourishment of rain and grew even more resplendent.

As the beauty slept, for the first time, Long Chen stared peacefully at Leng Yueyan from a close distance. At this time, Leng Yueyan wasn’t the slightest bit wild. She lay there warmly.

Long Chen did a careful count of her eyelashes and eyebrows. They were identical in number and position. Her face was perfectly symmetrical.

Although most people’s faces looked symmetrical, they weren’t perfectly so. If you looked closely, there would be many differences between the halves of their faces.

Long Chen moved down from Leng Yueyan’s face. He saw her curves and silky skin. Some changes occurred with Long Chen’s body without him noticing.

Leng Yueyan’s eyes fluttered open. Long Chen hastily shut his eyes and feigned sleep.

Suddenly, her giggling rang out in his ear. “Your body has sold you out.”

Long Chen blushed. He suddenly grabbed Leng Yueyan’s waist and pressed her down onto the bed.

However, Leng Yueyan laughed and slipped away. Standing in front of the bed, she stretched and yawned, fully revealing her body to Long Chen, making him feel like he was on fire. His blood flow quickened.

“Hehe, you want it? Beg me.” Leng Yueyan laughed as if she could read Long Chen’s thoughts.

Long Chen looked at Leng Yueyan. She was normally icy, arrogant, an existence too high to blaspheme. But at this time, she was incredibly seductive. Long Chen felt like he was about to start burning.

“Beg me. Go ahead!” Leng Yueyan leaned closer, her long hair framing her perfect face. She was even more charming now, making even Long Chen feel like his will was about to crumble.

However, he clenched his teeth and refused to speak. Seeing him bitterly enduring, Leng Yueyan laughed delightedly.

Stiffly, Long Chen turned away, no longer looking at her.

“Hehe, as expected of my man. You’re smart. Even if you begged, I wouldn’t have given it to you.” Leng Yueyan giggled and snapped her finger. Black runes condensed around her from the feet up, transforming into her dress.

Once her dress was on, her giggling stopped. Her smile slowly faded, and she once more became an icy and arrogant goddess.

“Is it interesting for you to act like this?” Long Chen sat cross-legged on the bed without the slightest thread on his body. He hadn’t begged because he understood Leng Yueyan far too well. He could never get anything from her by begging. Instead, he would just be taunted.

Leng Yueyan said, “What’s not interesting about it? It’s true that I like you, but it’s not like I would marry you like some normal mortal, nor did I say that you would be the only one. You are the first man that I, Leng Yueyan, have subdued…”

“What’s that supposed to mean? You’re going to look for more men?” Long Chen’s expression turned cold.

“Oh? Is my man jealous? What a good feeling. But don’t you feel that if you’re able to get multiple women, I should be able to do the same?” Leng Yueyan looked at Long Chen.

“Of course not. You are my woman. In this life, you can only be my woman,” declared Long Chen decisively.

Leng Yueyan smiled faintly. “If you want to be my only man, it’s not out of the question. It’ll just be up to your own abilities.”

“What does that mean?” demanded Long Chen.

“You know that Ming Cangyue and I are the gods of this Netherworld. We are one. She has given me her god energy, but she is still the true body. Our power is forever balanced. As a result, our hearts were connected at that moment for eternity. She can feel everything I do, and I can feel everything she does. Perhaps I can consider having you be my only man, but what about her? If she finds her own man, I’d feel it when they’re intimate. That feeling… it’s very lifelike,” said Leng Yueyan deliberately.

Long Chen turned green. If Ming Cangyue found her own man, it would pull Leng Yueyan as well? That was unacceptable. 

“That’s why, if you want to keep me forever, you better think of a way to subdue her.” Leng Yueyan leaned down and whispered into his ear. She kissed him on the cheek.

“Didn’t I already do it?” Long Chen felt a chill.

“Last time doesn’t count because she wasn’t willing. Furthermore, she was in a different world, separated from her divinity. However, if you could be together here, you would have fully subdued her. She would definitely be loyal to you. Then you wouldn’t need to worry about anyone else,” said Leng Yueyan solemnly.

Wasn’t this crazy? To subdue an icy god was as difficult as defying the heavens.

However, it didn’t matter how difficult it was, Long Chen had to do it. He wouldn’t allow another man to touch his woman or even if it was just half of her.

Long Chen stood and walked off the bed. Curiously, his clothes automatically appeared on his body.

That was good. If he had to go talk to the Nethergod naked, perhaps she would kill him instantly.

“I want to know about her past,” said Long Chen. That should make it easier.

“Her past was sealed by her. Even I don’t know it,” said Leng Yueyan.

“Then what am I supposed to do?” demanded Long Chen hotly.

“I trust that you’ll think of something.” Leng Yueyan nodded at him, giving him her optimistic support. As for Long Chen, he raged inside. But in any case, he had to try.

He learned that Ming Cangyue was currently at the highest point of the Nethergod Palace, the Divine Wind Eye. Long Chen walked over.

The Divine Wind Eye was a giant observation platform. From there, it was possible to see far into the distance.

Long Chen had only just climbed up when he felt some kind of energy support his own vision, allowing him to see further.

Long Chen saw a world he had never seen before. It was very similar to the Martial Heaven Continent. There were cities bustling with busy people. Long Chen had come to see Ming Cangyue, but he was drawn in by this sight. He watched the people of that world go about their business.

“Why have you come here?” Just at this moment, Ming Cangyue’s voice rang out behind him. Only then did he realize that she was standing beside him, looking in the direction that he was looking.

“I came to… to… to talk.” Long Chen’s mouth almost slipped. He almost said that he had come to seduce her.

The reason he had an automatic urge to tell the truth was because she was a genuine god. Long Chen could clearly feel that she was different from Leng Yueyan. She controlled a different kind of energy. Facing her was a very difficult thing.

Ming Cangyue didn’t seem to sense anything. “What is there to talk about? The victor is king, while the loser is cast away. If you gamble, you must be willing to lose. I planted this karma, so I reaped it. She won, I lost. I’ve already given her this world. She deserves it.”

“You’re wrong.”

“How am I wrong?” Ming Cangyue turned to look at him.

Long Chen looked into her eyes. “Neither of you lost. Both of you won.”

“I don’t understand.” Ming Cangyue frowned slightly.

Long Chen didn’t directly reply. He instead asked, “Do you drink wine?”

Seemingly surprised by Long Chen’s sudden change in topic, she answered, “Occasionally. What does this have to do with drinking wine?”

“Good, I also drink. Let’s drink together. I’ll tell you how you both won.” Long Chen looked around and didn’t see a place to sit.

Ming Cangyue waved her hand. Runes condensed into two chairs and a table. She sat, her gaze on Long Chen, seeming to be waiting for his answer.

It seemed that there really was an opening. It was time to show off his skills. Long Chen was encouraged by her expectant gaze.

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