Chapter 2282 Nethergod Order

“The great Nethergod, ruler of the Netherworld, a supreme existence, is actually begging for help from a mortal. Hahaha, it really is delightful to think about!” Leng Yueyan laughed as her sword danced, blocking the Nethergod’s attacks.

Their two bone swords danced through the air, unleashing waves of power that tore through the void. Long Chen was pressed flat against the Holders of Evil by the bursts of power coming from them. Whistling Sword Qi slashed through his body. He felt like he was on the verge of collapse.

“Leng Yueyan, you and I are one person. If I die, you’ll definitely die. Condensing a new divine core will require going through reincarnation and starting over. Are you really willing to destroy a hundred thousand years of cultivation?” shouted the Nethergod.

Leng Yueyan smiled. “I’m fine with it. You separated me from you so you could kill me. Don’t act like we’re one. You are you, and I am me. I have always been viewed by you as a weakness to be wiped out. Now we can all die together and go through reincarnation. Isn’t that great? We don’t need to keep fighting for our lives.”

Leng Yueyan seemed completely indifferent. But this shocked Long Chen. It seemed that the Nirvana Scripture had brought over something amazing that could destroy even the Nethergod.

Long Chen wanted to try mediating things, but their immense power was crushing him. He had to do his best just to not die.

“Long Chen, are you willing to watch her die in front of you?!” shouted the Nethergod.

“Ming Cangyue, I didn’t expect you to have fallen to such a level. You are using me to threaten a mortal? You really are a disgrace of the world of Nethergods,” mocked Leng Yueyan.

The Nethergod ignored Leng Yueyan. “If the Nethergod Palace is destroyed, the Netherworld will be thrown into chaos. The people that you brought with you will be destroyed!”

Long Chen was startled, but then he heard Leng Yueyan sneered, “What nonsense, you are merely the one in control of the Nethergod’s laws, not the creator. If you die, the Netherworld will continue acting according to its laws. Ming Cangyue, I’m looking down on you more and more.”

“I’m telling you the truth! If the throne is destroyed, the laws here will be temporarily thrown into chaos. There will definitely be a change in the laws. Your Dragonblood Legion will be lucky if even a third of them can leave alive! But if the Netherworld does not get thrown into such chaos, up to half of the Dragonblood Legion can pass according to the laws!” declared Ming Cangyue. “Long Chen, don’t you want to say something?”

“How can I fucking speak?!”

Long Chen concentrated all his power just to curse. As a result, he coughed up another mouthful of blood. He felt the power of his Yuan Spirit flying away, with death approaching. He immediately shut his mouth.

However, this also resulted in Ming Cangyue reacting. Long Chen was just a mortal, and this fight between gods was unbearable for him. Seeing his state, she was startled. She was no longer able to view him as an ordinary mortal, but seeing him plastered to the gates due to the shockwaves from their power made her realize the difference.

Ming Cangyue retreated, no longer fighting with Leng Yueyan. Long Chen finally slid down the gates, feeling like his skeleton had been crushed into paste.

This body was made of only his Yuan Spirit and was not a physical body. But the Netherworld’s laws were mysterious, and everything that passed here felt the same as on the Martial Heaven Continent.

Long Chen endured the pain. He tried to speak, but suddenly the palace swayed. Ming Cangyue’s expression changed.

“The protective light of the Nethergod Palace has been incinerated by the karmic hell flames! If you don’t dispel them, the palace will also be quickly destroyed.” Ming Cangyue’s tone was flat, but there was some panic in her eyes.

All her hopes were on Long Chen now. If he was willing to die along with her, then this place would be turned to ash.

The palace’s temperature suddenly began to rise. The gates, the walls, the ground, the pillars, they began to glow red.

Long Chen felt the heat coming from outside, incinerating some kind of law inside the palace. Perhaps when that law was gone, the palace would also be gone.

“Promise me that the people I brought can all leave alive, and I’ll immediately think of a way to extinguish the flames,” said Long Chen.

“Impossible,” said Leng Yueyan. “She is the executioner of the rules, not the one who made them. She does not have that ability.” Leng Yueyan’s expression was calm. She didn’t seem to fear death. She walked over to Long Chen and smiled. “Don’t be afraid. When she dies, your Yuan Spirit will follow the laws of the Netherworld and continue onward. You will still be able to complete your breakthrough.”

“What about you?” asked Long Chen. He didn’t feel any ease from Leng Yueyan’s words. Instead, he only grew more worried. It sounded like she was saying goodbye.

Leng Yueyan gently caressed Long Chen’s cheek. Looking into his eyes, there was sadness in her ocean blue eyes. “My foolish man, you have so many women beside you. Are you going to be hung up on me?”

“I’ve always been hung up on you. I can’t forget you, even in my dreams,” said Long Chen.

It was the truth. He had been constantly worried about her since the last time, worried about her being consumed by the Nethergod.

He saw his own emotions being reflected within Leng Yueyan’s eyes. Her normally icy expression wavered, her eyes reddening.

In the eyes of the outside world, he was an iron man. But even a hero couldn’t endure that pain.

“You really are a bastard. If you act like this, we’ll have lost. Lost completely.” Leng Yueyan suddenly held Long Chen tightly and cried.

Leng Yueyan was gratified to be cared about this much. But at the same time, if Long Chen was unwilling to let her die, the Nethergod would have an advantage over them. Long Chen would definitely expel the flames so that she wouldn’t die. 

If that happened, her fate would be to be consumed by the Nethergod. Her memories would be erased. If that was the only option, then she would rather die.

“Long Chen, if you wait any longer, we’ll all die.” Seeing Long Chen and Leng Yueyan hugging, the Nethergod felt a strange emotion.

The inside of the Nethergod Palace was ablaze. It was starting to show signs of melting.

“Fine. I’ll think of a way.” Long Chen formed hand seals, preparing to use the Nirvana Scripture.

“Hold it.” Leng Yueyan suddenly stopped him. “Ming Cangyue, for our own safety, hand over the Nethergod Order to us temporarily. Otherwise, who knows if you’ll kill us as soon as the flames retreat?”

The Nethergod’s expression changed. “Absolutely not! The Nethergod Order is the key that controls the entire Netherworld. Giving it to you would be entrusting my life to you!”

Leng Yueyan smiled coldly. “You and I are one. Wasn’t that what you said to Long Chen? If you want to con me, don’t you think you’re insulting your own intelligence? Even if I had the Nethergod Order, so what? You are the true body. You have absolute authority. Can I defeat you? You’ll still have the Nethergod’s throne. That’s where all the laws and energy of the Netherworld converge. Even if I have the Nethergod Order, I can’t threaten you. It’s just a guarantee for us. If you don’t like it, then fine. Long Chen, don’t waste your energy. Once you force back the flames, she’ll instantly kill us. It’d be better for us to all die together.”

Long Chen had no way of forming seals with Leng Yueyan holding his hands. He knew she was fighting for more cards to use against the Nethergod. He could only stare at the Nethergod.

The Nethergod’s expression changed several times. But the rumbling and deforming of the palace made her throw out a black tile. It looked very ordinary. On its black background were nine differently colored diagrams.

Long Chen’s heart shook. Those diagrams were an image of the nine springs. At the core was the waterfall, and within the waterfall was a set of gates.

Before he could get a closer look, Leng Yueyan took it. With the Nethergod Order in her hand, she smiled. That smile made the Nethergod feel like she had been tricked.

“Let’s go!”

Leng Yueyan’s figure swayed. The three of them vanished from within the palace, appearing on top of a giant bone tower.

From the giant tower, Long Chen was stunned by what he saw. Everything in the surroundings was enveloped in flames.

There were countless crazy and anguished figures within the flames that were attacking the bone tower.

The outside of the bone tower had a layer of black qi protecting it, but as those figures crazily attacked, the black qi grew sparser.

Long Chen formed hand seals, and chanting filled the air. Long Chen activated the Nirvana Scripture with all his power.

The surging flames and bestial roars coming from the flames calmed down. The Nethergod sighed in relief.

However, that moment of calm lasted for just a few seconds before they became violent again. The flames erupted with even greater intensity. The Nirvana Scripture had failed.

It didn’t matter how Long Chen tried, he was unable to stop the flames. Seeing the black qi be almost burned away, he let out an unwilling roar. “How can this be happening?!”

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