Chapter 2281 Karmic Hell Flames

Lightning danced along Evilmoon, crackling with power. The palace quivered from its power.

The Nethergod’s dress was torn, but her wound quickly healed. Following that, her dress also healed. The only thing different was that the Nethergod was now deeply shaken. ”You were able to bring the outside world’s thunderforce into this place through a Yuan Spirit body?”

The Nethergod could not believe this. This place was the Netherworld, the place in charge of reincarnation. To bring the outside world’s objects in here was already surprising, but it wasn’t unthinkable. Some lifeforms did have powerful Yuan Spirits that could merge with divine items. When they were inseparable like that, it was possible to bring those divine items with them here. However, throughout all her time in control of the Netherworld, she had only seen such a thing a few times.

However, to bring a whole elemental power from the outside was unimaginable. This didn’t just break the laws of the Netherworld, but it also broke the laws of an even higher level.

After a brief moment of shock, the Nethergod shook her head at Long Chen. “You really are surprising. You were able to bring your world’s most violent energy here. Even in the hundred thousand years I’ve controlled the Netherworld, this is a first. Fine, I admit your thunderforce was shocking. However, even in the best case, it can only give me a heavy injury. To destroy the god of a world with just this is impossible. Long Chen, giving up your remote chance of injuring me makes me feel great pity for you. You will regret your foolishness.”

Long Chen suddenly laughed. “I, Long Chen, have never done something that I regret. A man must be able to accept responsibility. Even if I die to you, I won’t regret it.”

If the Nethergod was just a Nethergod, then Long Chen wouldn’t give up the slightest, most remote chance to kill them. However, this was a person who looked identical to Leng Yueyan and whom he had been intimately close to.

Although it wasn’t a sentimental affair, he wouldn’t ever be able to forget what had happened that day.

Even if he could comfort himself by saying that it was a result of mistaken identity, he still felt guilt and shame. 

Facing this Nethergod, despite knowing she wanted him dead and that he had no chance of victory, he still gave up his only chance to heavily injure her. That was essentially giving up his chance to survive, but he didn’t regret it. Instead, he felt even more at peace.

At the very least, he could die with a clear heart, and now he could fight without that shame weighing down on him. His fear of the Nethergod also began to fade, and his confidence rose.

“That’s fine. Due to this, I won’t cast you into Purgatory for an eternity. I’ll give you a quick death.” The Nethergod nodded slightly. Raising a hand, divine might crashed down. Long Chen’s black robes billowed in an invisible wind.

Black serpents shot out like sharp swords, containing within them endless death energy.

Lei Long burst into existence, roaring. It unleashed its full power, transforming into lightning runes that merged into the lightning wings on Long Chen’s back.

“Sundering Lightning Heavenly Wings!” The two wings slashed down like blades.


The black serpents exploded. Long Chen was no longer holding back. Lei Long had essentially given over all its power, merging with Long Chen. If Long Chen died, it would die as well. 

In the Netherworld, Long Chen couldn’t activate the full power of the paragon art. He couldn’t connect to the lightning field’s energy. All he could do was use Lei Long’s power. Once all its power was used up, Lei Long would vanish from this world. What Long Chen was using was Lei Long’s life.

The Nethergod was once more startled. This lightning was even stronger than she had expected. As the ruler of the Netherworld, nothing that took place here could escape her. But before this, she hadn’t sensed this immense power of Long Chen’s.

At the same time, she had to admit that if Long Chen had suddenly unleashed this power at the start, perhaps he would have had the slightest chance of killing her.

When she thought of that, a ripple finally appeared in her eyes. However, she didn’t overthink it. Evilmoon was rumbling toward her with berserk lightning.

“God Power, Nether Slash.”

The Nethergod snorted and waved a hand. A black mark appeared in her palm. The palace rumbled as all the Netherworld’s power converged on her palm.


Lightning exploded. The thunderforce Long Chen had condensed on top of Evilmoon was shattered.

Long Chen felt an irresistible power send him flying. He was shocked to find that this one attack had used up half of Lei Long’s life. One more and it would be destroyed. The power of a god was truly terrifying.

As he flew back, Long Chen raised a hand. A flame lotus appeared, and chanting filled the palace.

The palace shuddered wildly as if power was trying to pour into it from every direction. The Nethergod’s expression changed.

This World Extermination Flame Lotus was condensed by Huo Long’s core energy. The Nirvana Scripture activated almost instinctively.

When he began chanting, he noticed that there was no effect in the Netherworld. But that didn’t make him stop. The chanting grew more and more sonorous within the palace, and Long Chen could clearly sense some kind of energy pouring over.

However, the Nethergod Palace blocked that energy from reaching him. The energy crashed against the palace walls, trying to break in.

The palace continued to rumble. It was like a volcano was trying to explode into the palace.

Even Long Chen was startled by this. He didn’t know what was going on. The flame lotus remained the same size as it was not supported by the rest of the world’s energy.

BOOM! It felt like something had exploded outside the palace. The light of endless flames could be seen.

From a window, Long Chen managed to see a sea of flames outside the palace. The flames were red but not an ordinary red. It was the red of blood. Even their form seemed similar to blood.

For some reason, Long Chen felt a chill upon seeing those flames. He didn’t know what those flames were, but he knew that if he was touched by one dot of it, he would be instantly incinerated.

As for the Nethergod, she was horrified. Ignoring Long Chen, she rushed over to her throne.

However, just as she approached her throne, an identical figure appeared, pointing a white bone sword at her. There was a bewitching smile on her beautiful face.

“Did you end up miscalculating?”

“Leng Yueyan!” Long Chen was delighted to see her.

Leng Yueyan winked at Long Chen. “You’re worthy of being my man. When we get back, I’ll reward you.”

The Nethergod’s expression sank. Killing intent raged in her eyes.

“You’re angry? Haha, it seems that this is a first since you were defiled by my man. What, are you getting angry at yourself? At your miscalculation? You wanted to use my man’s death to threaten me and force me to appear. Now that I’m here, aren’t you happy?” laughed Leng Yueyan. “Long Chen, I didn’t expect you to be able to draw over the Netherworld’s karmic hell flames. It looks like more and more of them are gathering. When the entire Netherworld’s karmic flames gather here, even the Nethergod Palace will be incinerated. Once this throne is destroyed, she will lose her power as Nethergod and be killed.”

“Activate the throne! If I die, you’ll die too!” shouted the Nethergod.

“Who cares? I’ve always been fighting for the initiative, but in the end, I’m just a clone. Even after merging with more of your clones, you remain the true body. No matter how strong I become, I will always be suppressed by you. To tell the truth, I’m pretty tired of it all. We can just die together,” said Leng Yueyan nonchalantly.

The Nethergod furiously took out another bone blade, slashing it at Leng Yueyan.

Their bone blades clashed. Long Chen felt a burst of power send him flying.

Long Chen hacked up blood. As for the World Extermination Flame Lotus, he didn’t even have a chance to unleash it. It dissipated, and he smashed into the Holders of Evil. Long Chen was pressed flat against the gates.

Smiling as she blocked the Nethergod’s sword, Leng Yueyan said, “Although I’m not a match for you, I can stall you for an incense stick’s worth of time. By the end of that, you will be dead!”

“Long Chen, quickly extinguish the flames!”

The Nethergod’s expressions went through several transformations before she shouted at Long Chen.

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