Chapter 228 Corrupt Devil Trial by Fire

“One hundred and fifty thousand pounds? That’s a bit too heavy, don’t you think?” said Cang Ming with some surprise. Even with Wilde’s insane physical strength, his huge club only weighed two hundred thousand pounds.

“Uncle Cang Ming, it definitely won’t be a problem. When I summon out my divine ring, my physical strength explosively grows, and I’m also about to advance, so the heavier the better,” explained Long Chen.

Long Chen was still only at the peak of Blood Condensation. Once he advanced, his qi and physical power would compliment each other, allowing his strength to rise to a new level.

Cang Ming couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “Looks like I’ll be busy for a while. Wilde has also been complaining that his weapon is too light lately. You two really are brothers. That kind of physical strength is absolutely shocking. But don’t worry, I’ll make both of you ultra-heavy weapons.”

“Thank you, uncle Cang Ming!” Long Chen was ecstatic. Back when he had first seen Wilde’s huge club, he had been filled with envy.

He would only be able to truly bring out his full strength by using an extremely heavy saber. Then, even if he encountered someone on the same level as Wu Qi, he would be able to defeat his opponent without risking his life.

Most importantly, Long Chen was about to use all of this fourth rank Magical Beast essence blood to make Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood which would allow him to quickly break through.

The difficulty in advancing with the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art after the tenth Heavenstage was extremely great, but at the same time, once he did advance, it would allow his physical body to strengthen to a new level.

Even if he only broke through to the thirteenth Heavenstage without reaching the Tendon Transformation realm, he would be able to look down on anybody below the mid Tendon Transformation realm.

After saying farewell to senior Cang Ming, Long Chen and Wilde returned to the Heaven Earth Faction. When they arrived, they were immediately met with a burst of cheers.

Long Chen’s name had already resounded throughout the entire monastery. It might be possible for a couple of people in the monastery to not know who the sect leader was, but there was not a single person who didn’t know who Long Chen was.

Ever since Long Chen had arrived at the trial to join the monastery, he had created miracle after miracle. Now he had even killed Wu Qi with just four moves, becoming an undefeatable god in people’s eyes.

Little Snow was also present, but his body was still incomparably weak and he could barely walk.

That drop of divine life essence’s greatest use was for healing injuries. Little Snow’s external wounds had already been completely healed by now. His body was covered in scabs, and once they fell off, new fur would grow out.

Seeing Long Chen arrive, Little Snow excitedly stood up and wobbled over. Long Chen immediately rushed over to him and hugged his huge head, giving him a couple of pecks on the forehead.

“I got rid of the fellow who bullied you.”

“Wu, wu!” Little Snow actually said he wished he could personally go get his revenge.

“Sorry, I couldn’t let you personally get your revenge,” smiled Long Chen. 

Unfortunately, Long Chen’s temper wasn’t good enough to wait for Little Snow to recover and let him kill Wu Qi personally. Gently rubbing Little Snow’s head, he said a few words to everyone before going to his immortal cave.

“You’re back? Wan-er’s really mad at you. You should go coax her.” Seeing Long Chen’s return, Qing Yu stealthily pointed to the inside of the immortal cave.

Long Chen knew that Tang Wan-er had really become furious today. She really had been put on the spot in front of so many people when she had thought he was about to die. And after all, she wasn’t as thick-skinned as he was. At the same time, Long Chen scolded himself for being stupid and making inappropriate jokes without looking at the situation.

Wilde stayed outside to take care of Little Snow, while Qing Yu also immediately left. Long Chen went directly inside the immortal cave, seeing Tang Wan-er in the innermost room.

Entering that room, he saw Tang Wan-er’s expression was icy cold, and she didn’t say a word. She merely glared at him viciously when he came in.

“Sister Qing Yu said you were crying and wanted me to coax you. But it looks like you aren’t crying anymore, so I guess I’ll leave- aiya!” Long Chen had just taken a step back when Tang Wan-er suddenly grabbed his collar.

After fighting, Long Chen was already in a weak state. Other than his skillful tongue, he had no firepower left within him. He was directly pulled over to Tang Wan-er.

Tang Wan-er had already forgotten Long Chen’s state, and her light grab immediately caused Long Chen to crash into her, making her let out a sharp cry.

This wasn’t Long Chen trying to take advantage. At least, in theory it wasn’t. But feeling that soft embrace and smelling her fragrance, Long Chen felt a burst of warmth. Exhaustion battered him, and just like that, he fell unconscious within Tang Wan-er’s gentle embrace.

As he slept, he dreamed that someone was pushing him and then someone lifted him up, but Long Chen didn’t bother too much with that. Even if someone had thrown him into a dungheap, he would have still stayed asleep. That battle had been too intense.

When Long Chen once more awakened, he saw Little Snow lying next to his bed. Seeing him awake, Little Snow affectionately rubbed his head over him.

“Looks like you’re much better.” Seeing how much livelier Little Snow was now, it seemed his body was already starting to recover.


“Oh, Wilde gave you some meat. Haha, you two really are suited to each other,” laughed Long Chen. Jumping out of bed and tidying up his clothes, he heard a bit of a ruckus outside and hastily walked out.

“Wilde, you’re killing me! How many times have I told you not to mix up the salt and sugar! This meat’s way too salty now!” As soon as he exited his room, he heard Tang Wan-er’s scolding.

At some point, they had set up a huge grill in an empty spot of the immortal cave. A fifteen meter Sawtooth Porcupine was currently roasting over it.

Tang Wan-er was currently gesturing and scolding Wilde. Wilde bitterly said, “Sister Wan-er, when I eat meat alone, I never use any of this.”

Long Chen laughed, “Ah, how lively!”

“Long Chen, quickly come eat some. Here, taste what I cooked just now.” Tang Wan-er handed him a skewer of meat. It seemed that the anger from that day had long since faded.

Long Chen took a bite of the fragrant skewer. It seemed she had added some sort of seasoning. It was a bit odd, but it was because it was so odd that it also tasted so good.

“Excellent, it’s really delicious. As expected, your cooking skills are top-notch.” Long Chen definitely knew not to criticize her food.

If he really did say it didn’t taste good, perhaps that bamboo skewer stick in her hand would end up directly inserted into his butt.

Wilde said, “Brother Long, eat some more! Little Snow also needs to eat to heal.”

Long Chen laughed, “I don’t need to. In the rubble wasteland, I ate two months of just meat. I’m already kind of nauseated just thinking about it. I’d prefer sister Qing Yu’s vegetable dishes.”

Other than meat, there were a couple of Qing Yu’s personally cooked dishes here. Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu came to sit with Long Chen, chatting while eating.

There were also some cooked Wonder Carps on the table. Tang Wan-er had excavated a small pond in the immortal cave, and Long Chen had placed them inside to breed a while ago. When she had nothing else to do, Tang Wan-er would occasionally fish up a few to eat a good meal. By now there were less than a hundred of them left.

Wilde and Little Snow didn’t eat with them. Seeing that Long Chen had enough meat for himself here, Wilde took that huge Sawtooth Porcupine to the side and ate it with Little Snow.

That was because Tang Wan-er had too many rules when he ate with her, and he preferred to let himself eat freely. In any case, he was fine as long as he had enough meat. He never really cared about the taste.

In fact, it could already be said that Wilde had advanced a great deal in terms of manners. Back in Phoenix Cry, he would directly eat all his meat raw.

“Right, what happened to Qi Xin?” Long Chen suddenly thought of that day. He remembered he had just thrown that fellow to the ground and forgotten about him.

In truth, these matters were all incited by that bastard Qi Xin. Long Chen had only not killed him because he didn’t want to give him such a quick death.

“He died,” answered Tang Wan-er with an odd expression.

“How’d he die? Who killed him?” Long Chen was startled.

“No idea. During the chaotic battle that day, everyone in the Heaven Earth Alliance participated, and after all the chaos, someone noticed that he had already died. According to the observers, he was trampled to death during the chaos,” explained Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen was surprised. It was too bad Qi Xin’s luck was so good. If he hadn’t died, Long Chen still had ten thousand ways to make him live a life worse than death.

“Hmph, if I had the ability to raise the dead, I’d definitely let him die a few more times,” snorted Long Chen.

“Ah, just let it go. He’s already dead, so everything is over. Furthermore, the monastery didn’t investigate Qi Xin’s death at all, so we’re also extremely lucky,” consoled Tang Wan-er.

The death of a core disciple was a major affair. It was definitely fortunate for them that the monastery hadn’t investigated it.

According to the monastery’s rules, no matter what the result of their investigation was, there should have at least been a public announcement. But they had let the matter go just like that. Was it because Ling Yunzi was busy?

Suddenly, Long Chen thought of what he had said to Ling Yunzi. Could it be that he had really taken it seriously and was planning on taking action immediately?

“Faction leader, there’s big news!” 

Suddenly, a disciple of the Heaven Earth Faction ran in with a handout. He respectfully gave it to Tang Wan-er.

Reading it, she jumped in shock. “No way? Three months from now, we’re undergoing a trial by fire with the Corrupt Devils?”

Long Chen hastily read through it as well. It said that all disciples were to prepare themselves. Three months from now, all disciples would be sent into the territory controlled by the Corrupt path.

There were countless Corrupt path disciples there. The monastery’s disciples were to do their best to slaughter as many of them as possible. Once they finished their missions, they would receive extremely plentiful rewards and points.

During these next three months leading up to that trial, each disciple would receive ten times the normal amount of resources whether it was just the monthly ration or for completing missions.

Long Chen smiled. Ling Yunzi really was planning on going all-out now. During these three months, the monastery would raise their disciples’ power as quickly as possible.

Ten times the resources! With that many points, they could do many things.

But it was still that expression: after giving you some candy, a cold slap would not be too far. And now the candy was so amazing. That meant that the following slap would definitely be more vicious than ever.

This trial by fire would be extremely terrifying. Lives would be lost with the slightest mistake. This time, Ling Yunzi was really betting it all.

“Wan-er, gather everyone from the Heaven Earth Alliance. A great battle is approaching.”

Long Chen looked into the distance. For some reason, he felt his own blood heat. It was as if slaughter was his most primal desire.

Normally, he would suppress that kind of desire. But when it came to the vicious Corrupt path’s experts, he could finally release all his inhibitions. In fact, perhaps it was only through slaughter that he could make himself stronger and let the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art reach perfection.

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