Chapter 2276 Attacking the Netherpassage Realm (Teaser)

Long Chen appeared in front of the sword, holding Dong Mingyu. The sword landed, and he felt the bones in his back shatter.

However, at that critical moment, Long Chen had taken out the Heaven Flipping Seal to protect his back. The sword had landed on the Heaven Flipping Seal, or Long Chen would have been cut in two.

Even with the Heaven Flipping Seal, Long Chen felt like his body was going to break apart. This person’s power was terrifying, and he was so fast that there was no time for Long Chen to do anything but use the most basic and clumsiest way to save Dong Mingyu.

Long Chen and Dong Mingyu tumbled back, with the Heaven Flipping Seal growing larger and slamming into that person.


The Heaven Flipping Seal was sent flying. Even it was unable to stop this person’s footsteps. Waves of divine light surged out of the sword as it once more slashed down.

“Ye Benchang!”

Long Chen suddenly let out a shout and glared at that person. Although...

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