Chapter 2273 Luring Enemies

With one blow of Split the Heavens, Long Chen killed not only the Blood race expert but also cut the entire battlefield in two. All the Blood race experts in the path of his attack were blown apart.

As he killed, he activated an essence blood gathering formation disc made by Xia Chen.

As he gathered the essence blood, he sensed their life energy not dissipating into thin air but actually being absorbed by the ground. The chains were absorbing that energy and sending it to the giant egg, nourishing Little Snow.

Sensing this, Long Chen thought of the person that had been slumbering within the depths of Devil Spirit Mountain. The Heaven Flipping Seal had been under its head, and Bao Buping had switched it out with a chamberpot to use as a pillow.

Little Snow’s giant egg was so terrifying, and that slumbering person was about the same. Long Chen suddenly felt a chill.

He thought of the giant human skull bound by countless chains he had seen at the bottom of the Immemorial Path. He had only managed to see it thanks to the Eastern Wasteland Bell. Was that also a lifeform being nourished by countless other lifeforms?

Just how many secrets were hidden within this world? How many horrifying schemes existed?

“Big brother Long Chen!” called out Dong Mingyu.

Long Chen came out of his thoughts. The Blood race experts were fleeing in every direction. Dong Mingyu and Luo Chuan were chasing them down, and now Long Chen also attacked. Working together, they were able to kill all of them.

“Let’s go.”

The person they had saved recognized Luo Chuan. Long Chen gave him a medicinal pill to help him recover and also picked out a weapon he specialized in, a divine spear.

The four of them rushed for an incense stick’s worth of time and found someone who was on his dying breaths at the bottom of a mountain.

He was already exhausted from being chased down by the Blood race. However, he had managed to leave behind some fake tracks to draw the Blood race away, while he hid within the mountain.

His injuries were extremely severe. Even with the pill that Long Chen gave him, he barely recovered enough to keep himself alive. He wouldn’t be able to help with the fighting for now.

With one person carrying him, the five of them continued searching while ducking the Blood race’s experts. After five days, Luo Chuan managed to find seven of the Blue Star Continent’s experts. With their group growing, they stopped dodging the Blood race’s experts, and instead began hunting them down.

That was because at this time, the Blood race had also sensed something wrong. Too many of their members had been dying during this period, and there were various signs that the Blue Star Continent’s experts were gathering. As a result, the Blood race increased the scale of their hunt.

However, the Yin Yang World was too large. This original game of cat and mouse had become too bloody. Long Chen’s group continued to hunt down the Blood race’s experts.

Long Chen calculated that they had killed a few hundred thousand elite experts, and now he had several vats of their essence blood, which belonged to the elites of the Blood race with higher quality bloodlines, so more immemorial essence blood could be refined from it.

The Blue Star Continent’s experts were all very grateful to Long Chen. Upon learning that he came from a different world, they also transmitted their sects’ strongest techniques to him.

Their thinking was the same as Luo Chuan’s. If they died, they hoped that someone would be able to use their techniques to kill more of the Blood race. That would be their revenge and a way for the fallen members of their sect to also get some vengeance.

Long Chen was impressed with them. After being saved, their first reaction had all been to save more people rather than to immediately flee back to the Blue Star Continent.

As time passed, more of the Blood race’s experts gathered into large groups to search for them. As for Luo Chuan, he had managed to find more people, and their group had now grown to nineteen members. Unfortunately, on the way, they had been noticed once by two large groups of the Blood race. Combined, they had possessed hundreds of thousands of experts. In that battle, three of the Blue Star Continent’s experts had fallen.

That had been an extremely intense battle. There were tens of thousands of elites and hundreds of the Blood race’s top experts. Long Chen estimated that those few hundred were almost on the same level as the Golden Horned Blood expert he had slain in the opening battle. He guessed that they were all young kings of the Blood race.

At that time, Long Chen had killed thirty-seven of them, only to be badly wounded himself. Fortunately, with Dong Mingyu’s assistance, they managed to escape.

“Brother Long, we can’t keep searching. There probably aren’t any more survivors. The enemy is also wary. At this rate, we’ll sooner or later be found by their full forces. The only good thing is that their fourth step Netherpassage experts still haven’t come. We should prepare to use the world-crossing transportation formation art. Brother Long, you should leave.” After they found a relatively safe place, Luo Chuan said that he could no longer sense any other auras of people from his continent. They had probably met their end.

At this point, it would be a victory for them as long as they could leave the Yin Yang World alive. But they would require a full day and night to activate the world-crossing art. That was far too long. At any time, the Blood race might find them.

Luo Chuan didn’t want to implicate Long Chen. Hence, he indicated that Long Chen should leave now. If they could escape, then good. If they couldn’t, then at least they could kill more of the Blood race’s experts.

Long Chen shook his head. “It won’t even be half a day before you’re found here. I know a bit about setting up formations, so perhaps I can help.”

What Long Chen knew about formations was all thanks to watching Xia Chen set up his formations. But he also had formation discs that Xia Chen had given him, and he knew how to use them.

He could set up an illusory formation to hide them. A formation master wouldn’t be tricked, but since the Blood race wasn’t familiar with their formation arts, there was definitely a chance of success.

Long Chen found a mountain range and placed over ten formation discs among them. He managed to set up an illusory formation, but if Xia Chen were to see what kind of clumsy formation Long Chen had set up with these formation discs, he might just cough up blood.

“I’ll leave it like this.” From a distance, Long Chen nodded. He didn’t see any flaws.

“Big brother Long Chen, if we go back now, it should be easy,” said Dong Mingyu. The Blood race was busy searching for the Blue Star Continent’s experts. Taking advantage of this timing would make it much easier.

“We can’t leave yet. If Luo Chuan’s transportation formation is interrupted, they’ll all die here. Let’s find a place to keep watch.”

Long Chen left with Dong Mingyu, leaving the Blue Star Continent’s experts to set up their formation. He found a mountain top where he could still see his illusory formation but was still far away enough. This was the best spot.

Dong Mingyu didn’t say anything. Her bright eyes looked at Long Chen.

“What is it?” asked Long Chen.

Dong Mingyu smiled and hugged his arm. “Big brother Long Chen is definitely the kindest person in this world. I’m liking you more and more.”

“I definitely like being liked by you, but what do you mean, kindness? It seems that in the entire Martial Heaven Continent, there aren’t many people who would use that word to describe me.” Long Chen smiled. Amongst the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts, he was called a murderous, vicious, ruthless killer, not kind.

“Hehe, that’s because they can’t see big brother Long Chen’s good side. Would those fake heroes of the continent risk their lives to save people completely unrelated to them? Even Luo Chuan and the others don’t know that you’re planning on risking your life to increase their chances of getting away. Compared to those people who have to announce it every time they do something nice as if they’re afraid others won’t know how great they are, big brother Long Chen is the real hero.” Dong Mingyu looked at Long Chen worshipfully.

Long Chen rubbed her head. Seeing that pure smile of hers, he saw a hint of childish innocence. “Yu-er, you’re really beautiful.”

Dong Mingyu blushed happily. She hugged Long Chen’s neck, murmuring, “Thank you for not turning your back on me.”

“Why would I do that?” asked Long Chen, startled.

“Because… my body will never grow up…” whispered Dong Mingyu.

“Foolish girl, how could I do such a thing? Amongst those big sisters, you’re unique. You also have a unique spot in my heart.” Long Chen leaned down and kissed Dong Mingyu on the forehead. That touched upon a soft spot in Dong Mingyu’s heart.

Long Chen and Dong Mingyu hid themselves. With Dong Mingyu’s aura concealing art, the Blood race’s experts went by them several times without noticing.

Whenever they went near the place where the Blue Star Continent’s experts were hiding themselves, Long Chen’s heart would clench. But fortunately, they didn’t notice. 

Eventually, when he calculated that Luo Chuan and the others should be about to succeed, a group of thousands of Blood race experts appeared and looked like they were going straight to the mountain range that the Blue Star Continent’s experts had hidden themselves in.

Their speed showed that they were starting to panic. If they charged directly over, then they might be able to notice some clues.

“My luck couldn’t be this bad!”

Long Chen cursed and then stood. He suddenly rushed away with Dong Mingyu, drawing the attention of the Blood race experts. They all turned and chased after them.

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