Chapter 2271 Deciding to Help

When the Blood race’s experts left, Long Chen and Dong Mingyu finally relaxed. It was a good thing that Little Snow had pulled them into the giant egg, or they would have been finished.

Long Chen sent his Spiritual Strength into Little Snow’s mind-sea, but the majority of Little Snow’s consciousness was still in a deep slumber. Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength spread to Little Snow’s Yuan Spirit without any struggle.

What shocked Long Chen was that Little Snow’s Yuan Spirit was incredibly powerful. It possessed its own divine nature, similar to god energy.

To have his Spiritual Strength go so closely to Little Snow’s Yuan Spirit was very dangerous. If Little Snow resisted, then Long Chen’s own Yuan Spirit would be damaged.

Long Chen had never encountered a Yuan Spirit as powerful as his own on the Martial Heaven Continent, but now he found that it was miniscule in front of Little Snow’s.

Little Snow’s Yuan Spirit was still mostly in slumber, but it still gave him a feeling of immense pressure.

Countless scenes began to appear in his mind. Long Chen came to a general understanding of what Little Snow had gone through after entering the giant egg.

Little Snow’s soul had merged with the original master of this egg. The original master’s soul had been in a befuddled state, and after merging with it, Little Snow’s soul had come to be the dominant one. It could be described as a kind of possession.

Through Little Snow’s memories, Long Chen saw the scene of the Blood race’s experts slaughtering the original Magical Beasts and lifeforms that had been in the surrounding areas.

After they were killed, an endless stream of nutrients was sent down through the chains and absorbed by the egg.

It was at that time that Little Snow’s body had started to rapidly grow. It was originally just a tiny fetus, but now its body was gigantic, with its bone and flesh fully formed.

Right now though was the most important part. The egg needed a huge amount of energy to condense a core. Powerful lifeforms were being slain and having their essence absorbed by the chains to nourish the egg.

Little Snow had been in a deep slumber this entire time, with only intermittent moments of being aware of the outer world. However, after all these nutrients, a fraction of its soul had started to awaken.

Long Chen noticed that the moment that a flood of nutrients had entered the giant egg was the same time as when the Blood race had attacked the Martial Heaven Continent. It seemed that Little Snow was the one who had benefited the most from that battle.

Without an ocean’s worth of energy, Little Snow’s incredibly powerful body couldn’t move. Just now, drawing Long Chen and Dong Mingyu into the egg was Little Snow’s limit. It had used up quite a bit of energy, and Little Snow’s Spiritual Strength was starting to fall into a slumber again.

After learning this, Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked. Just what kind of terrifying origin did Little Snow’s current body possess?

This giant egg had been here for an unknown number of years. It had been constantly nourished by the Yin Yang World’s life energy, and now even the pool of divine life elixir had been absorbed by it. The powerful lifeforms within the Yin Yang World had been slaughtered to feed it.

Furthermore, the countless experts of the Blood race that were killed in battle were also feeding it. Despite all that energy, Little Snow was still not fully grown.

Just maturing an egg had used up all this energy. That was a horrifying concept. When Little Snow came out of the egg, just what kind of existence would it be?

“Little Snow, don’t rush. I’ll help you. We’ll meet again soon.” Long Chen gently rubbed Little Snow’s giant head.

He thought of their hopeful aspirations when he had left the Phoenix Cry Empire with Little Snow, stepping into the unknown cultivation world. Little Snow had always accompanied him. After seeing Little Snow with a new body of such immense power, Long Chen’s heart was burning with various emotions.

The slightest spiritual fluctuation once more came from Little Snow as if in response.

“Little Snow, send us out. I’ll work hard to help you wake up,” said Long Chen.

Without Little Snow’s help, they couldn’t leave the egg. He sensed that Little Snow was unwilling to send them away so soon after meeting again. Long Chen didn’t know how to comfort Little Snow.

After an incense stick’s worth of comforting and rubbing Little Snow’s head, space twisted. Long Chen and Dong Mingyu appeared outside the egg.

Long Chen rubbed the egg. He sensed that Little Snow’s Yuan Spirit had fallen into slumber once more. Little Snow had used up much of its energy to move them in and out.

“Little Snow, we’ll meet again outside.” Long Chen gently kissed the egg and left unwillingly with Dong Mingyu.

The two of them climbed up and saw that there wasn’t a single person in the surroundings.

Thinking about it, that was reasonable. With how terrifying Little Snow’s egg was, who would dare to touch it? There was no need to guard it.

“Big brother Long Chen, are we going back?” Dong Mingyu felt that their mission had been accomplished.

“No, we have something else to do.”

Long Chen pulled Dong Mingyu deeper into the Yin Yang World, vanishing amongst the mountains.

Mountains collapsed as a wolf-like pack of the Blood race’s experts chased after a man.

That man’s manifestation was active behind him, and his main focus was on blocking a red-haired man as he fled, while at the same time staving off the others.

The red-haired man was extremely powerful. There were chains wrapped around his body. However, his true power was inferior to the human. It was just that they completely outnumbered him. All the human’s attempts at using magical arts were interrupted, and he was now covered in wounds.

“Damn Blood race, you won’t have good deaths!” roared the human. His aura was growing weaker as he fought. Even his manifestation was shuddering like it was on the verge of collapsing.

He knew that he was doomed, but he was still unwilling to give up. Even in despair, he continued to fight.

“Too bad you won’t see that. Your head can be traded for a hundred high grade Spirit Roots, haha! Go in peace!” The red-haired man laughed and unleashed a powerful attack with both chain-wrapped fists.

The human barely managed to block his attack when he was struck from behind by another Blood race expert, causing him to hack up blood.

These Blood race experts weren’t using deadly weapons. In the distance, there was another group of them wearing different robes. They held bizarre tools. This group specialized in dissecting human corpses, extracting their Spirit Root, essence blood, and soul essence. They had to be near to extract those things before they lost their value.

“Even as a ghost, I won’t let you off.”

The human suddenly turned and unleashed a vicious punch.

This punch contained all his power. Before dying, he wanted to drag a few of them down with him. This one punch killed over ten of them.

After that one punch, he no longer had the slightest bit of energy. He was powerless to resist the red-haired man’s next attack.

Just as he knew that he was about to die, just as he memorized the face of the red-haired man so that he could haunt him, a flash of cold light flew by. The red-haired man’s head was now held by someone in a cloak.

“What?!” The human was startled and delighted. He knew that this person was someone from the human race.

Before he could make any reaction, he was grabbed by a powerful hand and sent into the sky.

“World Extermination Flame Lotus!”

A giant flame lotus exploded in their midst. Water-like flames devoured heaven and earth. Those Blood race experts didn’t even know what was going on before they were devoured by the flames and incinerated. Only a few of the stronger ones were able to escape the flames.

However, before they could flee far, they were shot down by lightning arrows. In just a few seconds, all of them were killed.

The human stared in shock at the two figures who had saved him. He knew that those Blood race experts had all been elites, and yet they had been killed instantly.

“You are…?” Upon seeing their faces, he was confused. He also saw that he was different from Long Chen and Dong Mingyu.

“Now’s not the time to talk. Let’s leave first.”

Long Chen took out a halberd and smashed it into the ground, creating a giant hole. A nearby mountain was pierced, and river water began to fill the hole.

This way, the scars of the battle were temporarily covered up. The entire Yin Yang World was currently a hunting ground, so no one should have a reason to check this place in particular. After that, the three of them left.

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