Chapter 2270 Once More Descending Upon the Giant Egg

To be safe, Long Chen and Dong Mingyu went around in a giant loop before going in the direction of that group. Fortunately, that group wasn’t going too fast. Two hours later, the two of them were stealthily on their tail.

“Big brother Long Chen, what is it?” Dong Mingyu saw that Long Chen’s expression was a bit off.

“I think I know what the divine fetus that the Blood race is talking about is.” 

The direction they were going seemed to be the mountain range containing the mysterious giant egg.

However, the Magical Beasts that had littered this area were now gone, leaving only some bloodstains on the ground. They had most likely been killed.

The group that they were tailing eventually stopped at a circular mountain range. The mountain range remained the same, but the surroundings had completely changed. There was a giant sacrificial altar set up at the peak of the mountains.

The Blood race experts stopped at the altar. They respectfully knelt and prayed, then placed the cases they were holding on at the altar before stepping aside.

The altar’s runes lit up, and the cases were opened. Blood shot out of the cases, followed by powerful Spiritual Strength. The Spiritual Strength and blood seemed to be on the verge of exploding, but a barrier of light came from the altar, sealing them.

“That’s human essence blood and soul essence. There’s also bone essence. What is the Blood race up to?” Even Dong Mingyu, a peerless assassin, felt a chill at this sight.

The earth trembled. A majestic aura rose and swallowed the blood and Spiritual Strength.

After seeing that, the Blood race experts left. Once they were gone, Long Chen and Dong Mingyu stealthily approached the altar.

From the altar, Long Chen could see that there were four such altars set up in the mountain range. Every altar had a beam of divine light connecting it to the mountain range, but that area was covered in mist. The only thing that could be sensed from within was a terrifying aura.

“Big brother Long Chen, do you know what’s going on here?”

“There should be a giant egg down there. I merged Little Snow’s crystal core with the original soul. Let’s go take a look.” Long Chen held onto Dong Mingyu’s waist and took out a rope. The two of them jumped into the pit.

Last time, Long Chen and Meng Qi had fallen inside. Due to the special laws here, it was a no-flying zone. No magical arts could allow someone to float here.

The two of them rapidly descended. After an incense stick’s worth of time, they reached the divine pool. However, at this time, the old divine pool had almost dried up. All that divine life elixir was used up.

As for the giant egg that had been floating in the pool, it was now floating in the air. The glossy eggshell was now covered in blood runes.

As for the eight chains binding it from back then, they were still present, but four more had been added. Those four connected to the altars on the mountain peaks.

Long Chen still didn’t understand the secrets of the altars. He didn’t dare to climb onto them, so he had chosen to jump down.

“Yu-er, what’s wrong?” asked Long Chen.

“It… it’s nothing. This egg’s just frightening.” Dong Mingyu’s heart was pounding hard. That wasn’t actually from fear, but from being held by Long Chen. He had held her tightly while descending, and various emotions had risen in her heart due to it. She hastily changed the subject, blushing.

Long Chen’s focus was on the giant egg, so he didn’t notice. Examining the chains, he sensed an endless flow of energy entering the egg from them. The energy coming from the four altars in particular was immense.

Long Chen slowly walked over until he touched the egg. As a result, he instantly felt a terrifying pressure crash down on him. His hair stood on end, and his robes blew in a powerful wind.

This was just an instinctual reaction from the egg. It wasn’t malicious. However, the immense pressure still gave Long Chen a feeling of mortal danger.

“Its power is even more terrifying than before.”

Long Chen was deeply shaken. Last time, the giant egg clearly hadn’t been this powerful. Otherwise, he and Meng Qi wouldn’t have been able to send Little Snow’s soul inside it.

After hesitating, Long Chen clenched his teeth and sent his Spiritual Strength inside the egg.

The countless blood runes covering the egg instantly lit up. It was as bright as a sun, and its light soared up above the mist.

Long Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood and was blown back. Dong Mingyu jumped and caught him.

“Not good. Such a huge disturbance will draw out the Blood race’s experts.” Dong Mingyu’s expression changed.

The entire mountain range was rumbling. A pillar of blood-colored light was soaring into the clouds. The Blood race’s experts would quickly rush over.

Long Chen hadn’t expected such a thing. He had hoped to connect to Little Snow’s soul. As long as Little Snow’s soul was present, it should have recognized him.

To have such a reaction instead, Long Chen’s heart dropped. Could it be that Little Snow’s soul had been consumed?

There was no time to think about that. He grabbed Dong Mingyu and began rushing back up.

Just as they were about to reach the top, Long Chen’s expression changed. He sensed several terrifying auras rushing over. They were fourth step Netherpassage experts.

If they went up, they would definitely be noticed. Against seven fourth step Netherpassage experts, even the lightning domain’s dragon king couldn’t save them.

Furthermore, there were too many experts on the other side. It was unknown if he would even manage to summon the dragon king. A fourth step Netherpassage expert could easily interrupt him if given the chance.

Long Chen ran back, landing on one of the chains. He ran toward the cave that it came out of.

As a result, he was blown back by a terrifying force when he reached that cave. There was an invisible current within the cave that he couldn’t go against.

Long Chen’s expression was growing worse and worse. This time, he really had thrown himself into his enemy’s net. 

He rushed to the bottom of the giant egg, hoping to find a channel they could go through. But it was once more a dead-end.

Just at that moment as countless supreme experts gathered above and there was nowhere to go, a single ray of light shot out of the egg and enveloped Long Chen and Dong Mingyu.

Long Chen felt space twist, and he appeared within a mass of primal chaos. This scene delighted him. “Little Snow, is that you?!”

Suddenly, Long Chen noticed he was standing atop a giant head. It was a giant white wolf, which only had a thin layer of down covering it like a baby. It was immersed within the laws of this place.

This was the space within the giant egg. He had come inside spiritually before. For the two of them to be drawn inside now, it had to be Little Snow.

A very faint spiritual fluctuation struck Long Chen’s mind. Long Chen clenched his fists, tears almost falling from his eyes.

Little Snow had responded. But the current Little Snow was still in a fetus state and couldn’t communicate.

Little Snow was still present and had taken control of this body. Now, Long Chen was at ease.

Suddenly, Little Snow sent him a message that made him bend down and place a hand on the giant wolf’s head.

After that, a clear image appeared in Long Chen’s mind. It was what was happening outside the egg.

The seven fourth step Netherpassage experts had all rushed over. They were examining everything in the surroundings.

“Curious. Why would the divine fetus be startled awake?”

Just at this moment, the egg once more lit up, releasing rays of divine light. Long Chen knew that Little Snow was doing so intentionally.

Long Chen’s aura had startled Little Snow awake from a deep slumber, resulting in a change in the giant egg.

“Perhaps we haven’t been giving it enough energy. The divine fetus is still hungry. Let’s increase the amount of energy,” said one of the seven elders.

“That’s likely. The divine fetus is at the crucial moment of condensing a divine core. It needs more energy. But the Martial Heaven Alliance’s side has the Sovereign’s will protecting them. We’re at too much of a disadvantage fighting them, so we have less energy to provide the divine fetus. Perhaps this is an instinctual reaction to hunger.”

“Should we report it to above?”

“Absolutely not! If they learn that we’ve stalled the divine fetus’s development, we’ll all be heavily punished.”

“Then what do we do? We can’t keep sacrificing our warriors against the Martial Heaven Continent. We’re just sending them essence blood.”

“If there’s no other way, we can use the training people. Don’t we still have a few prisoners from the Blue Star Continent? Release them and have our warriors hunt them down. That way we can use their heads as rewards and kill a portion. That’s the only way that we’ll have enough energy to nourish the divine fetus. Before the true battle against the Martial Heaven Continent, that’s our only choice.”

The others all nodded, seeming to agree with this elder. The seven of them left along with the other experts that had rushed over.

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