Chapter 2269 The Blood Race’s Divine Fetus

Long Chen and Dong Mingyu carefully crept past the Blood race’s garrisons and then rushed deeper into the Yin Yang World. It took them a full incense stick’s worth of time to get out of the garrisons.

Standing atop a tall mountain, they saw an endless torrent of Blood race experts charging over to one area. At the center of that area were two people fighting intensely. Both of them were supreme experts.

One of them belonged to the Blood race, while the other wore strange robes. There was blue light coming from his eyes, and his hair was left long and wild. Although he looked a bit odd, he was definitely a human.

“Who is he? His manifestation and Spirit Blood are both fully awakened. He can’t be a nameless person, but why don’t we recognize him?” Dong Mingyu was startled.


The blue-eyed man suddenly let out a cry, and his fist smashed apart the Blood race expert’s fist, extending claws and gripping his opponent’s throat.

The Blood race expert’s expression completely changed, and he didn’t dare to move. With just a thought, the blue-eyed man could kill him.

“He’s very powerful.”

Dong Mingyu’s pupils shrank. This Blood race expert didn’t seem much weaker to the Golden Horned Blood expert that Long Chen had killed, but he had been captured alive.

Long Chen was also started. The blue-eyed man seemed to have runes flicker in his eyes the moment he attacked, but due to the great distance, Long Chen could only guess that he had used some kind of special pupil art to throw off the Blood race expert. It was a curious move.

“This is the third. According to our agreement, I’ve won. You have to honor your promise and release me to the Blue Heart Continent,” said the blue-eyed man coldly, his hand tight around the Blood race expert’s throat. It seemed that he had an agreement with the Blood race.

“That’s right, you’ve won. You’re free. You can go!” said one of the Blood race’s elders.

Long Chen immediately recognized his voice. This was one of the three fourth step Netherpassage experts that had tried to stop him.

However, Long Chen didn’t dare to look due to focusing on the aura concealing art. If Long Chen looked at him directly, he might very easily be sensed.

Dong Mingyu smiled and tightened her hold on Long Chen’s hand. Long Chen slowly closed his eyes, and through the senses that Dong Mingyu shared with him, he saw the elder.

He truly was one of the experts that had surrounded Long Chen back then. If it hadn’t been for the lightning domain’s dragon king coming out, Long Chen would have lost his life.

However, unexpectedly, there were now seven elders, seven fourth step Netherpassage experts. Long Chen’s hair stood on end. If they were noticed, they would be doomed.

It was a good thing that he had absolute confidence in Dong Mingyu’s aura concealing arts. As long as they maintained a safe distance, the odds of being noticed were very low.

Blood-colored shackles fell from the blue-eyed man’s wrists, ankles, and neck. His aura instantly grew explosively.

“The Blood race always follows its word. You can leave,” said that fourth step Netherpassage expert.

“Many thanks.” The blue-eyed man warily began to retreat.

Suddenly, he coughed up a mouthful of blood. His expression completely changed.

“You… despicable…”

Blood-colored runes covered his body as he trembled. Like a fractured vase, cracks spread across his body. 

“We’ve agreed to our promise and released you. We also gave you freedom from the Blood Soul Chains. How is that despicable?” The fourth step Netherpassage expert laughed sinisterly.

“Bastards, you did this to me! When the chains break, I…”

The blue-eyed man coughed up more blood. Pieces of his body began to fall off.

After he died, some of the Blood race’s experts handled his corpse. They held various storage tools.

“Leave behind the Root Qi. Take his Spirit Blood, Spirit Bone, and Soul Bone to the divine fetus,” said the fourth step Netherpassage expert indifferently.

Those people quickly finished up, and a cage was pulled over. In it, a large man covered in fury roared like a beast.

“You garbage Blood race, release me! I’ll smash you to pulp!”

The large man crazily smashed his cage, but there were countless divine runes on the cage that made his struggles meaningless. All he did was make noise.

“Another expert with awakened Spirit Blood.” Long Chen sucked in a cold gasp of air. The strangest thing was that he didn’t recognize experts on this level.

“Big brother Long Chen, do you think they come from other worlds?” wondered Dong Mingyu.

If it was just one expert on this level, then it was possible that they wouldn’t recognize him. But two? Furthermore, their auras did seem to be quite a bit different than the humans of the Martial Heaven Continent.

“It’s very likely.” Long Chen nodded, agreeing with Dong Mingyu’s guess.

“Brat, calm down. As long as you can defeat three of the Blood race’s warriors, we will release you from the Blood Soul Chains. The Blood race always follows its word. We won’t go back on our promises,” said that fourth step Netherpassage expert.

One of the Blood race’s young experts walked to the front of the cage. He was another large expert who seemed to specialize in power.

The runes on the cage shattered, releasing the human. His manifestation burst into existence, unleashing a wave of runes that poured toward him, strengthening him. After that, he smashed a fist at his opponent.

“This fellow’s quite powerful.”

Long Chen was startled. The support of his manifestation had caused his power to far exceed Long Chen’s expectations.


His fist was like a star, and his opponent was knocked back despite being prepared.

After a punch, he turned and swung his leg like a whip. Although his large body looked too bulky and clumsy, his actual movements were quick and agile.

The Blood race expert was struck before recovering from the kick. He hastily raised his elbow to block.

As a result, his arm shattered, and the human’s kick landed on his neck. A clear cracking sound came from it. 

The human expert grabbed his opponent’s neck, his eyes blazing with fury.

“You won. After beating two more, you can leave peacefully-,” said the fourth step Netherpassage expert.

However, before he could finish speaking, that human crushed his opponent’s head.

“Courting death!”

The fourth step Netherpassage expert furiously waved his hand. A black and white chain shot out.

“Damn Blood race, just wait, the human race will sooner or later erase you from this world!”

The human roared, but he was unable to escape the chain. It then tightened around him, crushing him.

That chain made Long Chen’s expression change. The three Netherpassage experts that had attacked him had also used that chain.

It was a chain condensed from the laws of life and death. Even with all that human’s power, he was unable to break one.

Someone from the Blood race then stabbed him in the head. He immediately died.

After pulling out the saber, a human-shaped mark had appeared on it, still moving. He had extracted that person’s soul essence.

At this time, the fourth step Netherpassage expert loudly said, “This martial demonstration is over. Now you should realize that the human race from the other worlds are no longer the old humans you’re used to. They’ve grown stronger. If you judge them using historical standards, you’ll be the ones to die. Although the Blood race will be the victor no matter how strong they are, in the end, only the ones living will be able to savor victory. The dead will simply be dead and used as fertilizer.”

The Blood race was currently speaking their language, but Long Chen had killed plenty of them and undergone many soulsearches. Understanding their language wasn’t difficult.

“Alright, you can go. Bring the final batch of offerings to the divine fetus,” ordered the fourth step Netherpassage expert.

At that time, a particular group of the Blood race holding special tools went off in a certain direction.

“Let’s go take a look at what they’re doing.”

Long Chen glanced at Dong Mingyu. The two of them went around the Blood race’s experts, following that group.

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