Chapter 2268 Gathering of the Blood Race

“Big brother Long Chen, it seems that these warriors of the Heavenly Dragon Legion like you. Perhaps we can have another ally in the future,” said Dong Mingyu.

The eighth legion, from its commander Shen Chengfeng to its regular warriors, all seemed to treat Long Chen with respect.

They were an extremely powerful legion. If they could have such an ally, Long Chen would have even more support.

Long Chen smiled and didn’t say anything. Using the concealing art that Dong Mingyu had taught him, he continued pressing on.

“What, did I say something wrong?” asked Dong Mingyu upon seeing his expression.

Long Chen sighed. “Although you are the most outstanding assassin, you don’t quite understand people’s hearts. Perhaps this is why assassins must maintain a state of emotionless indifference. The Heavenly Dragon Legion is different from the Dragonblood Legion. They don’t have their own thoughts.”

“I don’t understand.” Dong Mingyu frowned.

Long Chen explained, “The Heavenly Dragon Legion’s warriors are soldiers. Soldiers have to listen to orders. In other words, it doesn’t matter what orders come from up above, they still have to carry them out. It doesn’t matter if those orders are right or wrong, carrying them out is their only choice. Although you can tell they’ve gone through the baptism of blood and fire, they remain weapons under someone else’s control. Although they might respect me and treat me well, if the divine families were to give them the order to kill me, then perhaps without a moment of hesitation, they would raise their butcher’s blades against me.”

“Really? I don’t think so.”

“Actually, the other powers are the same. For example, the Corrupt path, Pill Valley, the Xuan Beasts, the ancient races, and the Bloodkill Hall. Their disciples are all raised as weapons. Those disciples are their soldiers, and soldiers can’t have their own thoughts, or they would be a double-sided weapon. To control them, you have to constantly brainwash them and instill them with controlling beliefs. Either there are people they must get vengeance on, or the god’s orders demand it. Their minds grow rigid as a result. They lose their ability to differentiate between right and wrong.”

Hearing that, Dong Mingyu understood. “Big brother Long Chen, I recalled the god’s baptism countless times while I was in the Bloodkill Hall. Those baptisms didn’t contain any god energy. It just contained the aura of the god to make people submit. Using that, they controlled people, teaching us about the Killing God, and how we had to follow everything the Killing God arranged. They used the god’s name to turn people into killing puppets.”

Long Chen nodded. “Perhaps this is why when I mentioned the Killing God and the Corrupt God to Sovereign Yun Shang, he had such a strange expression.”

At that time, Sovereign Yun Shang had smiled oddly. It seemed that he felt a kind of disdain toward gods, but he didn’t say anything about it.

“Could it be that gods are all con men?” asked Dong Mingyu.

“Don’t lump them all together. At the very least, I like the Huayun Sect’s Wealth God and the Wine God Palace’s Wine God. Just look at their followers. They’re all happy and blessed. Their god never asked them to do anything. The god even silently invested in them, without asking for anything in return…”

Long Chen’s whole body suddenly trembled, making Dong Mingyu jump. “What is it?


Long Chen waved his hand, indicating to her not to worry. In truth, his heart was pounding wildly. It seemed that he had thought of the crux of the problem.

The Killing God, the Corrupt God, Lord Brahma, Fallen Daynight, these gods, what was their goal in controlling their followers? When he had said that certain gods didn’t ask for anything in return, he had suddenly thought of this. Gods were existences far above them. Why would they control these ant-like existences like them? What secrets lay within this?

As he considered, the two of them stealthily walked out of the battlefield. They were no longer protected by the Sovereign’s will. As a result, Long Chen had no choice but to brush aside his questions and focus.

“Big brother Long Chen, don’t be nervous. The aura concealing art that I taught you is very powerful. As long as you don’t expose your killing intent and don’t look at people’s eyes, then no one other than a fourth step Netherpassage expert would be able to sense us,” transmitted Dong Mingyu.

At this time, Dong Mingyu held Long Chen’s hand. Ripples spread from their bodies, concealing the two of them in midair.

“I’m just worried about implicating you. It’s about being exposed and ruining your reputation as the number one assassin,” joked Long Chen.

Dong Mingyu was at the front right now. Her aura concealing art enveloped Long Chen. As long as he kept his aura on the same frequency as Dong Mingyu’s, it was much easier to keep himself hidden.

“Hehe, who cares about such a thing? Big brother Long Chen, your cultivation technique is very powerful. Even this divine-level concealing art can be utilized by it. But it seems that your cultivation technique is a bit too powerful. You need to control your emotions. Otherwise, with just the slightest killing intent, you’ll be exposed,” said Dong Mingyu.

When Long Chen had asked her to teach him her concealing arts, she had only transmitted some simple ones. As long as Long Chen could control his aura, she could help conceal him.

As a result, Long Chen had easily mastered those concealing arts. Long Chen was able to control techniques from multiple fields, and that made him a genius amongst geniuses.

At that time, Dong Mingyu was stunned. If she didn’t know Long Chen, she would have suspected that he was an outstanding assassin.

She had directly tried to teach him the aura concealing art taught to her by the Killing God. Only then did she realize that Long Chen’s cultivation technique was incredibly powerful. Even the divine-level aura concealing art could be utilized.

This aura concealing art she had received from the Killing God didn’t just require talent. It required a corresponding cultivation technique. However, Long Chen was still able to use it.

In truth, she had just been teasing him when she had tried to teach him this technique. After all, she was still a child. However, when she found that Long Chen really had learned it, she finally realized the problem.

Long Chen’s cultivation technique was so powerful that it was able to use this divine-level aura concealing art. However, there were drawbacks as well. If Long Chen’s emotions fluctuated too strongly, this aura concealing art wouldn’t be able to hide him.

“I’ll pay attention. I won’t let myself get too emotional.” Long Chen nodded. This aura concealing art was purely a technical magical art. Learning it wasn’t difficult, but using it in practice was difficult. To be like Dong Mingyu would be as difficult as ascending the heavens.

The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was too domineering. Using it to use this gentle aura concealing art was like having a giant of immense power take out eggs one by one from a chicken nest without cracking them.

Knowing himself, Long Chen did his best to maintain a clear mind and heart, suppressing all fluctuations. He left the rest to Dong Mingyu.

After half an incense stick’s worth of time, Long Chen saw the Blood race’s garrison. However, there weren’t any hidden sentries like he had expected.

It seemed that the Blood race truly viewed the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts as sheep for the slaughter. They weren’t afraid of an attack.

That made sense. Without the protection of the Sovereign’s aura, how could the Martial Heaven Continent launch an attack? The only known fourth step Netherpassage expert on the continent was Daoist Heavenly Feather. As for the Blood race, they had at least three fourth step Netherpassage experts that Long Chen knew of. The difference in their peak combat power was immense.

As the two of them passed through the cracks between their garrisons, Long Chen felt his heart tremble.

There were countless garrisons set up, all of them giant. From a great distance, they looked as vast as the stars in the sky. There was no end to them.

“Big brother Long Chen, the Blood race’s experts are slowly gathering. These are all high ranking members. They’re waiting for the Sovereign’s will to fade away. Based on the current scale, the next attack might be a hundred times greater than the last. They’re determined to get through no matter the price,” said Dong Mingyu.

Long Chen nodded. This was just as he had predicted. There would be no testing attacks this time. When the next attack came, it would be like a clap of thunder, seeking to blast through all opposition.

Last time, there had only been three high ranking races in the attack. This time, in just an incense stick’s worth of time walking, Long Chen saw over ten different high ranking races, all of them with stronger auras than the Blue Ring Blood race, the Stone Blood race, and the Golden Horned Blood race.

The most shocking thing was that he sensed auras that made his heart tremble. There were some terrifying existences amongst these garrisons.

Those auras weren’t fourth step Netherpassage experts. His guess was that they were similar young kings of the Blood race like the Golden Horned Blood expert. Their auras were a bit similar, but these auras were stronger and more reserved.

As the two of them slowly walked past this area, rumbling rang out ahead of them. A giant blood sword pierced into the sky.

“What’s going on over there?”

Startled, the two of them rushed over to that streak of sword-light.

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