Chapter 2266 Respite From the Blood Race

“To tell the truth, I really don’t know. But even if I knew, I wouldn’t necessarily be able to say. I’m also very curious why the Ye family is targeting you. I asked Elder Long, but he didn’t answer me,” said Shen Chengfeng.

Long Chen nodded. It seemed that Shen Chengfeng really didn’t know. Hence, he didn’t continue pressing him.

After Elder Long had left, he felt that Shen Chengfeng had begun treating him better. Long Chen could clearly feel that Shen Chengfeng’s guard against him had dropped.

After chatting for a bit, Shen Chengfeng left to allow Long Chen to focus on healing. Once he was healed, he could enter the battlefield as well to gather immemorial essence blood.

Watching as Shen Chengfeng left, Chu Yao guardedly wondered, “Is Shen Chengfeng trying to pull us in?”

“Most likely. Or perhaps I should say that the divine families want to use us. The Ye family is targeting us, perhaps as a show of power to the faction that Elder Long comes from. As for Elder Long, he’s trying to help us. We’ve become a chess piece utilized between the two factions,” said Long Chen.

“Isn’t it going too far to use us?” demanded Guo Ran irritably.

“What’s too far about it? They have no duty to help us. We have something they need, and they have something we need. At the very least, up to this point, it’s been profitable for us. If their goal wasn’t clear, I’d feel much more worried. We’re still too weak compared to the divine families. However, we have our own advantages and trump cards. What we lack right now can be made up with time and opportunities,” said Long Chen. Seeing the fighting, he clenched his fists.

It wasn’t just the divine families, Pill Valley, the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, and the others that were powerful. Many unknown powers were still hiding their trump cards. Who knew when they would reveal themselves?

They were still waiting for the right timing and chance. Right now, the only way that Long Chen could get the most benefit was from working together with Elder Long. Of course, those benefits lay within immense danger.

The Dragonblood Legion continued to rest. On the battlefield, experts occasionally died.

When one of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s experts was killed, their corpse was fought over by the Blood race. Some of them would even slaughter each other to grab the corpse.

The Blood race wanted complete bodies from humans. That way, they could gather the Root Qi within their Dantian. Meanwhile, the Martial Heaven Alliance’s experts wanted the Blood race’s essence blood.

The human race’s corpses were treasures to the Blood race. When one appeared, the surrounding experts of the Blood race would fight over it in a horrifying manner.

As time passed, more and more casualties began to appear on both sides. The Blood race’s experts seemed to be endless. The only force able to maintain a zero casualty count against them was the Dragonblood Legion.

All the various powers took casualties. That was unavoidable. The weak were washed out in this cruel battle.

As for the seniors, they were clenching their fists, afraid of seeing the ones they favored being the next to fall. This was a cruel battle. But worry did not stop the cruelty. Seeing the corpses of their juniors taken away by the Blood race, they were enraged, but there was nothing they could do.

Even if they did charge into the battlefield to help, what would happen in the future? These juniors were the pillars of this world. If they didn’t accept this cruelty of battle, then even more of them would die in the future.

When those disciples died, people couldn’t help thinking of the Dragonblood Legion’s zero casualty count. Behind that miracle lay an unknown amount of blood and fire.

The Dragonblood Legion had endured the grinding of battle after battle to become a sharp blade. If these experts wanted to be that sharp as well, they needed to be tempered by this battle. A portion of them would definitely be ground to dust.

Some of the seniors regretted pampering their disciples and keeping them close. If they had let them go earlier, allowing them to experience their own blood and fire trials, perhaps they would be stronger and more likely to survive.

The Righteous path’s experts in particular had quite a few people crying bitterly upon seeing the disciples falling one by one. Battle was simply this cruel. Seeing the people they loved have their lives mercilessly stripped from them while they could only watch was the cruelest torment.

In this vast battle, the Corrupt path’s power was shown. They had the least casualties as the Corrupt path’s experts were fearless toward death. Perhaps the only thing that they were afraid of in this world was the Dragonblood Legion.

More and more casualties appeared, but the ones remaining grew stronger and stronger. The Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples also continued to work better together, increasing their killing power.

Under Ye Lingshan’s guidance, their formations continued to grow stronger, allowing them to slaughter the Blood race. Although Ye Lingshan didn’t go out on her own, the Martial Heaven Alliance still had the highest killing efficiency on the battlefield.

Suddenly, a towering willow tree appeared, its roots digging into the battlefield. It cut out its own domain of death for itself.

Liu Ruyan was an Undying Willow, and although the battle before had been very exhausting, her Yin Yang energy recovered very quickly. Even though the rest of the Dragonblood Legion was resting and focusing on recovering, she was already ready to fight again.

Liu Ruyan needed a huge amount of immemorial essence blood for her own advancement, and with her stubbornness, she would rather earn it herself rather than take the Dragonblood Legion’s resources.

Her branches were like swords cutting through the Blood race’s experts. The roots were like dragons sweeping across the land. These low ranking races were completely unable to threaten her.

The second to enter the battlefield was Chu Yao. As a wood cultivator, she had massive stores of spiritual yuan and recovered quickly.

Chu Yao and Liu Ruyan joined forces, creating a giant land of death for the Blood race.

Fortunately, the battlefield was large enough that even as everyone fought for themselves, they didn’t disturb anyone else. The Dragonblood warriors who had recovered joined in one by one.

Xia Chen was sent to Ye Lingshan’s side. He directed the formation, increasing their killing efficiency once more while reducing casualties.

The Dragonblood warriors formed their own killing formations as they slaughtered their enemies. Even while fighting, they were recovering because this level of battle was nothing to them.

Seven days later, the numbers of the Blood race began to diminish. In the end, they stopped charging toward the Martial Heaven Continent, instead stopping in the depths of the Yin Yang World.

With the Blood race retreating, the Martial Heaven Continent’s side didn’t dare to charge in. If they went past the range of the Sovereign aura, they would be attacked by fourth step Netherpassage experts. That was no different than suicide.

Seeing the Blood race retreat, the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts also retreated, returning to the Martial Heaven Continent.

“It seems that the Blood race has switched strategies. They’ve used up their useless cannon fodder. The next attack might only come after a long wait,” said Long Chen. His injuries had healed. Even the injuries left behind by a fourth step Netherpassage expert could be resolved by the Yin Yang Immortal Grass.

“Is the Blood race going to unleash a crazy assault like at the start once more? Then we can get more essence blood,” said Guo Ran, rubbing his fist.

Long Chen shook his head. “The Sovereign’s will has yet to dissipate. They might be waiting for that. Then their fourth step Netherpassage experts will be able to attack, and the Martial Heaven Continent’s side might not have enough power to stop them.”

“How long will it take for the Sovereign’s will to dissipate?!” Guo Ran and the others were alarmed. If fourth step Netherpassage experts suddenly attacked, then they would no longer be able to fight on the battlefield.

“Elder Long said that it should last for a few more months, but no one can say what day exactly. So this time is also the best for everyone to break through to the Netherpassage realm,” said Long Chen.

Inside, Long Chen was shocked that the Sovereign’s will could last this long. The Sovereign seal had been broken by others, but even the remnant will was enough to give the Martial Heaven Alliance time to breathe. 

The Martial Heaven Continent’s experts needed this time that the Sovereign had won for them. They had to break through to the Netherpassage realm.

The Sovereign had clearly died ages ago, and yet it seemed that everything had been within his predictions. He had left this hope to the continent. If that was a coincidence, then it was far too coincidental. If it wasn’t a coincidence, then how could the Sovereign have known that such a thing would happen? Just what kind of existence was a Sovereign?

As Long Chen had said, the Blood race retreated. No one knew what they were doing, and no one dared to probe them. Going over there would be sending themselves to their deaths. The divine families also said not to go, as taking this risk was meaningless.

As a result, the various powers returned to their homes. The young warriors once more focused on comprehending the essence of life and death. Some of them already felt the bottleneck weakening for them, and they prepared to make their breakthroughs.

As for the seniors, they began refining the essence blood. When their Empyrean disciples advanced to the Netherpassage realm, they could use the immemorial essence blood.

Long Chen said goodbye to Qu Jianying, Beitang Rushuang, Nangong Zuiyue, and the others and returned to the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race. He announced that everyone was to go into seclusion, and his orders were that they all had to comprehend life and death before coming out. That was because time was running out.

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