Chapter 2265 A Thirty-Seven-Year-Old Supreme Expert


Everyone was startled by Long Chen’s words. Dongfang Yuyang was still powerful but was now much inferior to Nangong Zuiyue, Beitang Rushuang, and Ximen Tianxiong, let alone divine daughters and divine sons like the Pill Fairy and Tian Xiezi.

If he was compared to Di Feng, the difference between them would be described as the difference between heaven and earth. Although Dongfang Yuyang’s expression was unchanged, he was clearly increasing the tempo of his attacks. However, his killing efficiency remained far below the others.

“He’s hiding his power?” asked Meng Qi.

“No, there’s no way! Dongfang Yuyang was put in his place by the sea demon race. They slapped his face repeatedly and caused his reputation to plummet. This is his chance to put on a good show and win back some face. At the very least, he should try to be above average. But his current display isn’t even as good as some of the experts of the neutral factions,” said Guo Ran.

There were many experts amongst the neutral factions as well, but they were more low key. At this time though, some of them had begun to make their moves. After all, this was related to immemorial essence blood.

Some experts who were suspected to have awakened their Spirit Blood also appeared. Their displays were very powerful, and not at all inferior to Dongfang Yuyang.

“Dongfang Yuyang has given me an extremely dangerous feeling from the start, but I’ve never been able to pinpoint what exactly about him is so dangerous. He schemes deeply and doesn’t display much hatred when he sees me. Last time, when he was beaten to the point of almost being bedeviled, I feel like he was faking it. I want everyone to be careful around him. If I get a chance, I’ll try to test him,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen was extremely confident in his spiritual perception. With the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, his sense of danger was extremely strong. He had never been mistaken.

As for why Dongfang Yuyang would rather have others look down on him and have the Dongfang family’s morale plummet instead of using his full power, Long Chen had no idea.

“Xia Chen, how were our gains?” asked Long Chen.

Not one member of the Dragonblood Legion had died this time, but almost everyone had been injured. Some people’s injuries were so severe that they needed to rest for a long time.

The one who had taken the most losses was Meng Qi. All her Magical Beasts had died in the end. After all, their intelligence was too low, and they were unruly. They didn’t perfectly listen to orders. When surrounded, they could only rely on brute power, and so they couldn’t survive very long in that kind of group battle. Hence, Long Chen was hoping to cheer people up with the talk of their gains.

“We have over thirty pools of essence blood,” said Xia Chen.

That amount delighted them. The battle toward the end had resulted in high rank races appearing. Those races possessed a higher quality essence blood.

“However, don’t get too excited. Much of the essence blood belongs to the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps. Their essence blood is useless. There’s also the essence blood of the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters. After taking them into account, I’d say there are around fifteen pools worth,” said Xia Chen.

“Then why didn’t you say fifteen from the start? You say over thirty and then cut that by half? Xia Chen, are you trying to toy with us?” Gu Yang bitterly smiled.

“That’s not bad though. At least half the Dragonblood Legion should have enough to awaken their Spirit Blood,” said Li Qi.

Long Chen shook his head. “Sorry brothers, but I’ll have to give you a blow. Due to cultivating the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art, you’ll need several times the immemorial essence blood that others in the same realm do. The saying that ten drops of immemorial essence blood are enough for someone to have a high chance of awakening their Spirit Blood only refers to ordinary Empyreans, and it still isn’t a guarantee. You should be mentally prepared.”

Everyone felt a chill. After cultivating the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art, their own bodies had gone through a change that even they couldn’t explain. Even their manifestations were identical. There was no way to explain that with the Martial Heaven Continent’s cultivation principles.

“Boss, how much immemorial essence blood will we need?” asked Guo Ran.

“Based on my estimates, at the very least, we’ll need ten times more than other people.”

“Ten times?!” Everyone gasped. That amount was enough to cause despair.

Just how many of the Blood race’s experts would they need to kill in order to refine that much immemorial essence blood? Every drop of immemorial essence blood was incredibly precious.

“Don’t panic. We’ll only need it in the Netherpassage realm, so there’s still some time. Furthermore, hasn’t the Dragonblood Legion managed to get through many difficulties already? Who cares about some essence blood?” comforted Long Chen.

The Dragonblood warriors smiled with him. That was true. While following Long Chen, their path had been one of creating miracle after miracle. Perhaps others couldn’t do something, but the Dragonblood Legion could.

“Long Chen, do you feel better?” Just as they were talking, Shen Chengfeng walked over.

“Thank you for your concern, commander Shen. This little injury isn’t enough to take my life.” Long Chen smiled, not being hostile or friendly.

About Shen Chengfeng, Long Chen didn’t feel much one way or another. When Ye Benchang had attacked, Shen Chengfeng had been called a dog by him, but he still hadn’t dared to kill Ye Benchang. Long Chen felt him to be too cowardly.

Shen Chengfeng helplessly said, “I truly didn’t handle things well today, causing you to feel wronged. However, in terms of position, Ye Benchang is the seventh commander, while I’m the eighth. His position is a bit higher than mine.”

For Shen Chengfeng to actually apologize was unexpected. Long Chen had been feeling dissatisfied with Shen Chengfeng’s conduct. After all, he was in charge of this battlefield but had allowed Ye Benchang to charge in and ruin the Dragonblood Legion’s formation. He had responsibility for this.

Of course, from Ye Benchang’s arrogant display, it could be seen that the interior of the divine families was extremely complicated, and Shen Chengfeng was truly helpless. Adding on this apology, Long Chen didn’t feel good trying to make him feel worse.

Long Chen was never in the habit of leaving his life in other people’s hands. Complaining wasn’t his style.

“Then you mean to say that the Heavenly Dragon Legion has eight commanders, and you are the lowest ranking?” asked Long Chen. He patted the seat beside him.

Shen Chengfeng cupped his fists and sat on the beast hide beside Long Chen. He nodded. “Correct. The Heavenly Dragon Legion has eight hundred thousand members, with each commander in charge of one hundred thousand people. They are ranked according to power. We truly are the bottom ranking.”

The Dragonblood warriors were quite startled to hear that the Heavenly Dragon Legion possessed eight hundred thousand members. That was eight hundred thousand Netherpassage experts.

The Heavenly Dragon Legion’s power was extremely shocking. They had taken control over the entire battlefield in an instant. At that time, the Dragonblood Legion had only been able to bitterly hold on, but to them, crushing those enemies had been easy.

That was a terrifying legion, but the eighth legion was actually ranked last? Then just how powerful was the first legion?

The Dragonblood Legion was called the Martial Heaven Continent’s number one legion, but compared to the Heavenly Dragon Legion, they appeared incredibly weak.

“You don’t need to be surprised. When we were in the Life Star realm, we weren’t necessarily stronger than you. My subordinates are all full of praise for your display,” said Shen Chengfeng.

The Dragonblood Legion’s display had truly amazed the Heavenly Dragon Legion’s warriors. What shocked them wasn’t their power, but the undefeatable will possessed by every Dragonblood warrior, as well as their absolute trust in each other.

For over twelve thousand people to unite their hearts like this was essentially a kind of miracle.

“Commander Shen, may I ask if Ye Yaochen and Ye Benchang are on the same side?” asked Long Chen after being silent for a while.

This related to the secrets of the divine families. Even if he asked, Shen Chengfeng might not answer. But he still wanted to know.

Unexpectedly though, Shen Chengfeng didn’t hesitate. “They belong to one family, the Ye family. However, Ye Yaochen is the youngest Heaven Elder of the divine families. At just the age of thirty-seven, he is already a fourth step Netherpassage expert.”


All of them were startled. At thirty-seven, he was already a fourth step Netherpassage expert? What kind of monsters was he?

On the Martial Heaven Continent, the only one known to be a fourth step Netherpassage expert was Daoist Heavenly Feather. She could only be described as ancient, and all the experts of the continent were her juniors.

As for third step Netherpassage experts, practically all of them were over a thousand years old or even more. Even the youngest one had to be a few centuries old.

Thirty-seven years old. A fourth step Netherpassage expert. That even shocked Long Chen.

“Brother Shen, can you tell me why they are targeting me?” asked Long Chen.

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