Chapter 2264 The Most Terrifying Existence

The Pill Fairy left her group on her own, going deeper into the battlefield. Eighteen flame phoenixes shot out of her like meteorites, exploding amongst the Blood race.

However, the Pill Fairy did not take out the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame. That was because its power was too great, and it would incinerate the essence blood of these low ranking races. If she used it, she wouldn’t be able to gain much immemorial essence blood.

The flame that she used was a white one. Although it was much weaker, it was more than enough to slaughter these weaker races.

Once the Pill Fairy went out, Tian Xiezi, Kun Pengzi, Di Feng, Dongfang Yuyang, Ximen Tianxiong, Nangong Zuiyue, Beitang Rushuang, and the other peak experts also made a move.

After all, this was a rare chance to compete over immemorial essence blood. The timing was also important, as they were about to advance to the Netherpassage realm. If they got the immemorial essence blood now, many people would be able to use it. This was their best chance to strengthen their group.

Ye Benchang’s attack had shown everyone the difference between having awakened their Spirit Blood and not. Those like the Pill Fairy and the others were so powerful that they could ignore ordinary third step Netherpassage experts, but not someone like Ye Benchang who had been powerful enough to send Long Chen flying. Although Long Chen had been heavily injured before being struck, it had still been shocking. Two people in the third step Netherpassage realm could have vastly different power levels.

At the same time, they saw how powerful the Heavenly Dragon Legion was. There was an immense difference between them and the Netherpassage experts of the continent. Although they hadn’t awakened their manifestations, their power was still a level higher. Within the same realm, an expert of the Martial Heaven Continent wouldn’t necessarily even be able to last three exchanges against one of them.

That was the difference in foundations. The divine families were terrifying. If these geniuses didn’t do their best to increase their power now, they would be forced to obey their orders.

Although the divine families had only expressed that they would lead this battle and work together with everyone else for the continent’s safety, that kind of favor wasn’t good. So this immense opportunity could not be missed.

With the top experts of the continent making their move, everyone’s attention was concentrated on them.

“So the stories are true. Di Feng really did awaken the Blood Emperor’s manifestation.”

Right now, the only ones fighting were the junior generation. The seniors had only helped out at the beginning to stabilize the formation. Afterward, they just stood aside to watch.

Di Feng had charged out, and in the process, had summoned a manifestation. This was a double manifestation, with the Blood Emperor’s image now within his original manifestation. With that unique energy, Di Feng caused heaven and earth to shake with just a wave of his hand. He didn’t even summon his three divine items. On the battlefield, his slaughter of the Blood race was the most intense.

“This is an intentional display of his power to Long Chen!”

With a single punch, the earth was torn asunder. With the slam of a foot, the void shattered. Every one of Di Feng’s moves was simple and relaxed, indicating that he was far from using his full power. But his power shocked everyone.

Di Feng was acting much more high profile than the likes of the Pill Fairy and the others. Occasionally, he would glance toward Long Chen with a sneer. This truly was a taunt, and a very clear one at that.

“If you want to compete against my boss, then go charge into the depths of the Yin Yang World and kill one of the Blood race’s kings in front of a fourth step Netherpassage expert,” shouted Guo Ran.

Di Feng’s expression twisted, but he quickly returned to normal, sneering, “Tell the Blood race to send out another king and I’ll easily slay him. As for Long Chen? If it weren’t for the Heavenly Divine Writ, I’d have been the first to challenge him.”

Di Feng was confident. It seemed that he truly did no longer view Long Chen as a match for him. With his double manifestation, he had put on a display that was no weaker than Long Chen’s.

“This rat bastard…” Guo Ran clenched his teeth. Di Feng was truly vile. He had only reached this level by relying on a woman.

“He is very powerful, but don’t get tricked by his idiotic display. He’s crafty. He’s doing this to antagonize us. Di Long, I really underestimated you. Di Feng and Xue Luocha’s marriage was a trap. Their goal was her manifestation and Spirit Blood,” said Long Chen.

“But can a manifestation and Spirit Blood really be taken?” demanded Guo Ran.

Long Chen merely smiled slightly. His Spirit Blood, Spirit Root, and Spirit Bone had been taken. He was the best example.

However, he had no proof. This was just a guess. If such a thing had happened to him, then perhaps some unknown secret art had occurred between Di Feng and Xue Luocha during their copulation. 

To have two manifestations was an extremely rare thing in the cultivation world. There had been such existences within legends, but legends were just legends. No one could verify their authenticity.

“Just from Di Long’s crafty smile, it was definitely his scheme.” Gu Yang glanced at Di Long, who was putting on an indifferent look. He had managed to trick many people. Before this, he had acted violent and easy to enrage, when in reality, he was quite the schemer. At the very least, Long Chen no longer underestimated him.

“On the other hand, Mo Nian’s pretty reserved. Why isn’t he going out?” Tang Wan-er looked at Mo Nian curiously. He was still silently protecting the Martial Heaven Alliance.

“Perhaps he hasn’t given up on Ye Lingshan? What a rude fellow. Doesn’t he know he shouldn’t covet a friend’s wife?” said Liu Ruyan lightly, intentionally glancing at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s expression darkened. “Don’t talk nonsense. I have no such relationship with Ye Lingshan.”

Seeing his dark expression, Chu Yao hastily said, “Ruyan was just joking, right? Ruyan, Ye Lingshan is the current head of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Don’t make jokes about her.”

“What a petty man. I must have misspoken. My apologies.” An apology was quite rare from the stubborn Liu Ruyan.

Long Chen took a deep breath and calmed himself down. Perhaps his injuries had worsened his temper. After calming down, he said, “Ye Lingshan has given her everything for the Martial Heaven Alliance. Perhaps her talent and power are inferior to my own, but she has willingly picked up this heavy burden and is working hard every day to improve herself. That is why she possesses her own powerful charisma and her own loyal warriors who will follow her into death. Countless disciples dream of marrying her, but she is now the mental pillar of the Martial Heaven Alliance. She has already given her life to the Martial Heaven Alliance and cannot marry anyone else. So this joke really isn’t appropriate, especially when it includes me. If others were to spread that joke, it would cause the hearts of the Martial Heaven Alliance to fall. I also apologize for overreacting. I have yet to expel the death energy in my body, so my mental state isn’t very good.”

“Alright, alright, let’s just not talk about this in the future. Long Chen, can we really not help you heal your wounds?” Chu Yao smoothed things over.

Long Chen bitterly smiled. “I’m pretty angry about it myself. My luck is amazing. I didn’t encounter one fourth step Netherpassage expert, but three. I almost died.”

Hearing that, everyone turned pale. They hadn’t thought that it had been three fourth step Netherpassage experts.

“Fortunately, I had the lightning domain’s dragon king block them for me,” said Long Chen.

Only after Long Chen had killed the Golden Horned Blood expert did he learn that those three old fellows were the latter’s protectors. It was just that due to the Sovereign aura, they didn’t dare to step onto the battlefield. They had been forced to stay behind.

When Long Chen had chased after his target, they had hidden themselves until their king had been unable to hold on any longer. Then they suddenly appeared to cut Long Chen off.

He had been prepared for such a thing and had kept Lei Long active behind him the entire time. Hence, he instantly connected to the lightning field and summoned the dragon king.

The dragon king was truly powerful and had managed to block the attack of the three Netherpassage experts. But then it exhausted all its energy and was forced to retreat.

However, by that time, Long Chen had managed to capture their king, and using him as a shield, he had managed to leave.

At that time, he had been quite courteous. He hadn’t even taken his whole hostage back. He had left most of the Golden Horned Blood expert’s body with them, taking only his head.

As a result, he had seen Ye Benchang’s deputy attack Xia Chen. He had naturally killed that deputy, but then Ye Benchang’s attack had worsened Long Chen’s injuries.

“Then what are you going to do? With your terrible condition, why didn’t Elder Long help you?” asked Meng Qi.

“He wanted to, but I didn’t want to owe him a favor. I can handle it myself, but it will take some time. It’s not like I have anything to do right now. We should all be taking this time to heal. How is Wilde?” asked Long Chen.

“He’s gone unconscious from hunger. Cloud’s feeding him,” answered Chu Yao.

As she said, Wilde was lying in the distance, unconscious. However, if something entered his mouth, he instinctively chewed and swallowed it. Hence, Cloud was feeding him large chunks of meat. It shouldn’t be a problem. Once his body had enough energy, he would wake up naturally. Then he could eat for himself.

“Boss, it seems that Dongfang Yuyang has received quite the setback after the last beating. His power has sharply dropped,” said Xia Chen as he watched the battlefield.

Long Chen shook his head, a serious look appearing on his face. “You’ve misjudged him. That fellow is the most terrifying existence amongst all of them.”

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