Chapter 2263 Competing Geniuses

Elder Long left. As for the divine families’ army, they slowly retreated, leaving behind giant ballistae to stand guard. Those ballistae were even larger than the Blood race’s Siege War Chariots.

They set up one hundred and eighty ballistae. Although they had yet to be activated, just the pressure exuding from them made people’s hearts shudder.

“Everyone, the Blood race’s main army has retreated. However, their auxiliary forces will continue to cause trouble. Most of them are low ranking races, but they also contain immemorial essence blood. If you want the immemorial essence blood, you can enter the Yin Yang World and kill the Blood race’s experts for it. However, the inside of the Yin Yang World has fourth step Netherpassage experts standing guard over it. Due to the Sovereign will that has yet to fully scatter, they don’t dare to come over. That is why your movements must be limited to the nearby surroundings, or if you go too deep and a fourth step Netherpassage expert attacks you, no one will be coming to save you. It doesn’t matter what your age or cultivation base is, anyone may enter the battlefield. However, if I were to make a personal suggestion, I would advise all Life Star experts to join in. The battle against the enemy races is truly cruel. You must maintain your sharpness and experience in battle if you wish to become a true expert. You all saw the Dragonblood Legion’s power. Even in the same realm, with the same cultivation base, they are incredibly powerful. You can consider how great the difference is yourselves. Alright, that’s all I have to say. I will leave things to you now. You don’t need to worry. The Heavenly Dragon Legion will be standing guard here, and if the Blood race’s main forces make a move, we will handle it.” After the arrangements were complete, Shen Chengfeng made an announcement to the Martial Heaven Continent’s forces.

After failing to gain control over the exit for three days, and with the young king of the Golden Horned Blood race killed, the Blood race had suffered an immense setback to their morale. Most likely, they would not be making a big move in the short term. Instead, they would order the low ranking races to exhaust their enemies over time.

This was the best chance for the talented youngsters of the various powers to temper themselves. As for the Heavenly Dragon Legion, they were all Netherpassage experts, and killing these low ranking members of the Blood race was meaningless to them.

The various powers thanked Shen Chengfeng and began to enter the battlefield. The Martial Heaven Alliance, Pill Valley, the Xuan Beasts, the ancient family alliance, and the ancient races all sent people into the Yin Yang World.

At this time, the Blood race’s experts were still rushing toward this area from every direction. But it truly was as Shen Chengfeng said. The high ranking races were not amongst them. However, occasionally, some of the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps would appear.

The various powers occupied their own defensive points. Even the Pill Fairy, Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, Dongfang Yuyang, Nangong Zuiyue, Beitang Rushuang, Ximen Tianxiong, and Di Feng were focused on setting up defenses first.

Although they were powerful, the others weren’t as powerful as them. It was time for them to show their qualities as leaders.

If they only looked after themselves, the disciples following them would be in danger. In the end, those disciples might be killed until only the peak experts remained.

However, the likes of the Pill Fairy, Kun Pengzi, and Tian Xiezi were not natural leaders. They only relied on their immense power to lead people.

On the other hand, Nangong Zuiyue and Beitang Rushuang managed to form a complete formation with their forces, which allowed them to quickly get used to the battlefield. As the other experts were still testing things out, they had led their troops into battle.

As for the Martial Heaven Alliance’s side, they had the most disciples, and directing them was very difficult. Fortunately, Ye Lingshan had come prepared. She had eighteen trusted aides beneath her called the Eighteen Iron Guards. They were the people she trusted the most. The eighteen of them also had ten subordinates each to better control the entire group. This system was something borrowed from the Dragonblood Legion.

The Dragonblood Legion didn’t keep many secrets from Ye Lingshan. She had asked for some pointers from Xia Chen and Guo Ran when it came to commanding troops in a formation, and the two of them had helped her. Xia Chen had even made a special formation for her capable of holding hundreds of thousands of experts.

However, the more people that were part of the formation, the more difficult it was to control it. If one person was in the wrong position, it would cause a chain reaction.

For a group of a few hundred thousand people to link together in a formation, although they had drilled it countless times, there were still many mistakes occurring. So even as the other powers began to move out, the Martial Heaven Alliance’s side was still disordered.

After an incense stick’s worth of time, they were still stuck. Let alone killing their enemies, they were in a mess. Ye Lingshan began to sweat.

“First start from the One Dragon Rush Formation.” Just as Ye Lingshan was unaware where the problem lay, Long Chen sent her a message.

The One Dragon Rush Formation was the simplest one that required almost no skill. Ye Lingshan naturally knew of it, but such a formation was child's play to these people. She didn’t want others to laugh at the Martial Heaven Alliance for using such a low level formation.

However, she trusted Long Chen. Since he said such a thing, she directly gave the order.

The One Dragon Rush Formation was a straight dragon-shaped formation that was like an arrow shooting forward.

Once they charged forward to a certain point, the dragon head would become the dragon tail, and the tail would become the new head. Then the charge would go in the opposite direction. It was the most basic of all formations.

To the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples, this formation could not be simpler. As they began to charge back and forth, the disciples gradually got used to it.

Long Chen continued, “There is a huge difference between practice and actually using the formation. Don’t expect the same results in training to manifest on the battlefield. After charging ten times, switch to the Dual Dragon Rush Formation. Then the Cross Kill Formation, the Scissor Formation, the Crane Wing Formation, the Phoenix Soar Formation…”

Long Chen rattled off the names of over ten formations. They started off simple and gradually grew more complicated.

To jump onto a roof was very difficult for an ordinary person. But if they had a ladder, it would be much easier.

Long Chen was giving them a step-by-step process to get used to the battlefield.

What happened during practice and what happened on the actual battlefield were two completely different concepts. If you taught someone how to swim on land and then tossed them into the water, nine out of ten would drown.

Ye Lingshan was thinking too simply about using the formation. Not everyone was able to fearlessly face their opponents. Who wouldn’t get nervous? Who wouldn’t get worried when facing death? Who was willing to risk their own life for the people beside them?

Trust needed to be built over time. It couldn’t be forced with a kick. Based on Long Chen’s experience, as time passed, these disciples would be able to put down their fear and nervousness. Then the power of the formation would gradually show itself.

Battle formations required meticulous cooperation between their members. They required making up for other people’s weaknesses to increase the overall potential of the formation. In some cases, the cooperation between members was so perfect that one plus one equaled three.

However, if the cooperation was bad, then it would be more like ten plus ten equals two. If others were just holding each other back, it would be worse than if they were fighting on their own.

With so many people, one person’s mistake would lead to a chain reaction. In training, that mistake could be singled out and quickly adjusted.

On the battlefield though, they were facing the sinister Blood race’s experts and the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps. Not everyone could enter such a perfect state to face them fearlessly.

Even in the simplest formation, there were people making mistakes, resulting in injuries. Even with Mo Nian standing in the sky and saving any areas with troubles, the disciples were still unsteady. There were too many mistakes, so he wasn’t able to help them all on his own.

However, after they gradually got used to it, the mistakes started to lessen. Mo Nian was entirely able to keep up with this tempo, and as the injuries and casualties lessened, their confidence grew. The power of the formation gradually manifested.

As the power of the formation increased, everyone’s cooperation fell into line. Their killing efficiency continuously grew, allowing Ye Lingshan to sigh in relief.

She couldn’t help feeling ashamed at her immaturity. But she also understood that Long Chen had been leading the Dragonblood Legion from the start. Although he wasn’t a formation master, he knew many principles. That wasn’t something that she could compare to. There was nothing she could do about that now except continue to gain experience. Once she did, she was confident in properly leading her troops.

The Martial Heaven Alliance’s side had started off with an efficiency far lower than the other powers, but as time passed, they began to spread out as much as they could and then go deeper.

If they spread any further, they would affect the other powers. Due to the Heavenly Divine Writ, they were unable to fight amongst themselves.

As for pressing forward, no one had pushed very far in yet. Ye Lingshan was the first to lead her forces deeper in. There was no need to fight over what the others had. Now that the disciples were familiar with using the formation, there was no need to stay in one spot.

“Senior apprentice-sister Lingshan, we’ve already gathered fifty-eight vats of essence blood!” reported one of the Eighteen Iron Guards excitedly.

Before everyone had entered the Yin Yang World, they had prepared special divine items to gather the essence blood. That was why they were all maintaining a respectful distance from each other. If their divine items stole the essence blood from the others, it would cause a conflict.

“That little bit is nothing compared to what the Dragonblood Legion got. Don’t get too satisfied. Let the junior brothers and sisters control the tempo. We’ll need to kill even more enemies to show the world that the Martial Heaven Alliance is deserving of the name of the continent’s number one alliance!” said Ye Lingshan.


With Ye Lingshan’s guidance, the Martial Heaven Alliance entered a fully battle-ready state. They switched to stronger formations gradually, increasing their efficiency.

The expression of Pill Valley, the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, the ancient races, and the Xuan Beasts’ experts twisted slightly. The Martial Heaven Alliance was starting to move out, but on their sides, their ordinary disciples were holding them back.

“Qingxuan, go and fight by yourself. You’ll kill more enemies like that.” Yu Xiaoyun finally couldn’t hold back any longer.

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