Chapter 2262 Elder Long’s Warning

“Long Chen, I apologize. However, you don’t need to worry about one thing. What should be yours will definitely belong to you,” said Elder Long.

“Well, I find myself lacking confidence in your words. I don’t know whose word in the divine families counts. I don’t want to be played by others.” Long Chen’s expression was still dark.

Elder Long didn’t get angry. Switching to spiritually speaking, he said, “That’s not the important thing. What is important is that you and your Dragonblood Legion need the Star Field Divine World, and we need you. The Martial Heaven Continent needs you. The weak are devoured by the strong. This is an unshakable principle at any level. You’re a smart person, so you know how this can benefit you. You should be aware of whether this cooperation hurts or helps you.”

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. “I understand.”

“Good. I’m sure you’re all tired, so you should go rest.”

Long Chen nodded. He didn’t directly rest. Instead, the first thing he did was arrange the Golden Horned Blood expert’s head in the original location of the Sovereign seal.

Long Chen didn’t say anything, but his actions said everything. Everyone knew that he was using that head as an offering to the Sovereign. The divine might of the Sovereigns could not be blasphemed.

That scene made the Righteous path’s countless experts clench their fists tightly. This Golden Horned Blood expert had insulted the Sovereign, calling him a dead ghost. That had infuriated them. With his head now hanging there, they were filled with gratitude toward Long Chen. He had charged into the Yin Yang World and exchanged blows with a fourth step Netherpassage expert to do this. The danger was unimaginable.

Only after the head was properly arranged did the Dragonblood Legion leave, going to the Martial Heaven Alliance’s side. But just before they left, rumbling rang out from deep within the ground. That was Xia Chen destroying the marks of his formation.

The formation had been ruined by Ye Benchang, but there were still some secrets within its remnants that couldn’t be exposed to others. Those secrets would only let their enemies get an advantage over them. Hence, Xia Chen was erasing those secrets so that even if others did investigate, they wouldn’t find any valuable information.

“You foolish child, what am I supposed to tell you? Why are the two of you as stubborn as donkeys?” Seeing Long Chen covered in blood, with an injury so deep that she could see bone, Qu Jianying shook her head regretfully.

After coming out of the Yin Yang World covered in wounds, he had then been attacked by Ye Benchang, worsening his condition. The Death Qi on his forehead was much denser now.

Meng Qi and Chu Yao were holding his arms to support him. They were all distressed about his condition.

“That’s just my character. I won’t be able to change it in this lifetime.” Long Chen smiled, knowing that Qu Jianying sincerely viewed him as her own child she had to take care of.

That was why despite disagreeing with many of the things that she had done, he still respected her. After all, they were family.

“Hmph, if you hadn’t stopped me, I would have killed that Ye Benchang.” The old man was also furious at seeing his family’s child being injured so badly.

If Qu Jianying and the others hadn’t held onto him, he definitely would have gone after Ye Benchang. Upon seeing Long Chen up close, his rage was further provoked. He felt like he was unable to help his own child that was being bullied.

“No, Ye Benchang is mine. Don’t fight over him with me, or I won’t be able to expel my fury,” said Long Chen. Fortunately, the old man hadn’t attacked. If he had, then it would have been troublesome.

After all, the old man’s age was already getting up there. Although his realm was high, his Blood Qi had started to decay, while Ye Benchang had awakened his Spirit Blood. If the old man was injured, it would be very dangerous.

If the old man wasn’t able to beat Ye Benchang normally, then he would definitely use the ninth form of Split the Heavens in a suicidal attack. Exchanging his life for Ye Benchang’s was not worth it.

Long Chen embraced the responsibility for this matter. This was his target for vengeance. That way, the old man could forget about this.

Long Chen truly understood the old man. The old man’s temper was more violent than his, and he couldn’t hold back anything in his heart. 

“Long Chen, don’t do anything stupid. Ye Benchang has awakened his Spirit Blood and connected with his manifestation. As a third step Netherpassage expert, his power rivals a fourth step Netherpassage expert. Without entering the Netherpassage realm, you cannot attack him. After all, he’s a member of the divine families. His foundation is unimaginable,” warned Qu Jianying.

She was worried about Long Chen being just like the old man and not having any restraint. 

“Alliance head, I completely understand.” Long Chen nodded.

Just as Long Chen received Qu Jianying’s warning, Elder Long turned to Shen Chengfeng.

“Elder Long, the Ye family goes too far. What were they doing here?” demanded Shen Chengfeng.

“You are still lacking. Just now, you had such a good chance. Why didn’t you attack?” Elder Long shook his head at Shen Chengfeng.

“Elder Long, you…?” Shen Chengfeng was startled. It seemed that Elder Long had wanted him to eliminate Ye Benchang?

“Although you aren’t surnamed Long, you are still a member of the Long family. In terms of position, you are not inferior to Ye Benchang. He insulted you like that in that kind of scenario. Even if you killed him, so what? Even if you were punished in the end, would they demand your life? After a bit of punishment, you would have won your own dignity and glory to your eighth legion. Would that not be worth it? Sigh, I really thought that some of Long Chen’s temper would rub off on you, but…” Elder Long shook his head, disappointed.

Shen Chengfeng just stared at him, not knowing how to respond.

“Child, I’ve watched you grow up. Tell me, if Ye Benchang killed your deputy, what would you do?” asked Elder Long.

“Disciple would do anything to crush him,” said Shen Chengfeng without hesitation.

“Then if you beat him, would you dare to kill him?”

“Well…” Shen Chengfeng stumbled. He dared to beat Ye Benchang as badly as possible, but as for killing him, that wasn’t possible. Ye Benchang was the commander of the seventh legion. His ranking was higher than his.

“Look at Long Chen. Someone targeted his subordinate, but that subordinate wasn’t injured at all. What was Long Chen’s response? A man must know when to assume responsibility. If you rely on intelligence to resolve everything, you’ll lose your courage. Without that courage, you might be able to be a strategist, but you won’t be able to be a leader. As the commander of the eighth legion, you are in command of a hundred thousand warriors of the Heavenly Dragon Legion. There have been many times where you didn’t lack intelligence, but lacked ruthlessness and daring. On the other hand, Ye Benchang will use any contemptible means to achieve his goals. It might make him look like an idiot, but he has set up his position very well,” said Elder Long meaningfully.

“His position…?” Shen Chengfeng muttered to himself.

Elder Long nodded. “Yes, his position. He has set himself up as the Ye family’s sharp sword. He does whatever the Ye family wants him to do. If something happens as a result of his actions, the Ye family will handle it. That is why even though he did such a thing to the Dragonblood Legion, he will survive. Just because someone doesn’t have a brain doesn’t mean that they don’t possess killing power. You have a brain but are put into a vexed state of being at your wits’ end because of someone like him? Rather than the manner that you do things, the more important thing is the result. If you achieve the right result, then even if you use the most childish, idiotic method to achieve it, it will be fine. That is because they want that result. As for the process? It will be forgotten quickly. Results are merits. Results are history. As for the process, no one cares. Even if it was despicable, if the result is favorable, people can choose to have selective memory over their accomplishments. You consider too many things in your thought process. You had an absolute advantage but were still insulted and didn’t dare to attack. The result is that your eighth legion was given a mental blow. Do you not see the anger and humiliation in your warriors’ eyes? They were just waiting for an order from you. Even if they had to die, they wouldn’t have frowned. They would rather be humiliated than allow you to be bullied, not just because you are their commander, but because you are their soul, their faith. Perhaps you are considering an even further result and overlooked the closer result. Although people say that those who don’t think about the future will soon find suffering, if you can’t even handle the things in the present, what is the point of looking into the future? If you can’t even see the pits beneath your feet, then even if you’re looking toward a grand mountain, it is still nothing but an unattainable dream.”

Shen Chengfeng suddenly understood Elder Long’s meaning. He had to be tougher, more ruthless. Even if he caused a calamity, someone would handle it for him.

“Disciple understands.” Shen Chengfeng nodded. If he had known this before, he would have directly killed Ye Benchang.

“You missed one chance, but there will be more. You don’t need to force it. As a person, you must be bold and scrupulous. You must understand the situation. The Long family has endured it for many years, and we’re not enduring it any longer. Chengfeng, I cannot say some things to you too explicitly. You need to open your own eyes, see your own truth. Taking a loss isn’t bad. It is the price of growth. What would be worse is focusing so much on steadiness that you don’t dare to make mistakes. If you lose the heart that dares to take risks, then you would have reached the end of your martial path,” warned Elder Long.

Shen Chengfeng’s heart shook. It seemed that he really had changed greatly after becoming a commander. His Dao-heart had gradually lost its aim. It was no wonder his realm had not advanced at all in the past few years. Instead, it had shown signs of regressing. He began to sweat.

“Many thanks for Elder Long’s warning. Disciple understands.” Shen Chengfeng bowed deeply.

“Make sure to look after Long Chen.” Elder Long looked over at Long Chen, seeming to indicate something.

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