Chapter 2261 Take Care of Calamity Coming From the Mouth

That person didn’t even have time to summon his manifestation or use his spiritual yuan. However, his reaction speed was very quick. He ignored Long Chen’s attack and sent a kick to the injury on Long Chen’s thigh.

Although Long Chen had attacked first, an arm was shorter than a leg. Furthermore, this person could lean back while kicking, allowing him to strike first before getting punched. This person was clearly an experienced fighter.

Regretfully, before his foot could reach Long Chen, a sharp point of lightning shot out of Long Chen’s fist, piercing his head. His body stiffened, and then he collapsed on the ground, dead.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Long Chen had attacked without any warning, and there hadn’t even been any fluctuations when he used his thunderforce.

Long Chen’s thunderforce and flame energy weren’t his own. With just a thought, Lei Long could cooperate with him. Hence, at such a short distance, that person was killed instantly.

Everyone was silent. Long Chen had actually killed someone from the true divine families.


After a moment of startled silence, Ye Benchang attacked. His sword slashed toward Long Chen, and his manifestation appeared. People were horrified by his manifestation. It was also a heavens’ soul manifestation, and he was an expert with awakened Spirit Blood.

Ye Benchang’s summoning of his manifestation and attack with his sword were completed in almost an instant. None of the other experts were able to enter their battle state this quickly.


Long Chen was prepared, and he directly summoned his divine ring and battle armor. Evilmoon appeared to parry the attack, but a cracking sound rang out as Long Chen’s arms broke. He was sent flying back.

Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan hastily caught him, only to find that it was like they were trying to catch a shooting star. They all coughed up a mouthful of blood and tumbled back.

Ye Benchang’s power contained its own terrifying law. Although he was just a third step Netherpassage expert, his death energy was unblockable. Death energy swirled within Long Chen’s body.

As for Gu Yang and the others, they were also affected. Their faces turned ashen, with a ball of Death Qi appearing on their foreheads.

Just as people were shocked by Ye Benchang’s power, a dagger cut across his throat. But Ye Benchang’s reactions were too quick. His sword knocked that dagger back along with a figure that appeared in midair.

Dong Mingyu was sent flying, but her manifestation shook and the Death Qi was wiped away. As a divine daughter, she possessed god energy, which was able to wipe away Ye Benchang’s death energy.

“Courting death!”

Ye Benchang was shocked and infuriated at having his neck cut. Just now, he had just been a bit away from having his head leave his body. He raised his sword.

However, before he could attack, another sword blocked it. Shen Chengfeng had stopped him.

“Shen Chengfeng, you dare to block me?!” demanded Ye Benchang.

“Ye Benchang, your Ye family has gone too far.” Flames of fury raged in Shen Chengfeng’s eyes.

“Shen Chengfeng, you’re just a dog of the Long family with an outsider’s name. Do you think you’re qualified to lecture me? Today, I’ll slaughter all these ants that blasphemed the divine families! What power do you have to stop me?!” sneered Ye Benchang.

Long Chen stood up. Chu Yao and Liu Ruyan were about to pour their life energy into his body, but they were waved off by Long Chen.

In order to kill the Golden Horned Blood expert, he had been injured by a fourth step Netherpassage expert. Although he had managed to kill his target, he had paid an immense price.

As for Ye Benchang, perhaps it was because his Spirit Blood was awakened, but his death energy was particularly powerful. It was no longer a kind of energy, but a kind of law.

That kind of death energy wasn’t something that Chu Yao and Liu Ruyan could erase unless they first advanced to the Netherpassage realm and awakened their Spirit Blood.

Fortunately, the primal chaos space contained the Yin Yang Immortal Grass. It was able to absorb this law.

Ye Benchang’s death energy was not at all inferior to the power that the fourth step Netherpassage Blood race’s expert had left in his body. Based on Long Chen’s estimates, third step Netherpassage experts like Ye Benchang and Shen Chengfeng were not inferior to ordinary fourth step Netherpassage experts.

“At the very least, with me present, you aren’t qualified to run amok,” said Shen Chengfeng coldly.

“Hahaha, you, stop me? You don’t have that ability,” sneered Ye Benchang.

Shen Chengfeng glared at him. “I’m very clear on your abilities. If it weren’t for your connections within the Ye family, do you think you'd be the seventh commander of the Heavenly Dragon Legion? If you’re confused by what I’m saying, I don’t mind using this as an excuse to cut you down. If you don’t believe me, you can come and try it.”

The two of them looked at each other. The dozens of experts that Ye Benchang had brought with him slowly took out their swords.

Only half the experts that Shen Chengfeng had brought kept watch over the battlefield. The other half were standing right behind Shen Chengfeng, and they all took out their swords. Killing intent filled the air, so dense that the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts didn’t dare to make a sound. They didn’t know what was happening. Why would the divine families be fighting each other?

“Shen Chengfeng, you’re relying on numbers? I don’t believe you’d dare to do this,” taunted Ye Benchang.

“You can try it. To tell the truth, I’ve found you disagreeable for a long time. I’d advise you not to keep provoking my desire to kill you,” said Shen Chengfeng.

Ye Benchang’s expression was dark. He had only brought a few people. If they did fight, he would definitely be at a disadvantage.

“I didn’t think that this place would be so lively. Seventh commander, you’re quite enthusiastic. Did you come over to help?”

Just as the two of them were deadlocked, an ancient voice rang out and a thin elder walked over.

Upon seeing that elder, Shen Chengfeng, Ye Benchang, and the other experts of the divine families hastily bowed.

“Greetings, Elder Long!”

This elder was precisely the Long family’s Heaven Elder, the one who had discussed things with Long Chen.

“I was worried that the Dragonblood Legion wouldn’t be reliable, so I came over to take a look. I didn’t expect that I would arrive just in time to see the Dragonblood Legion’s defenses collapse. I had to stop the Blood race. Who would have thought that the Dragonblood Legion would then curse and attack me for saving the Martial Heaven Continent? Long Chen even killed my trusted deputy. I ask that Elder Long find justice over this matter!” shouted Ye Benchang.

“You!” Gu Yang was enraged and about to curse him when Long Chen stopped him. Ye Benchang’s intentions were already all too clear. There was no point in talking reason with him.

“Oh, there was such a thing? Long Chen, did such a thing happen?” Elder Long looked at Long Chen.


Long Chen indifferently spat out a word, looking at Elder Long calmly. He didn’t even feel like saying more than a word.

“Elder Long, you’ve seen it now. Long Chen has admitted to it. This disciple proposes that Long Chen be arrested and brought to my Ye family to handle. After all, the person he killed was a member of the Ye family,” said Ye Benchang.

Elder Long didn’t even look at him. He continued to look at Long Chen. “Why did you kill someone?”

“Because he wanted to kill my brother,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“What bullshit! Your brother didn’t even die, but you killed my deputy!” shouted Ye Benchang.

“If my brother had died, then I wouldn’t have just killed one person. I would make all of you accompany him,” said Long Chen, turning to look at Ye Benchang.

“Hahahaha, how arrogant! Elder Long, as you can see, this person cannot be depended on. He doesn’t even care about the divine families. If such a person were let into the Star Field Divine World, don’t you think it would be like letting a wolf loose amongst a flock of sheep? How could the resources of the Star Field Divine World be wasted on such trash?” Ye Benchang laughed.

Hearing this, people saw some clues. It seemed that Ye Benchang was targeting Long Chen because of the Star Field Divine World.

They had heard that if Long Chen could accomplish his mission, he would win a spot for everyone in the Dragonblood Legion to enter the Star Field Divine World. Apparently, that was a sacred world that Netherpassage experts would dream of entering.

This matter was actually so important that the divine families were fighting amongst themselves about it?

“Then based on your opinion…” Elder Long turned back to Ye Benchang with a faint smile.

“Based on my opinion, we cannot allow trash like Long Chen to enter the Star Field Divine World. The resources of the divine families can’t be wasted on them, especially since they have no respect for the divine families...” said Ye Benchang.

“Based on your opinion, the matters of the divine families are for you to decide?” said Elder Long before he finished speaking.

“I….” Ye Benchang was instantly at a loss for words. He was just an Earth Elder. How could he be qualified?

Elder Long continued smiling. “Since you can’t, what is the point of saying all these things? You should find someone qualified to make decisions to do the talking. Also, as an Elder, I’d advise you not to have such a toxic mouth. After all, wounds from blades can heal quickly, but the hatred raised by bad words doesn’t fade. Be careful of a loose tongue causing trouble.”

“Elder Long, disciple…” Ye Benchang tried to speak, only to have Elder Long wave his hand.

Helplessly, Ye Benchang could only leave with his people. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to glance at Long Chen, his gaze one of disdain.

“I really want to kill him. If I can’t kill him, I want to half-kill him at least.” Guo Ran ground his teeth.

“It’s fine. There will definitely be a chance,” said Long Chen indifferently. For Ye Benchang to target him like this, although Long Chen’s expression was calm, inside, his killing intent was surging. He wanted to play? Fine, he’d play him to death.

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