Chapter 2260 Ye Benchang

The reason why Qu Jianying and the others’ expressions changed was because once Long Chen chased him into the depths of the Yin Yang World, he would be outside the range of the remnant Sovereign aura. In that case, the Blood race’s fourth step Netherpassage experts would be free to attack him, and there would be no way he could return.

However, they were too far from Long Chen. Their shouting was drowned out by the sound of battle.

“Long Chen isn’t impetuous. He’ll be fine,” comforted the old man.

“If he doesn’t count as impetuous, does anyone in this world count?” raged Qu Jianying. Long Chen had done plenty of brainless things.

Long Chen had gone through the seal, so their shouting was useless. However, the three days were about to be up. At that time, they would be able to help the Dragonblood Legion.

The battle was growing more intense, and the Dragonblood Legion was starting to show signs of not being able to hold. The Blood race’s numbers were simply too great.

Xia Chen’s formation was also starting to break. The formations at the front had shattered along with one of his formation discs.

The formation discs were the crux of his formation. With one broken, it indicated that a corner of the formation had also been broken.

However, Xia Chen’s expression was still calm. His fingers danced across his remaining discs, controlling the grand formation.

The Blood race’s army continued to pour out and collapse on his formation, while the rest of the Dragonblood Legion was only able to protect themselves at this point.

Meng Qi’s one hundred and eight peak twelfth rank Magical Beasts had been rapidly cut down, leaving her with just over ten. This was a desperate battle.

Ye Zhiqiu, Tang Wan-er, and Cloud were the same. This high level battle had taken up a great deal of their energy.

The only one still in their peak state was Dong Mingyu. However, the majority of her time was spent protecting Meng Qi. Now that many of her Magical Beasts had been killed, she was able to unleash more soul arts. 

It could be said that Meng Qi’s soul arts had a terrifying effect on this chaotic battle. When the Blood race’s army entered her spiritual domain, their minds would grow sluggish, sharply reducing their combat power. Without her, things would have been far worse.

To protect Meng Qi from any top experts that targeted her, Dong Mingyu rarely left her side. Any experts who approached Meng Qi would have their lives reaped.

Dong Mingyu was frightening, but this kind of battle didn’t allow her to show her full potential. While she was protecting Meng Qi, the most she could do was pick off a few powerful targets to reduce the pressure on the others.

As for Wilde, his gigantic form had vanished a while ago. The Explosive Blood Bull Monsters had all been killed and eaten by him. Without their energy to support him, he was forced to go back to his three-hundred-meter form.

When he had calmed down from his berserk state, he was overcome by a wave of exhaustion and almost fainted. He hastily took out some meat rations to eat.

Wilde ate as he fought, but he remained hungry. He had used up too much energy.

In his hunger, he had ended up stuffing a few corpses from the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps into his mouth, only to instantly spit them out. Although he wasn’t picky, they tasted completely unbearable.

Helplessly, Wilde could only fight while wracked with hunger. Even as he consumed his rations, he wasn’t able to keep up with his energy expenditure.

“Time’s almost up! Martial Heaven Alliance, prepare for battle!” shouted Qu Jianying. The Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet came out.

Just at this moment, the void split open, and a man wearing robes of the divine families appeared. He unleashed a slash of his sword, sending a streak of sword-light through the Blood race’s army.

All the Blood race’s experts in the line of his attack were annihilated.

“What’s going on? Is the time up? Wasn’t there a few seconds left?” Seeing someone from the divine families come out, people were startled.

This person wasn’t Shen Chengfeng. It was a slim, middle-aged man with a mustache and beard. His aura was just as powerful as Shen Chengfeng’s. He was a third step Netherpassage expert that gave off an alarming pressure. The air of an immortal Daoist radiated out of him.

Xia Chen’s expression changed when that sword landed. He angrily shouted, “What are you doing?!”

The middle-aged man’s attack hadn’t just killed the Blood race’s experts. It had also destroyed the core of his formation. The entire formation was ruined, and the Blood race’s army charged out.

“The Dragonblood Legion has failed to stop the Blood race for the agreed-upon time. The Blood race’s army has managed to charge onto the land of the Martial Heaven Continent. All forces, hear my orders. Stop the Blood race’s army!” shouted the middle-aged man.


The Dragonblood warriors were infuriated. This was completely intolerable. Just as they were about to succeed, he ruined all their efforts.

It wasn’t just the Dragonblood Legion. The Martial Heaven Alliance’s people were all enraged. This was shameless to the peak.

“Bastard, you are courting death!” raged Xia Chen. This was clearly toying with the Dragonblood Legion. The divine families didn’t have any sincerity.

“You dare to blaspheme the divine families? You are the one courting death.” One of the Netherpassage experts beside the middle-aged man suddenly attacked. He was quick and ruthless, his sword arriving in front of Xia Chen in an instant.

“Stop!” The Dragonblood warriors raged. Xia Chen wasn’t a warrior and definitely could not survive an attack from a Netherpassage expert. They stopped caring about the Blood race’s army and charged back.


Just as the sword was about to strike Xia Chen, another sword pierced through the void, shattering the attacking sword.

The void rumbled, and a huge army of the divine families’ experts appeared. They immediately blocked the exit, slaying the Blood race’s experts.

These people were all Netherpassage experts, and they easily cut down the Blood race’s experts and the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps. The battlefield was emptied.

As for the one who had saved Xia Chen, it was Shen Chengfeng. He coldly looked at the middle-aged man. 

“Ye Benchang, just what are you doing?”

The old man’s Heaven Splitting Blade was already out. He had started charging over, but when Shen Chengfeng appeared, Qu Jianying and the other experts pulled him back.

Clearly, Shen Chengfeng had been keeping an eye on things the entire time. As for this Ye Benchang, Shen Chengfeng was familiar with him, so the others could only watch.

Just from this, they could tell that the interior of the divine families was very complicated. Before they figured out what the problem was, the smart thing to do was to keep watching.

In any case, all the experts present had seen that it was Ye Benchang who had intentionally ruined things. They could all testify for the Dragonblood Legion.

“What am I doing? Eighth commander, did you not see? The Dragonblood Legion failed. If I hadn’t interfered, the Blood race’s army would have charged onto the Martial Heaven Continent,” said Ye Benchang lightly.


The Dragonblood warriors had already returned, and now the only thing separating them from Ye Benchang was the divine families’ army. 

“Shut up! If you continue showing disrespect for the seventh commander, then all of you will die here!” shouted the expert who had attacked Xia Chen.

“What big words. I want to see just who has that ability.”

An icy voice suddenly rang out. Startled, everyone saw that Long Chen had returned to the battlefield. He was covered in blood, with injuries to his shoulder, chest, and thighs. The injury to his shoulder in particular was so deep that they could see bone.

Those injuries had death energy within them. They were sucking up Long Chen’s life energy so that he couldn’t heal.

“That’s the power of a fourth step Netherpassage expert.”

People’s pupils narrowed upon seeing those injuries. Those injuries were caused by a fourth step Netherpassage expert.

The Blood race was different from the human race, but the realm known as the Netherpassage realm was similar for each race, especially their control over life and death energy. Long Chen had actually exchanged blows with a fourth step Netherpassage expert and survived.

When they saw what he was holding in his hand, they let out startled cries. It was a head, the head of the Golden Horned Blood expert. His eyes were wide open and dim. His expression was one of terror and unwillingness.

Long Chen had actually charged into the enemy world and killed him in front of a fourth step Netherpassage expert, then returned with his head. Everyone, including Shen Chengfeng and Ye Benchang, was shocked.

“Were you the one who attacked my brother just now?” Long Chen tossed the head to Guo Ran. He took out a towel and wiped off the blood on his hands.

“Those who blaspheme the divine families deserve ten thousand deaths. Killing him is simply his punishment. What, do you have some opinion?” sneered that man.

“Opinion? No, don’t misunderstand. I don’t have any opinion…”

This made that man’s sneer grow even bigger. He clearly didn’t care about Long Chen.

“I’ve never liked expressing my opinions. Since you’ve admitted it, I don’t need to worry about killing the wrong person...” Long Chen smiled.

“Long Chen…!” Qu Jianying and the others started.

Long Chen attacked before he finished his sentence and smashed a fist at that person’s head without any warning. This was purely the power of his physical body, but he was so fast that no one could react.

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