Chapter 2259 No Time to Wait For You

Long Chen had summoned Huo Long at this critical moment to protect Guo Ran. None of the Blood race’s experts could survive staying in its flames. Arrows shot out from the flames, detonating the Siege War Chariots one by one.

With Huo Long’s protection, Guo Ran was able to shoot from within the flames, but the Blood race’s experts didn’t dare to charge into the flames. The power of the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame was not to be underestimated.

For a moment, the Blood race’s army was thrown into a panic. They hastily ordered the Siege War Chariots to retreat. It had only been a few breaths’ time, but dozens of the Siege War Chariots had already been destroyed by Guo Ran.

Unfortunately, the Siege War Chariots were too big to be that agile. The Explosive Blood Bull Monsters that pulled them along were also in chaos. Some of them began to flee without regard for orders.

Guo Ran continued unleashing his arrows. The chaos resulted in him destroying all the hundreds of Siege War Chariots before they could properly retreat.

“It’s done!”

Guo Ran didn’t tarry after handling the Siege War Chariots. He returned to the Dragonblood Legion. As for Huo Long, after helping out Guo Ran, it vanished, leaving behind only ashes on the ground.

On the way back to the Dragonblood Legion, Guo Ran looked at Long Chen who was still in an intense fight with the Golden Horned Blood expert. The void there was flashing. Black qi and golden light clashed, twisting space. That was a world-shaking battle, but the twisted space meant that people couldn’t see it clearly. It was impossible to tell who had the advantage.

Guo Ran had to charge through a tide of the Blood race’s experts to reach the Dragonblood Legion. They were in a tough situation due to the sheer numbers of the Blood race. Their assault came from every direction now, causing their formation to slow down and making it more difficult to push through.

Meng Qi’s Magical Beasts were also forced to join in, but their intelligence was limited, and Meng Qi couldn’t perfectly control so many of them in battle. When they were angered, they might even furiously counterattack regardless of Meng Qi’s orders. As a result, Meng Qi’s Magical Beast army was quickly cut down. When the Magical Beasts were fighting on their own, they couldn’t hold against the Blood race and the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps’ numbers. 

Liu Ruyan, Chu Yao, Ye Zhiqiu, Tang Wan-er, and Cloud were all doing their best to slaughter their enemies. Their robes were covered in blood.

The air was full of bloody mist as the battle reached an exceptionally intense level. As for Xia Chen, the work of his formation was not at all inferior to the Dragonblood Legion.

The Dragonblood Legion was only able to stop a portion of the Blood race’s torrent. The majority managed to charge through, as that was their main objective.

After getting past the Dragonblood Legion, the only thing left in their way was Xia Chen’s formation.

Xia Chen was seated, six formation discs arranged around him. His hands repeatedly pressed down on various spots of the formation discs.

Sharp swords flew through the air, and arrows rained down from the sky. Other than those attacks, Illusory beasts would occasionally appear to attack the Blood race’s experts. Xia Chen’s killing formation was at full power, and mountains of enemy corpses had piled up. When those corpses ended up blocking his sight, Xia Chen would activate the formation to summon a gust of astral winds that blew them apart.

Even from a great distance, the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts were deeply shaken by what they were seeing. This battle was incredibly savage.

Many of them were sweating. Normally, they fought for themselves. But this cruel battle showed them just how miniscule their little bit of power was. No matter how powerful someone was, in the face of this endless tide, they would be drowned.

Xia Chen’s fingers pressed various runes on the formation disc. Each rune represented a change in the formation. Sometimes one rune could activate an attack from the formation, and sometimes it took multiple runes to unleash a different attack.

Xia Chen’s fingers were quick as lightning as he controlled the formation. All kinds of attacks were unleashed, creating a region of death.

Whenever the Blood race’s experts looked like they were about to breach his formation, Xia Chen would slap an entire formation disc, causing countless needles to shoot out of the earth. Those experts struck would instantly become pitch-black and corrode.

Xia Chen was like a musician playing an overture of death for the Blood race’s army.

Li Jing stood behind Xia Chen, not daring to move. Seeing the endless tide of the sinister Blood race and the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps, she was terrified, afraid that they would reach them and tear them apart.

The only thing that offered her any comfort was that Xia Chen remained calm. He didn’t seem the slightest bit nervous.

Suddenly, a glaring light lit up the battlefield. The void in the distance collapsed, drawing people’s attention.

The Golden Horned Blood expert had torn apart the void behind him, and from that crack, a giant blood sea had surged out. His aura grew violent and sinister.

As for Long Chen, there was a sea of lightning behind him. The lightning and blood clashed, the two opposing forces causing bursts of light more intense than the sun.

Immersed in the lightning, a giant pair of lightning wings appeared on Long Chen’s back. Holding Evilmoon in his right hand and a lightning spear in his left hand, he coldly looked at the shocked Golden Horned Blood expert.

The pillars of light shining out of the Golden Horned Blood expert’s back were stretched into the sea of blood, giving him an endless source of power.

This was a secret technique of the Golden Horned Blood race. It gathered all the accumulated faith of one race. However, his blood sea domain was actually suppressed by Long Chen’s lightning domain.

“Just who are you?!” demanded the Golden Horned Blood expert.

This sea of blood had its own history. It had the human race’s essence blood within it as well. It was one the trump cards of the Golden Horned Blood race to use against the human race.

When the blood sea was summoned, it would affect the blood of human experts, reducing their combat power. It was a powerful trump card capable of not only boosting their own power, but also restricting the power of the human race.

In his previous exchanges with Long Chen, he had thought that they were evenly matched. However, when Long Chen had summoned Huo Long to help Guo Ran, it had enraged him. Long Chen hadn’t been using his full power.

That was an insult to him. In his fury, he had directly summoned this powerful trump card. He no longer cared if the other humans saw this trump card. He just wanted Long Chen dead.

However, Long Chen’s sea of lightning had blocked it. Furthermore, the bloodline suppression of the blood sea didn’t affect him at all. That was why the Golden Horned Blood expert guessed that Long Chen wasn’t even part of the human race.

“The person who will kill you.”

Long Chen smiled coldly and didn’t bother saying more. Time was running out. He had at most half an incense stick’s worth of time before his mission was complete.

“Sundering Lightning Heavenly Wings!”

The huge lightning wings on Long Chen’s back slashed down like blades. On the other side, the Golden Horned blood expert roared furiously. A blood spear shot out of the sea of blood and struck Long Chen’s wings.


The spear and wings exploded at the same time. Lightning and blood runes fell to the ground.

“Wild Lightning Soul Battle Spear!”


“Split the Heavens 8!”

Long Chen used three of his strongest attacks at once. Even though the Golden Horned Blood expert was able to block them, he was forced back over and over.


When he saw the eighth form of Split the Heavens, his expression completely changed. Long Chen had previously used the eighth form of Split the Heavens, but this time it was completely different. Previously, his attack had contained the form, but not the power of this attack. This was done by Long Chen to numb his opponent into thinking that this attack was only this powerful.

Now, Long Chen’s true attack came, a fully powered eighth form of Split the Heavens. The Golden Horned Blood expert reacted too slowly to this realization.

The previous two attacks had shaken his blood, making him powerless to block it. With a furious howl, he stepped into his sea of blood, vanishing within it. The blood sea at the front condensed into a giant shield.

Unfortunately, the giant shield was cleanly cut in two, unable to bear the power of Split the Heavens.

“Impossible!” The Golden Horned Blood expert cried out in shock.

Long Chen sneered. He had previously used the eighth form of Split the Heavens against this guy without putting any power behind it to cover up the shield-breaking effect of Split the Heavens. This was the result.

The Golden Horned Blood expert quickly sent his chains flying out to block it.

As a result, the chains blew up along with his arms. Evilmoon then sliced him apart from his shoulder to waist, cutting him in two.

The lightning spear in Long Chen’s left hand immediately followed up, piercing toward the Golden Horned Blood expert’s head.


Suddenly, a hand reached out from the sea of blood, blocking Long Chen’s spear. It was like Long Chen was struck by lightning, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“A fourth step Netherpassage expert?”

Long Chen was startled. A fourth step Netherpassage expert had actually interfered through the sea of blood to save the Golden Horned Blood expert’s life.

“Little human, just wait. I’ll cut off your head sooner or later!” roared the Golden Horned Blood expert, retreating with his blood sea.

“I’m very busy and don’t have the time to wait for you.” Long Chen chased after him.

“Long Chen, get back!”

Upon seeing Long Chen chase the Golden Horned Blood expert, Qu Jianying and the others’ expressions changed. They shouted after him.

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