Chapter 2258 Huo Long Comes Out

With a furious roar, Wilde began to grow even larger, his Blood Qi soaring. It looked like countless pythons were crawling beneath his skin.

When Wilde smashed his club on the ground, the earth exploded, and a wild qi wave swept out in every direction.

That qi wave was so devastating that the nearby Explosive Blood Bull Monsters were directly blown to smithereens.

The current Wilde was like an ancient beast that had been provoked. His roar was not the voice of a human, while his eyes were like golden lanterns that terrified anyone who saw them.

Wilde began a violent slaughter of the Explosive Blood bull Monsters. With every swing of his club, a swathe of them were blown apart.

Even these incredibly powerful Explosive Blood Bull Monsters were shattering like porcelain in front of Wilde. Bloody mist followed Wilde as he charged through their midst.

With a powerful breath, Wilde sucked in that bloody mist. He was like a devil possessed by a desire to slaughter. Every time his club smashed, it claimed the lives of dozens of Explosive Blood Bull Monsters.

“What is he?!” The Martial Heaven Continent’s experts were horrified by Wilde’s transformation. He looked to be out of control, like his own power would make his body explode. Even the Dragonblood warriors were given a fright. They had never seen Wilde enter such a berserk state, so he felt foreign even to them. That icy killing intent surging out of him was completely different from his normal foolish and purehearted self.

However, even as Wilde slaughtered the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters, the Blood race wasn’t frightened. The Blood race’s experts and the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps advanced fearlessly.

“Dragonblood Five Star Heavenly Slaughter Formation!” shouted Guo Ran. All the Dragonblood warriors gathered together, with Guo Ran, Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and Yue Zifeng abandoning their current opponents to join them.

The Dragonblood Legion quickly formed a giant five-star formation in the air. This was a formation that Xia Chen had modified for the Dragonblood Legion’s use. The main inspiration for this was Long Chen’s Five Star Battle Armor. The principles were a bit similar to how the five-point star in his divine ring condensed energy.

Guo Ran, Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and Yue Zifeng were each on one point of the star, becoming the sharp blade of that point.

The formation had only just been activated when Yue Zifeng’s sword swung out. The top experts of the Blood race that he had been struggling with before were torn to pieces in an instant.



The five-point star formation quickly revolved. The Dragonblood warriors’ were as quick as lightning. Their manifestations were all linked, and Gu Yang unleashed a giant spear-image that killed all the Blood race’s experts in its midst.

Following that, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and Guo Ran also attacked. As a result, they each unleashed shocking attacks that decimated the Blood race’s army.

“How can such a formation exist? It can gather the energy of over ten thousand people for one person to use?”

People saw that when the five of them attacked, everyone’s manifestations would dim momentarily. Then an absolutely astonishing attack would follow. Even the top experts of the Blood race were unable to block those attacks.

Tian Xiezi, Kun Pengzi, Dongfang Yuyang, and Long Chen’s other enemies were all shaken. If they were to fight the Dragonblood Legion now, would they need to have enough power to defeat ten thousand of them at once?

The Dragonblood Legion’s formation became a spinning wheel of death. Those who touched it died without question. As a result, the Blood race’s intense attack slowed down.

Just at that moment, Meng Qi appeared behind the formation. She once more summoned one hundred and eight twelfth rank Magical Beasts.

The Magical Beasts unleashed a simultaneous attack again, and multicolored lights flew above the Dragonblood Legion, tearing through the blood race’s army. 

The earth trembled. In response to this, the Blood race was bringing out more of the Siege War Chariots. This time, they had brought out hundreds of them.

Guo Ran’s expression changed. “Dragonblood Shuriken Formation!” He left the formation, and the five-point star became four points, with Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and Yue Zifeng guarding each point.

This formation’s power was a bit weaker than the previous one, but its killing power was still astonishing.

“Idiot, are you pigs? Don’t you remember what happened last time?” Guo Ran sneered. His giant crossbow appeared. This time, his arrows were silver.

An arrow shot out, reaching the still distant Siege War Chariots in an instant. It shot into one of the cannons.


The huge Siege War Chariot actually instantly exploded.

The reason that Guo Ran hadn’t been able to do the same before was because the Blood race’s forging process was completely different. Guo Ran had never seen anything like it. They didn’t use runes for their explosions. Instead, there was some kind of compressed energy inside, and the only way to detonate it was to break through its outer shell.

He had tried to use a hundred different kinds of exploding arrows to detonate the cannonballs at the start, but had been unable to do anything to them.

Later on, after killing one of the controllers of the Siege War Chariots and taking command of one, he had learned some secrets about them and managed to blow one up with just a single arrow.

Originally, he had thought that the Blood race had learned their lesson and wouldn’t use them any longer. However, now he didn’t know if they even had brains. They took the chariots out once more.

Perhaps in their eyes, his destruction of one of the Siege War Chariots was just a lucky coincidence, so they took out so many at once.

Hundreds of them were pointed at the Dragonblood Legion. If they all shot at once, then the Dragonblood Legion would definitely be destroyed.

That was why Guo Ran had left the formation. He knew that he was the only one capable of stopping these Siege War Chariots.

Guo Ran unleashed one arrow after another, destroying nine of them in an instant. The Explosive Blood Bull Monsters that were pulling them were blown apart in the ensuing explosions.

“Kill him!”

The Blood race’s experts roared. Their strongest members all charged at Guo Ran.

“Scram! Don’t delay my important matters.” Guo Ran’s wings flapped as he dodged them. His arrows continued to fly out, causing the explosion of a Siege War Chariot with every shot.

Guo Ran was extremely fast with his armor, so those experts were unable to catch up to him. They furiously cursed him but were unable to stop him.

It was unknown who gave the order, but the Siege War Chariots began to lower their cannons. They had learned their lesson. If the cannons weren’t facing Guo Ran, he couldn’t shoot into them.

Guo Ran snorted. A cold smile appeared on his face, and another arrow shot out.

Although his arrows did possess the ability to curve after he shot, the angle was limited. From such a distance, he couldn’t control it perfectly.

However, this arrow wasn’t aimed at the cannon. It was aimed at an iron plate at the bottom of the Siege war Chariot.

That iron plate was instantly pierced by the arrow, and another explosion followed.

The place that Guo Ran had shot was where one of the cannonballs was stored. The Siege War Chariots only held ten cannonballs at a time. But having entered one before, he knew where the cannonballs were.

The cannonballs were placed separately, but fortunately his armor-piercing arrow was strong enough to pierce through the outer shell and still detonate the cannonball.

“Kill him, no matter the price!”

The Blood race’s experts couldn’t allow Guo Ran to keep going, and a huge army flew after him. Some of them used their bodies to block his line of sight.

Guo Ran shot three more arrows, but due to a slight deviation from piercing their bodies, the arrows missed.

Guo Ran couldn’t help starting to panic, as the Siege War Chariots were getting closer. The Dragonblood Legion was about to enter their range.

There were too many members of the Blood race in his way, disrupting him. He couldn’t aim accurately enough in this state.

Suddenly, a terrifying wave of heat enveloped the world. A giant dragon appeared, incinerating the Blood race’s experts that were stopping Guo Ran. Even the strongest members of the Blood race that had gone to stop Guo Ran were forced to flee with the flames burning their bodies. As for other experts, they were simply turned to ash.

“Haha, thank you boss!”

Protected by Huo Long, Guo Ran laughed. Flame runes appeared on his armor, and his crossbow once more began to shoot at the Siege War Chariots.

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