Chapter 2257 Violent Wilde

“Don’t worry, this is nothing.” Xia Chen comforted Li Jing. He had no intention of laughing at her fear. Li Jing was just a student in a school and had never experienced a true battle. This was probably the normal reaction.

The Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps was like a black sea wave. As they approached the formation, golden stars appeared in the sky and fell amongst the earth, exploding.

Those were three-hundred-meter golden spheres. When they exploded, countless pieces of circular fragments shot out.

Those fragments had jagged edges and revolved rapidly. The Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps’ defenses were unable to stop them. As a result, the fragments tore through their bodies, and the immense power directly made them explode.

Just one of these bombs cleared an area of thousands of miles of all living beings.

These were naturally the results of Guo Ran’s labors through day and night. They were sharp killing tools.

After receiving the Mechanism Sect’s mechanism arts, Guo Ran had come up with ways to create even more destructive killing weapons.

Eighteen bombs were destroying the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps above ground. However, there were too many of them, and they continued to come out of the ground.

“Xia Chen, it’s up to you!” shouted Guo Ran. He had only been able to make that many weapons due to time constraints.

“Don’t worry!” replied Xia Chen. He took out a golden formation disc. It was only a foot long, but there were tens of thousands of runes on its surface. Xia Chen’s hands drew on the disc, and runes began to light up one by one.

The earth shook and pillars of light began to soar out, piercing through the clouds. They condensed into giant bows.

The giant bows were made of shining runes. The bowstrings pulled back like invisible hands were pulling them.

After that, the world turned dark. Heaven and earth twisted.

“What kind of formation is that?!”

People were shocked, especially those who had an understanding of formations. Such a formation was something they had never seen. They had never even heard of it.

“Heavenly Dao energy is being sucked away, distorting the laws. This is a double attack containing runic power as well as heaven and earth’s energy!”

Most of the time, the power of a formation came from its materials. Formations that could merge with Heavenly Dao energy were rarely seen.

Suddenly, space collapsed. Giant arrows streaked through the air like shooting stars.

The giant arrows exploded amongst the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps. These arrows containing Heavenly Dao energy possessed the power of the very world. Even with their armor, the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps was annihilated.

After the arrows exploded, the runes that had been part of them dissipated back into heaven and earth. More arrows rained down. It was like tens of thousands of experts were constantly shooting.

“What an elegant formation. The arrows that explode have their Heavenly Dao energy merge back into heaven and earth, and then that energy can be reused.”

There were formation masters amongst those present, and they were amazed by the profundities of Xia Chen’s formation. Within this giant area, Xia Chen’s formation was recycling Heavenly Dao energy.

Absorbing more Heavenly Dao energy would use up an extreme amount of energy. Through this cycle though, he was able to keep the energy consumption low.

As the arrows rained down, countless members of the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps were killed. However, the remaining members continued to charge forward without the slightest fear. They didn’t have their own minds. They were killing tools that the Blood race had raised.

Due to their numbers, even through the rain of arrows, a few of them were able to slip through. Li Jing let out a shriek and instinctively wanted to retreat. But that would be against the divine families’ orders, and she would be sternly punished. She had an urge to cry.

“Little sister, don’t worry. Wilde will protect you!” Wilde comforted Li Jing.

As the few members of the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps reached the edge of the formation, runes lit up on the ground. Sharp swords shot out, cutting them down.

“Those little insects can’t threaten us,” said Xia Chen indifferently.

This grand formation had been built by close to a million experts, as well as all of Xia Chen’s materials. The majority of those materials had come from the original devil race that had excavated them from the Wild World. The Wild World had never been mined and was a giant treasury.

Spirit crystals and divine materials were everywhere. Adding on the numbers of the original devil race, with Long Chen purchasing enough tools for them, the original devil race was able to extract a huge amount of wealth every day.

With that much money as support, he could also purchase any materials he was lacking from the Huayun Sect.

The Dragonblood Legion had accumulated a huge amount of wealth during this time, but Long Chen knew that wealth wasn’t important. Transforming that wealth into power was what was important.

That was why Long Chen had told Xia Chen not to be distressed about the money. He had spent all the materials he could to make sure the formation was as strong as possible. No matter how important money was, it wasn’t as important as lives.

As long as they managed to survive their three days, the price they had paid so far would definitely be made up.

Xia Chen had absolute confidence in his formation. With the last hours upon them, he almost wished for more of the Blood race’s experts to come charging over so that he could gain more immemorial essence blood.

The Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps was unable to shake the formation. The ones that got through the rain of arrows still reached the end of their lives when they arrived at the formation. They were like moths drawn to a flame.

Seeing that endless torrent of enemies dying, the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts felt a chill. The Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps was an endless tide of fiends. What schemes could be used against them? If struck by their bone blades, you would be doomed.

They were fearless. They didn’t know how to retreat. Upon encountering such enemies, there were no tricks that could be used.

“The Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps can only be beaten with weapons of war. Physical bodies wouldn’t be able to endure it,” sighed someone. It wasn’t worth it to risk your life against such lifeforms. Their numbers were too great. If they did that, then the continent’s experts would quickly be killed.

“The Dragonblood Legion’s formation master is incredible. Just on his own, he is able to block millions of experts. He might show us things from the ancient legends once more.”

Many people sighed emotionally. It had been many years since such a powerful formation master had appeared on the continent.

Although the various sects still had a few formation diagrams from the ancient era, those diagrams were a waste of paper. No one understood them, and even if they did, they were useless.

They were like beggars who had instructions about how to build an imperial palace. They didn’t have the resources or money to build it. As a result, many formation legacies had been lost.

However, the formation that Xia Chen had set up was enough to block the endless tide of the Blood race and the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps all on its own. That made countless experts sigh in admiration.


Suddenly, furious roars made them jump. The Explosive Blood Bull Monsters were once more charging forward.

Seeing that the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps’s sneak attack had been exposed, the Blood race switched to breaking through directly. They sent all their forces crashing forward.

The Explosive Blood Bull Monsters were different from before. They now held giant hammers as big as themselves, and their auras were much stronger than before.

The tens of thousands of Explosive Blood Bull Monsters trampled their way through the battlefield. Behind them was a giant army of the Blood race.

“Everything before was just to numb Long Chen and the others. They want to charge out in one go so that none of us have a chance to save Long Chen and the others!” Startled cries rang out. The Blood race’s strategy had essentially been exposed.

The Blood race had acted equally matched with the Dragonblood Legion to paralyze the Dragonblood Legion and the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts for this critical moment.

Their target wasn’t the Dragonblood Legion. They wanted to break the formation. Once they broke through, they would pour out over the continent. Being able to create this opening was of utmost importance to them.

“Time to eat!”

Wilde roared, and without anyone needing to tell him anything, he transformed into a giant, smashing his bone club with unstoppable power.


One of the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters raised its giant hammer, only to have that hammer explode on contact with Wilde’s club. As a result, the Explosive Blood Bull Monster was killed in one blow.

Thousands of Explosive Blood Bull Monsters charged at Wilde, but Wilde’s bone club repeatedly swung through the air. He was like a violent tempest raging through their midst.

The Explosive Blood Bull Monsters were unable to stop Wilde. He was too powerful. However, their numbers were great. If one died, two would come. If two died, three would come. They fearlessly surrounded Wilde.

A giant hammer smashed into the back of Wilde’s head, causing him to roar. A fierce ache came from where he had been struck. He smashed his club at the one who had struck him.

After that, Wilde reached back toward the back of his head and felt a big bump. It was bloody. Wilde’s gaze changed.


With a heaven-shaking roar, Wilde’s pupils became golden. An ancient and wild aura exploded from within him. It was like an ancient monster was awakening.

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