Chapter 2256 Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps

No one had noticed that a mass of figures covered in black armor had managed to creep along beneath the battlefield. They were now exposed with the earth torn asunder.

Those figures were covered in fist-sized plates of armor. That armor wasn’t worn on their bodies but was growing out of them.

Their bodies were pitch black, their auras dark and sinister like they were fiends crawling up from hell. They had no hands. Instead, what came out of their arms were black bone blades.

“What are those?!” The Martial Heaven Continent’s experts were horrified. How had these fellows appeared beneath the battlefield?

“That… that’s… the Blood race’s Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps. They aren’t part of the Blood race but the Blood race’s slaves. They were captured in other worlds. Their armor is extremely tough, and their bone blades are sharp. When they attack, they don’t fear death. They are weapons utilized by the Blood race,” said Li Jing, her face pale.

The Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps was classified as the most terrifying martial weapon of the Blood race. A studious person like Li Jing was profoundly aware of just how frightening their existence was.

Their bone blades had strong poison that targeted the soul. If stabbed, the soul would be paralyzed and the mind would go blank. Although the poison’s effect only lasted for a short moment, that moment was enough for a person to die many times over.

The Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps had been a nightmare for the Martial Heaven Continent. In past battles with the Blood race, they had caused endless casualties.

Having been exposed, the members of the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps chittered. Two sharp teeth were visible at the corners of their mouths. They were like an ant’s pincers. They otherwise looked to be in human form, but they were not human.

“Long Chen actually knew they were there?”

Only now did people recover from their shock at seeing them. The older generation had heard of the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps due to how fiendish they were. Some of the dark stories of the continent actually stemmed from them.

The Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps was capable of silently passing underground and breaking the core of the formations that sects had set up to protect themselves. With the formation broken, those sects were wiped out, with not even a single person managing to survive.

Clearly, the Golden Horned Blood expert had led his experts into a frontal assault to draw everyone’s attention to allow the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps to pass underground without anyone noticing. They didn’t just want to break Long Chen’s formation. They wanted to cut them off at the rear.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is the reincarnation of a god of war.”

The Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples looked at Long Chen worshipfully. That domineering and confident appearance of his made it seem like everything was under his control. They wished to follow such a figure.

Even in the face of the terrifying Blood race that had wrought endless pain and torment on the Martial Heaven Continent, he still appeared unrivaled. They felt their blood heating up, and they had an urge to charge into battle with him. Even if they died on the battlefield, it would be a supreme glory.

The ground continued to collapse, revealing more and more members of the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps. They were like a black sea crawling up from the earth.

“You want to play strategy with me? You overestimate your intelligence,” sneered Long Chen.

Over an hour ago, Xia Chen had sent him a message that countless lifeforms were slowly approaching from underground.

Xia Chen’s formation could not be compared to the formations of an ordinary sect. Although it was a killing formation, it could still sense oddities. To have so many hidden figures approach it without it sensing anything was impossible.

The Blood race’s understanding of the Martial Heaven Continent’s formations was stalled at the last dark era when they had appeared. As a result, this strategy had become a joke. The movements of Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps had been long since noticed.

Long Chen had calculated the time to expose them perfectly, infuriating the Golden Horned Blood expert.

“I still have two hours until my mission is complete, but I’m planning on ending this battle and taking your head within that time frame as an offering to my big brother Mo Li. You shouldn’t have blasphemed the ones I respect the most.”

Evilmoon’s two dragon marks slowly lit up. Black qi swirled out of it, turning Long Chen’s white scales half black.

A pillar of Blood Qi exploded out of him, and the roar of a dragon resounded throughout the world.

Long Chen had merged with Evilmoon’s power. When the power of the dark evil dragon was merged with the azure dragon, Long Chen’s power exploded like a volcano.

The world was impacted by his invisible power. Gravity seemed to vanish, and countless boulders floated into the sky before exploding upon reaching a certain height.

The dragon roar grew louder, and the dragon aura grew with it. A will that looked down on the nine heavens shot out.

“Boss is finally using his real power.” On the battlefield, Guo Ran was overlooking everything. Sensing Long Chen’s aura, he grew excited. It had been a long time since his boss had used his full power.

Although the last battle in front of the Yin Yang World had been very dangerous, for someone as familiar with Long Chen as Guo Ran, he knew that Long Chen had still had cards left.

This time though, that supreme will had appeared. That indicated Long Chen was fighting without reservation.

He knew that Long Chen was infuriated. His fury stemmed from the Golden Horned Blood expert’s blasphemy toward the Sovereigns. Long Chen had to kill him.

“Long Chen, do well. Merge with as much of my essence blood power as possible!” shouted Evilmoon. Its power was sealed by Yun Shang, and it could not use it itself. It could only rely on Long Chen to unleash it.

Dragonbone Evilmoon was made out of all the bones of its original body. Its essence, qi, and soul were locked inside. By using the azure dragon’s essence blood, Long Chen was drawing out its power. This was currently their only way of unleashing that potential, as Evilmoon was unable to unleash it itself. Even it was getting excited.

Long Chen was enveloped by the black qi bursting out of Evilmoon. He was like a devil god from hell. The divine ring spun, and his aura continuously grew.

“Heavens, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen’s power has risen so much after coming out of seclusion?!” 

“Not necessarily. Perhaps he was originally this powerful, and he didn’t use his full power in the last battle.”

“That’s amazing! Kill, kill them all! Kill all these invaders!”

The Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples clenched their fists, wishing they could charge forward as well.

Long Chen’s aura continued to climb. His essence blood was merging with more and more of Evilmoon’s essence blood. The dragon roar was like thunder rumbling through the air.

Looking at the shocked Golden Horned Blood expert, Long Chen coldly said, “I know you have more power than this. You want to use the smallest price to wipe us out, so you don’t want to reveal your true power. However, I don’t want to waste time with probing blows anymore. We’ll have a decisive battle between us, and only one of us will live to see tomorrow’s sun.”

Long Chen’s body trembled as his rising aura suddenly vanished. His saber slashed down.

The Golden Horned Blood expert suddenly clapped his hands together, shouting some unknown word. All his clones vanished, and at the same time, hundreds of rays of light shot out of his back, making him look like a hedgehog.

His Blood Qi ignited, and golden flames burst out of him. Immersed within the golden light, his aura grew explosively. His chain-wrapped fist smashed into Long Chen’s saber.


Black qi and golden light clashed. Surging qi waves burst out in every direction, spreading far and wide. The Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps that were surging out of the ground were blasted apart by the qi waves. Their powerful defenses were nothing in front of the two of them.

The earth collapsed on an even greater scale. As a result, it was unknown how many of them were killed underground. Everything within the area of their attack became a region of death.

The Golden Horned Blood expert’s body was enveloped by golden flames. Divine light shot out of his back, and it was possible to see currents of energy within those rays of light sending energy back into him. That ability was similar to a human’s manifestation.

Supported by this unknown energy, he was able to block Long Chen’s saber. However, his arm was shaking. He felt like an entire world was pressing down on his fist.

“Little human, you aren’t qualified to be arrogant!” howled the Golden Horned Blood expert. The rays of light behind him shuddered.

The earth beneath the two of them continued to crumble, and the pressure pushed up the distant ground on the edge of their auras. The terrain was completely deformed. Both the Yin Yang World and the Martial Heaven Continent were trembling.

“What level of power is this…”

Seeing the two of them make two worlds shudder, people were amazed and horrified. The two of them weren’t even using magical arts. This was a pure clash of power.

Just as Long Chen clashed with the Golden Horned Blood expert, the Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps collapsed on Xia Chen’s formation like an endless flood. Li Jing paled.

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