Chapter 2255 The Hole

“What happened just now?” asked the old man. He had missed it due to talking just now.

“Long Chen forced back the true body with an attack. It seems that he found some rule during the battle with the sixteen clones,” said Li Tianxuan.

People stared in shock at the battlefield. Long Chen and the sixteen Golden Horned Blood experts were looking at each other.

Long Chen lazily rested Evilmoon on his shoulder. He indifferently said, “I told you that there weren’t any perfect techniques. Every technique has a hole in it. Now I’ve found that hole. Go ahead and use a different technique because this one won’t work any longer.”

“Bullshit! You were just lucky!” the Golden Horned Blood expert roared. As he refused to believe it, his sixteen bodies once more attacked.

Long Chen sneered and swung his saber. Just as he was about to strike one of them, his saber suddenly turned and struck a different one.


The one he struck was sent flying, while the fifteen other bodies also flew back.

“I refuse to believe this!”

The Golden Horned Blood expert was filled with disbelief. He once more charged forward, only to be blown back by another swing of Long Chen’s saber. The other bodies were blown back at the same time.

“What is going on?”

Qu Jianying and the others were startled. They still didn’t see what was happening. Even if Long Chen could find the true body, the clones could still attack him, right?

“Do you want to know the secret?” asked Long Chen indifferently.


The Golden Horned Blood expert found it inconceivable. This was an almost perfect divine ability. In his entire race, he was the only one to comprehend it.

Let alone the Martial Heaven Continent, even in the Golden Horned blood race, very few people had ever seen this move. It was impossible for Long Chen to have known about it.

This was the oldest divine ability of the Golden Horned Blood race. It had almost been lost to time and was praised as the most perfect killing move. However, Long Chen had blocked him three times in a row. He refused to accept it.

Long Chen shook his head. “With that kind of tone, I shouldn’t tell you. But if I don’t tell you, you won’t be convinced. Fine, I’ll tell you. Rather than saying you have clones, it’s better to say that you have bloodline puppets with no thoughts of their own. They rely entirely on you controlling them. Your true body is able to freely switch with the puppets, which are like husks for you. Your Blood race is truly powerful. Such a divine ability has never been seen on the Martial Heaven Continent. Being surrounded by sixteen of you and unable to figure out the trick, someone really would be frightened. Even I was given a surprise. You can transfer between the sixteen clones with just a thought, and very quickly at that, so fast that others can’t react, making it look like the sixteen clones are all true bodies.”

“Get to the point!” shouted the Golden Horned Blood expert.

Long Chen shook his head. “I’m not saying this just for you, but also for my brothers and sisters of the Martial Heaven Alliance. They aren’t too clear on what’s happening, so I have to give them more details. If you don’t want to listen, you can just attack. If you want to listen, then shut your mouth.”

“You…!” The Golden Horned Blood expert was infuriated, but he urgently wished to know where the problem lay in, so he continued listening.

The experts of the Martial Heaven Alliance were also listening as closely as they could. Even now, they didn’t know what the hole in this technique was.

When encountering such a technique, the only thing they could do was unleash a powerful magical art in a direct clash. Such a thing would require a paragon art. That kind of large-area attack could wipe out the true body with the clones.

However, a paragon art required time to cast. Would the sixteen clones just watch as you unleashed such a technique?

For Long Chen to have found the flaw of such an amazing divine ability in such a short time was inconceivable to these geniuses. His vision was incredibly sharp.

Since the Golden Horned Blood expert was silent, Long Chen continued, “My guess is that the reason you were able to awaken this ability is because you have outstanding Spiritual Strength amongst your race.”

The Golden Horned Blood expert was startled. Clearly, pretense was not a specialty of the Blood race. All his secrets were written on his face.

Long Chen said, “This kind of cloning divine ability doesn’t just require powerful bloodline power, but it also requires a correspondingly powerful Spiritual Strength. Spiritual Strength isn’t a specialty of the Blood race, so I’d guess that this technique is something only a few members of your race can use.”

Long Chen had long since observed that of the entire army of the Golden Horned Blood race, the person with the strongest Spiritual Strength second to his opponent only had a tenth of his Spiritual Strength.

His opponent in front of him was exceptionally talented to be able to use this technique.

Quite a few of the top experts that had been killed so far belonged to the Golden Horned Blood race, but they hadn’t managed to summon a single clone. Just from that fact, Long Chen could tell that this move was rarely seen even in the Golden Horned Blood race.

Long Chen looked at the sky, continuing neither rapidly or slowly. “The reason I could pinpoint your true body is because your technique has three clear weaknesses.”

“Bullshit!” The Golden Horned Blood expert roared. For this perfect divine ability of his, he refused to accept there being a single weakness, let alone three.

Long Chen smiled disdainfully. “First, when your true body switches with your clones, there is a very subtle spiritual fluctuation. That cannot escape me. Your Spiritual Strength might be outstanding amongst the Golden Horned Blood race, but on the Martial Heaven Continent, you’re only slightly better than average. As for myself, well, my Spiritual Strength is only the slightest bit stronger than yours. Yes, not a lot, just a few thousand times stronger.”

“You’re lying!” The Golden Horned Blood expert was infuriated, thinking that Long Chen was messing with him. He definitely refused to believe that Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was so powerful.

In truth, Long Chen wasn’t lying. His Spiritual Strength was as vast as a sea. Saying it was a few thousand times was him being modest.

Long Chen smiled indifferently. “Do you know why it took me a full incense stick’s worth of time to find this? It’s because I’m not skilled in soul arts. If it was one of my women, she would have found this in just a few seconds. You can believe I’m just saying big words. That’s fine. Just treat it as me spouting nonsense. Let’s move onto the second weakness. Your Blood race’s power lies in your bloodlines. Although your clones are linked by your soul, there is a subtle shift in your bloodline power when you switch bodies as well. For others, this shift is so subtle that they wouldn’t notice it, especially if they were in a life and death juncture. However, sorry, I tend to be exceptionally sensitive to bloodline power, so I can notice it. Third, and this is the greatest, most fatal weakness, is that when your true body transfers through the clones, your two horns will suddenly light up a bit. When I noticed that, I almost slapped myself. I hadn’t even noticed something so obvious.”

At the end, Long Chen’s expression twisted in an odd expression. He looked very incensed, as if he had insulted his own intelligence.

Suddenly, one of the sixteen bodies had his horns light up. They then dimmed, and another one’s horns lit up.

The lightning flashed through the sixteen bodies. An ordinary person might not be able to notice the slight chance, but for powerful cultivators, it was as bright as a flickering lamp.

The Golden Horned Blood expert was constantly transferring his true body through his clones. He clearly didn’t believe Long Chen and was testing it himself. As a result, he found that it really was like Long Chen said. Even he hadn’t known this detail.

However, upon seeing the speed at which he was moving through his clones, the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts were shocked. That was incredibly fast. In the blink of an eye, he could switch three times. Even if they understood this, it was useless. There was no way to react. Perhaps only an expert on Long Chen’s level would be able to grasp that slight opening.

“Do you see now? Don’t try to act baffled. No matter the technique, some things remain the same. If you were scared by this, you would be doomed in battle.” The old man looked at Chang Hao.

The other seniors also looked at their disciples, using this chance to teach them. With a living example like Long Chen, their words had more weight.

The Golden Horned Blood expert’s expression was extremely ugly. He snorted, but before he could speak, Long Chen said, “Do you know why I was so kind as to tell you these things?”

“Isn’t it to expound on the Dao for these pigs? Let me tell you, it’s useless. I have more peerless techniques than just this one,” sneered the Golden Horned Blood expert.

Long Chen shook his head. “If I wanted to expound on the Dao, I could have done it after the battle. The reason I said so much is because I’m stalling for time.”

“Stalling for time?” The Golden Horned Blood expert cocked his head in confusion.

Qu Jianying and the others were startled. Only then did they notice that after another two hours, the three days would be up.

“There are still two more hours. Let’s have a decisive battle to the death. Call out those shameful fellows you have underground.”

Black light surged out of Evilmoon. Like a river of stars, it slashed into the ground.

A giant ditch appeared. The earth collapsed around it, revealing countless black figures.

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