Chapter 2254 Bloodline Clones

The Golden Horned Blood expert was covered in golden chains, the same color as the horns on his head.

He looked like a monstrosity made out of gold. In his last exchange with Long Chen, surging qi waves had exploded thunderously.

The two of them were separated by less than three hundred meters, coldly staring at each other. In their last exchange, they had been even.

“Golden king blood… He is actually a king of the Golden Horned Blood race!” exclaimed Li Jing. The Blood race had many sub-races, but the commanders of the Blood race belonged to the high ranking sub-races.

As for a high ranking race like the Golden Horned Blood race, their bloodline could also be split into different levels based on the purity of their blood, just like the rankings of the human race’s Spirit Roots.

The golden chains was an indication that he was a legendary king amongst the Golden Horned Blood race, which was why Li Jing was so shocked.

On the side of the Martial Heaven Continent, people were shocked to hear this. While their understanding of the Blood race was inferior to the divine families, they had heard of the golden king blood. It was a special blood held only by kings of the high ranking races of the Blood race. This Golden Horned Blood expert was actually such a young king.

Long Chen stood in the air with his divine ring surging behind him. The stars in his eyes revolved. With Evilmoon on his shoulder, intense killing intent blazed in his eyes.

The Golden Horned Blood expert smiled coldly. The golden chains on his body tightened around his fist. “Your power isn’t bad, but it’s just that. There is an uncrossable gap between the two of us. To die to my hands is a glory for you. It’s been many years since someone has forced me to use my king blood. Properly experience the taste of despair!”

Four golden figures shot out at Long Chen at the same time. The Golden Horned Blood expert’s other bodies had also activated their golden king blood.

Before this, the four of them had been evenly matched with Long Chen. Now that they had activated their king blood, four golden fists came from four different directions.

“Who cares about king blood? In my eyes, it’s nothing more than some good blood for making blood tofu.” Long Chen suddenly swung Evilmoon, ignoring three of the bodies.

The 108,000 stars within Long Chen’s body suddenly activated. His world energy was unleashed.

The world energy didn’t cause any fluctuations even once he summoned it. It only exploded out when the Golden Horned Blood expert’s fist touched his saber.

That body instantly exploded, transforming into blood runes. That had clearly been the true body that had summoned the king blood first. But when it was killed, it became a clone.

“Haha, foolish human, you’ve fallen for it.” One of the clones laughed, smashing his fist at the back of Long Chen’s head.


However, just as he thought that his fist would blow up Long Chen’s head, a cyan brick appeared in front of him, blocking his fist.

The Heaven Flipping Seal shattered his fist and made him stumble back while coughing up blood.

As he coughed up blood, Evilmoon swung from a very crafty angle and sliced through his waist.

Shockingly, once he was cut in two, his body exploded into runes just like the first body.

“How is that possible?”

A clamor rose amongst the spectators. They had all seen it clearly. The first one that Long Chen killed had clearly been the true body, but it had become a clone in the last instant.

The second one had then become the true body. When he coughed up blood, when his fist shattered, he had clearly been the true body. But when he was killed, he was once more a clone.

“His true body is able to freely switch amongst the clones!” shouted someone suddenly. Although they didn’t fully comprehend it yet, that was very likely. The Blood race’s divine abilities really were different from the Martial Heaven Continent’s techniques.


Another one of the bodies struck Long Chen in the back, causing him to cough up blood and smash into the ground.

Long Chen crashed through the ground, blasting apart quite a few of the weaker Blood race experts.

“My bloodline clones are the result of a secret art of the Golden Horned Blood race. Every clone is a true body. Every true body is a clone. Just how are you going to fight me?” The Golden Horned Blood expert sneered. His remaining two bodies suddenly split in two, becoming four once more. Those four then once more split, becoming eight.

The eight of them stood in the sky, looking down on Long Chen. The Golden Horned Blood expert didn’t press the attack. Instead, he acted like victory was already in his grasp.

Long Chen slowly stood and patted off the dust. Just now, his bones had broken, but the World Trees in his primal chaos space were fully grown, so this little bit of injury wasn’t much.

“How am I going to fight you? I have plenty of options, but I don’t feel like using them on you. Your cloning ability really is interesting,” said Long Chen lightly.

“It’s interesting? Hahahaha!” The Golden Horned Blood expert suddenly raised his head and laughed. “The Blood race’s cloning arts are the most perfect of all cloning arts. Those little tricks your human race possesses are crap in front of them.”

“Perfect? I don’t think so.”

Long Chen snickered. He put away the Heaven Flipping Seal, and in a single step, arrived in front of the Golden Horned Blood expert.

“You’re questioning my Golden Horned Blood race’s divine abilities? Alright, I’ll let you die knowing how outclassed you are.”

The eight clones shot at Long Chen from all directions. On the way, they suddenly split again, becoming sixteen. Long Chen’s disdain had clearly infuriated him.

“How laughable. There is nothing absolutely perfect in this world. Any technique has flaws.” Long Chen suddenly shot forward, lightning wings appearing on his back.

“My divine ability is perfect!” The sixteen bodies shouted at the same time. Apparently, Long Chen’s provocations were extremely effective. It seemed that this man had a strong sense of honor and glory for his race.

The sixteen golden figures attacked at the same time, so Long Chen was forced to block them one after another. The immense power caused heaven and earth to collapse wherever they went.

Golden light exploded as the void twisted. With sixteen bright golden figures attacking at the same time, it was difficult to see Long Chen amongst them.

The sixteen figures were extremely fast. They left afterimages in their midst, making it look like there were thousands of them. They launched a tempest of attacks, and just watching already took people’s breath away.

“This cloning art is way too monstrous. There’s no way to stop it.” Chang Hao was gobsmacked.

If the true body could freely transfer between the clones, then there would be no way to judge which was real and which was fake. Such a monstrous magical art definitely didn’t exist on the Martial Heaven Continent.

“Are you a child? There is no such perfect technique in this world. A riddle must have an answer, and a technique must have a way to break it. As a martial artist, you have to have unswerving confidence. If your confidence is shaken just like this, then you’re going to be defeated right from the start. With your mental state in a mess, how could you find the flaw in the technique?” the old man barked at him.

“Your fist is stronger, so what you say is right. Then why don’t you tell me how to unravel this technique?” demanded Chang Hao.

The old man kicked Chang Hao in the butt, raging, “I could kill him with a single blow of my saber, so why would I need to unravel it?!”

Clearly, the old man also didn’t know what to do against such a technique. The only thing he could do was unleash a full-strength blow. Who cared about clones or true bodies? He would kill them all in one blow.

Of course, that was because the old man’s cultivation base was so much higher. Long Chen was only in the Life Star realm, so that method was useless for him.

“What are you looking at me for? Did I say something wrong?” The old man raised his cane upon seeing Chang Hao glaring at him. This little brat’s guts were growing. He wasn’t going to take his lessons much longer.

“Do you not know what you said wrong? Chang Hao meant that if you were Long Chen, what would you do, not if you were fighting instead,” snorted Qu Jianying.

“If I knew, would I be talking to you? I’d have already told Long Chen,” said the old man bluntly.

Chang Hao almost coughed up blood. If he didn’t know, how could he directly beat up people who asked?

Qu Jianying ignored the old man and told Chang Hao, “In truth, he wasn’t wrong. There are no perfect techniques in this world. However, there is no historical record of this divine ability, so we temporarily cannot find a solution to it. But you must remember this principle in your heart, if you’ve decided that your opponent’s technique is perfect, it signifies that you’ve been defeated. Experts are experts because of their undefeatable wills. If the will doesn’t break, then there will always be a chance no matter how powerful the opponent is. You must constantly be looking for a way to defeat them.”

“Alliance head, you are correct. You’re much better than some people who don’t know what they’re saying and then start beating people up,” praised Chang Hao.

“Brat, just wait.” The old man glared at Chang Hao.


Just at that instant, a powerful explosion came from the distant battlefield. The sixteen clones stared at Long Chen in shock.

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