Chapter 2253 Beauties of the Legion

Upon seeing Dong Mingyu, the Blood race’s experts were startled. They hadn’t expected the terrifying assassin to be a beautiful girl.

Dong Mingyu’s eyes flashed as she looked at her shocked target. “It’s the power of your essence blood, isn’t it?”

Dong Mingyu instantly saw through why he had noticed her. Her aura-concealing abilities were the best in the Bloodkill Hall, and with the Cruel Dagger, her aura was very difficult to sense.

Just as she had been approaching this target, she had sensed a slight change in her Blood Qi. Most likely, this was what had revealed her position.

After she had killed the first target, the Golden Horned Blood expert had made them activate their blood flames. Now she knew why.

Upon killing the second target, that person’s blood had incinerated on her dagger, maybe even her body.

Most likely, the Blood race had some kind of special ability to sense bloodline power. After all, they were called the Blood race. Perhaps there were many unknown secrets lying within their blood.

“If you can’t sneak attack, you’re definitely dead!” Her target quickly recovered from his shock. A giant sword whistled toward her.

Dong Mingyu raised her hand. The giant sword was cleanly caught by the dagger. However, Dong Mingyu’s figure faded away like she was just an illusion.

The Blood race expert didn’t even think. His sword slashed toward her fading figure. However, it passed right through.

“Not good!” His expression suddenly changed.

Dong Mingyu didn’t give him any time to react. The Cruel Dagger silently cut off his head, causing blood to explode out of his neck.

“Assassins don’t always need to stab people in the back. Although facing enemies head-on is taboo for assassins, it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have any chance of winning,” said Dong Mingyu, holding his head.

When Dong Mingyu was with Long Chen and the others, she was like an innocent girl. Sometimes the Dragonblood warriors forgot who she was and viewed her as someone they needed to protect.

However, when Dong Mingyu actually took action, she showed the viciousness of an assassin. Killing people was as normal as breathing for her.

Even if her assassination attempt failed, even if she was facing an opponent head-on, taking her opponent’s severed head was easy.


The Blood race expert was still alive with his head in Dong Mingyu’s hand. He went through various emotions. He had never imagined that Dong Mingyu was so powerful. He wanted to say something, but he suddenly found that he was losing consciousness. He couldn’t speak, and his mind gradually grew dark.

“I forgot to tell you, those who have their heads cut off by the Cruel Blade have their souls extinguished,” said Dong Mingyu lightly. Before she finished speaking, that person was already dead.

As the number one divine item of the Bloodkill Hall, the Cruel Blade possessed god energy. Once activated, those who were stabbed by it would have their Yuan Spirits wither.

Furthermore, the Spiritual Strength of the Blue Ring Blood race was weak. There was no need for Dong Mingyu to activate anything. The Cruel Blade automatically killed him.

“Kill her!”

After a moment of shock, hundreds of the Blood race’s experts charged at her from every direction.

Dong Mingyu was just that much of a threat. If she didn’t die, then any one of them could be slain at any moment. Killing her was extremely important.

“Endless Windmoon, Cover the Earth and Flip the Heavens, Windmoon Slash!”

A giant wind blade that looked like a crescent moon slashed through them. Tang Wan-er had come charging over.

Her giant wind blade cut a straight line through the Blood race’s top experts. Those in its path were forced to scatter in every direction.

This was Tang Wan-er’s strongest attack. Back then, by working together with Liu Ruyan, she had even killed the leader of the Stone race with it.

If it weren’t for her attack being spread so thin against too many experts, she definitely would have killed a few of them.

However, their encirclement was still broken. Just as her attack passed, Ye Zhiqiu’s sword raised a storm of ice and snow, freezing space.

Both of them knew that Dong Mingyu was an assassin. It was unsuitable for her to fight a group of enemies, so they immediately came to assist her.

The attacks of Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu completely ruined the attacks of the Blood race, and in their confusion, another unlucky fellow had his head pierced by Dong Mingyu’s dagger.

A majestic bird cry rang out, and a black hole suddenly appeared in the sky. As a result, space collapsed and the Blood race’s experts felt a powerful suction force drawing them into it.

This was Cloud’s attack. Meng Qi was on her back, concealing her aura. Just as everyone’s attention was drawn to Dong Mingyu, Tang Wan-er, and Ye Zhiqiu, they had silently snuck over.

Some of the Blood race’s experts were already sucked into Cloud’s mouth. They attacked but were shocked to find that their attacks were influenced by the powerful spatial suction and were simply sucked into the black hole.

Over ten experts were sucked into Cloud’s mouth. They entered a special space where black strands cut through their weapons and bodies.

This was Cloud’s strongest divine ability, and even Kun Pengzi had almost been sucked in back in the day. If he had been sucked in, he would have died.

Meng Qi sighed regretfully. These experts from the Blood race were their strongest members, and their reaction speed was extremely quick. Even though many of them had been within the effective range of this attack, most of them had managed to escape. Another aspect was that using this move caused powerful spatial fluctuations. Even with Meng Qi concealing Cloud’s aura, the intense fluctuations were easily noticeable.

However, she supposed that killing over ten of the Blood race’s top experts in one attack was still worthy of celebration.

“Yu-er, protect big sister Meng Qi!” shouted Tang Wan-er.

As soon as Meng Qi appeared, the top experts of the Blood race turned to her. They knew that she was a Beast Tamer in command of over a hundred twelfth rank Magical Beasts. She had to be killed before she summoned them again. Furthermore, she was a soul cultivator, so if they could just get close, they could easily kill her. In comparison to Dong Mingyu who could only kill people one at a time, Meng Qi was a greater threat.

“Alright.” Dong Mingyu smiled and vanished. No matter how space fluctuated or what attacks were launched, no one could sense her existence any longer.

This was Dong Mingyu’s first time fighting alongside people. The feeling of others entrusting their lives to her was extremely moving. She had never felt that before.

The Blood race’s experts were startled. Dong Mingyu had clearly been touched by their blood flames, but they were completely unable to sense her. Clearly, she had special arts to avoid being sensed in spite of this as long as she wasn’t attacking.

“Bastards, what are we supposed to do now?!” The Blood race’s experts were infuriated. Dong Mingyu had vanished from their senses. Now they had to be constantly wary of a sneak attack from a terrifying assassin.

Cloud’s wings shook as she began an intense battle against the Blood race’s experts. On her back, Meng Qi formed hand seals, unleashing spiritual attacks. Anyone who entered her range would have their heads turn blank and their movements become sluggish. Even dozens of the Blood race’s top experts couldn’t stop Cloud from flying out of their encirclement.

One reason they couldn’t stop her was because Cloud’s power was so great, while another was that they didn’t dare to get too close to Meng Qi on their own. Who knew if some terrifying assassin would stab them in the back?

Dong Mingyu’s disappearance cast a shadow on the Blood race’s experts. Even as thousands of experts tried to surround Meng Qi, they couldn’t go all-out. They ended up locked in an awkward standoff.

“Long Chen’s women are all so powerful. Even as a woman, I’m envious.” Ye Lingshan watched as Meng Qi, Ye Zhiqiu, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Liu Ruyan, Cloud, and Dong Mingyu managed to stop so many of the elites of the Blood race.

“As a man, I have nothing to say. What is there to envy?” Mo Nian rolled his eyes.

“You?” Ye Lingshan glanced at Mo Nian and shook her head. “You should just give up. You have the heart for it, but not the guts. Your legs go soft as soon as you see a pretty woman.

“What, how is it that exaggerated? You’re not giving me the slightest face.” Mo Nian grumbled.

“Eh, why has Wilde come back?” Qu Jianying suddenly noticed that Wilde, who had charged out with everyone, had now returned to the formation. Why wasn’t he fighting?

“Perhaps there’s no good food for him,” said the old man. He knew that Long Chen prevented Wilde from eating human-shaped lifeforms. Wilde used up an insane amount of energy when fighting, and he constantly needed to eat. Without any food on the battlefield to replenish him, he would rather not fight. The current battlefield didn’t need him.

“Long Chen’s probably preserving some power as a backup. After all, this battle will last a while. It’s been two and a half days now. Once a few more hours pass, he’ll have accomplished his mission. There’s no need to risk lives,” said Li Tianxuan. He had a certain understanding of Long Chen’s tactics. Although Long Chen was impetuous, when it really came time to fight, he didn’t risk lives unless he had to.


Suddenly, the entire battlefield shook. Everyone’s attention was once more drawn to Long Chen’s fight with the Golden Horned Blood expert.

At some point, the blood chains around his body had become golden, looking like they were forged out of gold.

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