Chapter 2252 Reaping Lives

It wasn’t just Long Chen who was angered by this. The Dragonblood Legion and the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts were also enraged. The Sovereigns could not be blasphemed.

Even though they had died, one of their remnant wills still remained to protect the Martial Heaven Continent. They were supreme existences. For them to be blasphemed by the Blood race, everyone’s killing intent soared.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, kill him!” The Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples roared, veins popping on their foreheads. 

The Golden Horned Blood expert smiled derisively at their anger. “Once my Blood race’s army enters the Martial Heaven Continent, the first thing we’ll do is destroy the tombs of those old ghosts. I’ll show you that you’re nothing more than pigs raised for the slaughter. Your fate is to be slaughtered, and resistance will only bring greater pain.”


Long Chen’s divine ring burst into existence, causing heaven and earth to shake as it spun. His killing intent filled the world.

Although Long Chen knew that the other side was doing this intentionally, he still couldn’t hold back his anger.

Long Chen had met Sovereign Yun Shang and had seen Devil Spirit Mountain’s Sovereign Qing Xu. Moreover, he and Sovereign Mo Li called each other brother. He had been completely won over by the Sovereigns’ peerless style.

Long Chen was not afraid of heaven or earth. Although he wasn’t so arrogant to consider himself unrivaled, the number of people he truly admired were few.

As for who could win his respect and worship, the only ones were the Sovereigns. That wasn’t just because of their supreme position and world-shaking power, but how they had selflessly given up everything to protect everyone else.

As Long Chen’s fury soared, his divine ring raged, unleashing astral winds that crashed against heaven and earth.

“Congratulations, you’ve managed to infuriate me and everyone else. Now let me see just how much ability you have to dare act so arrogantly.” Long Chen’s voice thundered out, and like an angry killing god, he charged straight at the Golden Horned Blood expert, ignoring the other experts of the Blood race.

“A bunch of pigs like you cannot fathom what abilities I possess.”

The Golden Horned Blood expert sneered. The blood chains around his body tightened. His Blood Qi suddenly soared, and runes could be seen flowing within the chains like countless serpents. His fists were like warhammers, smashing at Long Chen.


Evilmoon smashed into his chain-covered fist. Space twisted and explosions occurred, with shattered runes flying out like a rain of light.

Long Chen’s attack was actually unable to shake this expert of the Golden Horned Blood race. A fist-image and a saber-image remained locked in midair. The clash caused the void to flash between dark and bright..

“This is your power? If that’s all, you’ve really disappointed me…” sneered the Golden Horned Blood expert.

Suddenly, six stars appeared in Long Chen’s eyes, with one being dim.

In an instant, Long Chen’s power grew explosively, and silver scales covered his body. His saber immediately smashed through the chains on his opponent’s fist.

The Golden Horned Blood expert’s arm was actually blown apart by Long Chen’s immense power. He flew back.

“Hahahah, for a pig, this power’s not bad. Good, killing such a strong pig is much more interesting.” The Golden Horned Blood expert laughed despite having one of his arms blown off, as if he didn’t care about it at all.

Shockingly, the chains around his body were twisting, transforming into a chain arm. When the chains retreated, they revealed a completely new arm. It happened in the blink of an eye. His aura hadn’t changed in the slightest. His recovery speed was even faster than Empyreans using Heavenly Dao energy.

The disappearance of an arm hadn’t affected him at all.

“That’s a lot of bullshit coming from your mouth. The Blood race is hogs for slaughter, and I’ll be taking your blood to make blood tofu.” This was Long Chen’s first time hating a race so much. For the first time, he had an urge to exterminate an entire race.

“He’s mine. You can kill the rest.” His opponent turned to the people behind him, giving them orders. He was clearly the leader.

Those people nodded. One of the Blue Ring Blood experts smiled sinisterly and shot away like a bolt of blue lightning.

He had only gotten midway when a dagger stabbed through his head. He died instantly.

The dagger vanished. No one even saw who was holding it. That expert had been one of the Blood race’s top experts, one of the people that had been beside the Golden Horned Blood expert. One of those people was currently fighting Yue Zifeng.

The person fighting Yue Zifeng was the strongest expert of the Blue Ring Blood race’s junior generation. However, the one that had just been slain was only slightly weaker than him.

Even the Golden Horned Blood expert was startled. He shouted, “Ignite your blood flames!”

Following his shout, the ones around him activated their essence blood. Blood-colored flames burst into existence around them.

“You should worry about yourself!” Long Chen shot forward, unleashing the eighth form of Split the Heavens.

“What a joke. You think you can threaten me?” The Golden Horned Blood expert sneered. His figure shook, and he actually split into two people.

The two of them were identical as they were both true bodies. One of them had his blood chains condense on his fist and smashed Long Chen’s saber.


He was blown back by Long Chen’s saber, his chains broken. But his arm was fine.

The other one attacked with his fist, using it like a warhammer. This time, Long Chen was blocking, and both of them were blown back.

“Heavens, he’s a match for Long Chen in power? Just how powerful is he?!” Those familiar with Long Chen were stunned. They knew that in this world, perhaps the only one who could match Long Chen in power was Wilde. Then they also had to add on that Long Chen had just used the eighth form of Split the Heavens.

That Golden Horned Blood expert had split himself into two without weakening at all. That made no sense.

Suddenly, the Golden Horned Blood expert split into four. Most terrifying of all, the four of them all had identical auras.

“How is that possible?!” Bao Buping couldn’t help shouting. The Martial Heaven Continent also had abilities that could split the body. Some made actual clones, while some were illusory. 

Illusory split bodies were just used to trick people’s senses. Clones with actual bodies required a portion of the true body’s soul and flesh, and were limited in power, to a maximum of eighty percent of the true body’s power.

Most of the time, such techniques were used in a crisis to save the true body. Rarely would people summon them to actually fight. That was because the death of a clone would make the true body’s soul incomplete. To make up for that required a huge amount of effort. That was why true geniuses rarely cultivated such techniques.

Even then, ordinary people could only condense a single clone. But this Golden Horned Blood expert had summoned three, each of which was on par with the true body. That was a heaven-defying ability.

“The Golden Horned Blood race doesn’t have many members. They are a race with powerful Spiritual Strength. Other than their bloodline divine abilities, they still have their own special abilities. Their magical arts are completely different from the Martial Heaven Continent’s. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you must be careful!” Li Jing shouted loudly from within the formation.

The entire Dragonblood Legion had moved out. Only Xia Chen and Li Jing remained in the formation. Xia Chen was controlling the grand formation and couldn’t leave, while Li Jing had essentially no combat power. There was no way for her to participate in a battle on this level.

As Long Chen clashed with the Golden Horned Blood expert, the other top experts of the Blood race attacked. Suddenly, one of those experts had their head cut off and stabbed through by a dagger.

That dagger once more vanished as soon as it appeared. It was like a life-reaping blade. Anyone who it set its gaze on was dead.

They couldn’t see the holder of the dagger as they barely managed to even see the dagger. Those from the Martial Heaven Continent shivered. The divine daughter of the Bloodkill Hall was absolutely terrifying. No wonder it was said that she was the most terrifying assassin of the Martial Heaven Continent.

The Bloodkill Hall’s master, Zhong Ziyang, wore an ugly expression. The current Bloodkill Hall was an empty husk. The top geniuses of the junior generation had all been killed by Dong Mingyu, leaving behind only a few old members. The Bloodkill Hall did not have the means to replenish itself.

Zhong Ziyang spent each day in terror. He was like a death row inmate. He was waiting for the Killing God’s sentencing.

However, after Dong Mingyu betrayed the Killing God, no divine edict had come from the Killing God’s statue. The betrayal of a divine daughter was an unforgivable sin, and he as the hall master also had a share of the blame. He didn’t know just how terrifying the punishment would be when it came.

Zhong Ziyang was constantly looking for some way to escape his punishment. If he could eliminate Dong Mingyu, that would be best. If he couldn’t, he had to at least put on a show. Otherwise, when the divine edict came down, he would be dead.

Seeing the Cruel Dagger, the Bloodkill Hall’s number one divine item, his eyes reddened. If the Cruel Dagger was in his hands, he would definitely be cleaning up his troubles.

However, just as Dong Mingyu attacked the third expert of the Blood race, that expert’s weapon swung toward her before her dagger could appear. The void trembled and Dong Mingyu’s small figure was exposed.

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