Chapter 2250 Blunting Their Sharpness

All the whips had been severed. Liu Ruyan was stunned. These whips were each composed of ten thousand of her branches, but someone had cut through them all in one blow?

“You aren’t a lifeform of the Martial Heaven Continent. Why would you fight against my Blood race?”

A man appeared in front of Liu Ruyan, holding a sword. He had a blue ring covering his entire body, and his aura was powerful and sharp. He was like an unsheathed blade. The blue light coming from him turned heaven and earth blue. This was an extremely terrifying expert although his cultivation base was still in the Life Star realm.

“Whether or not I’m a lifeform of the Martial Heaven Continent isn’t important. What’s important is that I need your blood,” said Liu Ruyan coldly.

“You’re asking for it!” That man’s blue light shuddered. His sword blazed with light as it slashed toward Liu Ruyan.


A sharp Sword Qi struck the giant sword, causing a powerful explosion. Yue Zifeng had stepped forward, forcing him back. “Boss said to leave this one to me. You should focus on the others.”

“Hmph.” Although Liu Ruyan was very unwilling, she still turned away from her opponent. If she didn’t listen to Long Chen, Chu Yao would grumble at her.

Liu Ruyan’s massive willow body retreated. Quite a few of the Blood race’s experts had gotten past her during this time.

Liu Ruyan once more blocked them. Her mission was to prevent them from breaking their formation. That was what the Dragonblood Legion was depending on.

“A little human also dares to say such arrogant words?” Seeing Liu Ruyan leave behind a seemingly extremely weak human to block him, the man was infuriated. He felt like he was being looked down on.

This man was a genius of the Blue Ring Blood race and was considered a leader of the junior generation. If it hadn’t been for how powerful Liu Ruyan was, he would have disdained taking action here. Now that Liu Ruyan had been switched with Yue Zifeng, he was irritated. He wanted to finish this in one blow.

Yue Zifeng didn’t say a word. His hand slowly reached for the sword on his back.

Yue Zifeng wasn’t quite the same as other sword cultivators. He rarely kept his sword in his hand; it was usually in its sheath.

That was why after the previous attack, he had returned his sword to its sheath. When his sword was sheathed, he looked like an ordinary person with a weak aura. 

“Die!” The Blue Ring Blood expert shouted, his voice like thunder. His Blood Qi exploded out of him in giant waves, and his sword crashed down with immense power.

Yue Zifeng’s sword came out of its sheath. In that instant, his aura transformed to become incomparably sharp. It was like he was a sword.

Sword-light flashed through the void like a bolt of lightning. Even though Yue Zifeng attacked second, his attack struck first, arriving at the Blue Ring Blood expert’s neck in an instant. As a result, the latter was shocked and hastily switched to defense. Sparks flew, and a thumb-sized cut appeared in his sword.


The Blue Ring Blood expert looked at the cut in horror. This giant sword of his was a priceless treasure. Its weight was astonishing, and its hardness was incomparable. It was a divine item that had gone through thousands of years of battle. It was unknown just how many experts it had cut down. During that time, it had never been marked by the slightest damage.

What was most unacceptable about this was that Yue Zifeng’s sword was made of ordinary metal. He couldn’t see anything special about it.

Yue Zifeng’s sword spun through the air. The Blue Ring Blood expert had yet to recover from his shock, and his block was even a bit slower than last time. Although he managed to block it, the sharpness of Yue Zifeng’s sword-light resulted in a long cut on his face.

His giant sword suddenly became the same blue as the light coming from him. He retreated, his sword slashing through the air.

He had decided that he couldn’t fight in close range. Yue Zifeng’s attack speed was too fast for him to react. Furthermore, his sword was too large to be easy to use in close range.

Blue waves soared out of his giant sword, submerging Yue Zifeng.

Yue Zifeng’s expression was icily calm. His sword slashed out repeatedly, slicing apart the blue waves.

One was a terrifying sword cultivator of the human race, and the other was a supreme genius of the Blue Ring Blood race. Sword Qi rumbled in the sky as they fought an exceptionally intense battle.


The Blood race’s army continued to charge, their voices like a roaring tsunami. After failing to break through for a full day, they finally started using their trump cards. Blue light shone out as the Blue Ring Blood race’s experts attacked.

Their giant swords cut through the air, striking Liu Ruyan. Even the other ordinary members of the Blood race were cut down by their attacks.

In the face of their sharp attacks, even Liu Ruyan couldn’t hold on. Her branches broke over and over again, and she was forced to retreat.

The Blood race had originally been planning on using a suicide squad to break Xia Chen’s formation, but that plan had been ruined by Liu Ruyan. Having lost their patience after that plan failed, they directly launched a powerful assault.

“Dragonblood warriors, prepare yourselves. The true battle is starting,” shouted Long Chen.

Liu Ruyan was being forced back further and further. She was like a giant tree in the face of a flood. No matter how powerful she was, she was still being assaulted from every direction. There were just too many of them.

Behind the experts of the Blue Ring Blood race were members of the Blood race that were emitting a rock-like luster.

Li Jing said that they were experts of the Stone Blood race, another high ranking Blood race. Their skin was as tough as rock, and once they activated their bloodlines, they were like bloody rocks, possessing both great offense and defense.

Most terrifying of all was that the Stone Blood race was able to control earth energy and could be likened to earth cultivators. If they managed to reach the formation, the damage they could do would be unbearable.

Furthermore, behind the Stone Blood race was the Golden Horned Blood race. They had two golden sheep-like horns on their heads, and they were the most powerful according to Li Jing. It was said that they were outstanding even amongst the high ranking Blood races. They were one of the rare sub-races that possessed spiritual attacks. Their divine abilities were even sharper, and in past battles, they had been the most frightening enemies. They had to be dealt with immediately, or they would cause immense casualties.

With these three high ranking races attacking at once, with the Blue Ring Blood race as the vanguard, they were like a tsunami crashing upon the battlefield. Howls and roars shook the air.

Qu Jianying and the others clenched their fists. This was the true battle. Millions of experts of the Blood race were swarming over. Even the weakest of them were comparable to Life Star Empyreans. Just witnessing this sight gave people shivers.

“The first wave must have their sharpness blunted. Meng Qi, I’ll entrust it to you.” Long Chen looked at Meng Qi solemnly.

Meng Qi smiled and nodded. On her own, she walked forward, slowly forming hand seals. Powerful Spiritual Strength unfurled from within her, and one giant figure after another appeared in the void.

Huge bodies comparable to mountains appeared, and their roars shook the stars. A total of one hundred and eight Magical Beasts were lined up, their terrifying pressures crashing down upon the battlefield.


Seeing those Magical Beasts, the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts let out startled cries. They were all peak twelfth rank Magical Beasts.

In the last battle, Meng Qi had also summoned peak twelfth rank Magical Beasts but not so many. Those Magical Beasts had low intelligence, so when facing fourth step Netherpassage experts, their true combat power was lacking. But with a Beast Tamer directing them, they could unleash their full potential. Hence, everyone was stunned to see Meng Qi summon so many of them.

“Does this world even have that many peak twelfth rank Magical Beasts?”

“Just how powerful is her Spiritual Strength? How does she dare to control so many Magical Beasts? Is she not afraid of them fighting back?” This person was also a Beast Tamer. He also had a peak twelfth rank Magical Beast and two other late twelfth rank Magical Beasts.

That peak twelfth rank Magical Beast was treated as well as his father. He doted on it, afraid of it turning on him.

He was a Netherpassage expert with powerful Spiritual Strength. But even he could only control three Magical Beasts. Any more and it would be too dangerous. Just those three Magical Beasts had made him a famous figure.

However, when he saw one hundred and eight peak twelfth rank Magical Beasts, he felt like he had gone insane. Just how was this possible?

Even Beitang Rushuang was amazed. She had a powerful housepet, the Three Foot Golden Crow, and she was well aware of just how much Spiritual Strength was required to control a powerful Magical Beast.

Just as everyone was stunned, the one hundred and eight Magical Beasts formed a tidy line and opened their mouths. Rays of divine light shot out, tearing through the army of the Blood race.

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