Chapter 225 Asking to be Killed

When the iron gate closed, the rebirth monolith at the top of their heads began to slowly descend. According to Elder Tu Fang, they only had two hours.

If they couldn’t kill their opponent in two hours, the rebirth monolith would fall, and their fates would be the same as those two ‘drawings’ from before.

Wu Qi unsheathed his longsword, and the aura of the peak mid Tendon Transformation realm immediately erupted.

“This son of a bitch was actually hiding his strength!” raged Wilde. When he had fought Wu Qi, Wu Qi had clearly not possessed such power!

“Foolish kid, that’s obvious. This is a life and death battle, not a normal fight. Who would hold anything back?” scolded the old man.

“Bastard, if I had known he was so sneaky, I would have smashed him with my club!” Wilde regretfully raged.

“Ah, just watch calmly.”

Wu Qi’s completely unrestrained aura astonished everyone. Even from hundreds of meters away, they could still sense an incredible pressure. Wu Qi was much, much stronger than those previous two law enforcers.

Tang Wan-er and the others were incredibly worried now. But then seeing how calm Long Chen looked atop the death-deciding stage, they calmed back down a bit.

The current Long Chen did not appear angry, nor did he appear nervous, nor did he appear afraid. His eyes were merely completely calm, a calmness that was even a bit frightening.

There was not even the slightest emotion on his face. It was like he was just a spectator watching this.

“Now that you’re about to die, you suddenly decide to be calm?” Wu Qi raised his sword. The space around it was constantly trembling from its might.

“The person who will die is you,” Long Chen icily replied, his bone blade resting on his shoulder, his aura constantly rising.

His huge divine ring appeared behind him. Even the huge rebirth monolith was unable to block it from crazily absorbing energy from heaven and earth.

Long Chen’s aura quickly rose, going from a small kitten to a fierce tiger.

At the same time, a rumbling came from his body. His aura caused the space around him to become unstable.

“What sound is that?”

Everyone could hear an extremely odd sound. It was almost like the roaring of a river.

Wilde’s master, Ling Yunzi, and Tu Fang all looked in shock at Long Chen. They had found the source of the sound.

“It’s the sound of his blood flowing…” Tu Fang muttered to himself. 

That was the roaring of Long Chen’s blood. That was something that would happen when people entered the peak of Blood Condensation.

But for most cultivators, if that sound was able to be heard from even a meter away, that would already mean that they were extremely powerful. 

If that sound could be heard over a couple of meters away, that meant a person’s qi and blood had reached a shocking point that their physical body was without compare. Even Gu Yang with his powerful physical body was only able to let that sound transmit thirty meters out.

But now Long Chen’s blood sounded like the pounding of a war drum. It could be clearly heard even five hundred meters away, and it even echoed along the surrounding mountains. It was truly shocking.

This fight was not the same as when he had fought Gu Yang. Although Long Chen detested Gu Yang and his lackeys, they were all cultivators who were struggling for resources. And so he didn’t completely hate them.

But Little Snow’s miserable state had completely infuriated him. That desire to slaughter, which he had suppressed for so long, finally erupted.

Long Chen had always been a bit afraid of this desire for slaughter within him. He could sense that this desire came from the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

This desire had erupted out of his control once before. That was when his whole family’s lives had been at stake. At that time, Long Chen had killed that white-robed man.

But by now he had realized that the white-robed man was actually only slightly stronger than the secular world’s Tendon Transformation cultivators. He wasn’t even close to the same level as the Tendon Transformation experts in the monastery. That was the difference between coming from a weak sect and a powerful sect like the Xuantian Monastery.

Facing a true peak mid Tendon Transformation expert now, Long Chen also didn’t hold anything back, completely letting out his desire for slaughter.

Only when he no longer suppressed that desire would the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art reach its peak state. His blood roared, and countless golden particles flowed within it, his aura becoming increasingly powerful.

“Not bad, but it’s unfortunate you’re only a brat in the Blood Condensation realm. Today, the only one who will die is you! Maybe you should say some final words to your friends now; otherwise, you won’t have a chance later,” sneered Wu Qi.

The energy from Long Chen’s body immediately doubled.

Pointing his bone blade at Wu Qi, Long Chen icily said, “Put away your infantile words. If you try to give me, Long Chen, a psychological blow, then that will just reveal your own heart’s terror.

“Do you think I can’t see the panic in your eyes? You’re afraid, afraid of being unable to kill me in the time limit and dying with me.

“You want to break my confidence, hoping to use words to break my spirit. Don’t bother.

“In my life, I, Long Chen, have been attacked by countless enemies. I’ve experienced countless life and death battles, and I’ve walked out from the line between life and death every single time. Do you really think your juvenile methods are able to shake my confidence?”

Long Chen’s voice was full of disdain. His powerful confidence made it so that no one doubted the veracity of his words.

Song Mingyuan and the others were astonished. If what Long Chen said was true, then he had really experienced absolutely terrifying things.

“Tch, rubbish. Since you don’t want to be more tactful, then you can just die now.” Wu Qi roared and rushed at Long Chen, ruthlessly slashing his sword at Long Chen’s face.

His attack was extremely fast; as soon as he had moved, his sword had already practically reached Long Chen. His footwork was extremely sly.

But what shocked everyone was that Long Chen acted as if he didn’t see Wu Qi’s sword, stabbing his bone blade at Wu Qi’s stomach.

The bone blade was over three meters long. The instant Wu Qi’s sword would slice through Long Chen’s face, his bone blade would also definitely pierce through his stomach.

This was a move to bring down an opponent with you, a suicide move. But Long Chen’s expression was still completely calm. There was not even the slightest ripple. It was as if he didn’t even care about his own life.

But while Long Chen might not care about his life, Wu Qi definitely did. He was absolutely horrified.

He quickly brought his longsword back to block Long Chen’s bone blade. With his powerful Tendon Transformation cultivation base, Long Chen’s full force stab was blocked by him.

“As expected, you’re afraid of death,” ridiculed Long Chen icily.

“Bastard!” Wu Qi roared. Although he had blocked Long Chen’s bone blade, the power that had been behind it made his heart grow cold, almost injuring his internal organs.

He knew that all of Long Chen’s power had been concentrated on that bone blade. If he had been run through by it, the power behind it would have erupted like a volcano and he would definitely have died.

Wu Qi roared and strange lines appeared over his sword. A cold ray of Sword Qi slashed down on Long Chen.

But what was outside of everyone’s expectations was that Long Chen also raised his bone blade high into the air.

“Parting Wind Slash!”

Long Chen again seemed to act as if he still didn’t see Wu Qi’s attack. A terrifying blade image appeared, slashing down on Wu Qi. This was clearly another suicidal attack to bring them both down.

Wu Qi was horrified; his Sword Qi would definitely kill Long Chen. But Long Chen’s blade image would also cut him to pieces.

It was already too late to dodge. He went all out to tilt his Sword Qi, bringing it clashing against Long Chen’s blade image.

When the two collided, Wu Qi immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood and retreated a couple of steps.

That injury wasn’t because of just Long Chen’s blade image. It was the effect of both of their attacks. In order to forcibly change the direction of his Sword Qi, he had ended up receiving an internal impact. In ordinary times, that was just a slight shock and nothing to worry about.

But Long Chen’s full strength blade image had then crashed down on him. His Sword Qi had ended up losing over half its power because he had forcibly changed its path, causing him to be injured.

Seeing Wu Qi cough up blood, everyone’s hearts jumped. Wu Qi was clearly incredibly powerful. But in front of Long Chen who was risking his life, he was unable to do anything at all.

As for Long Chen, he was completely calm. Even after two exchanges that could have cost him his life, his expression still didn’t change. That kind of icy calmness was absolutely terrifying.

Wu Qi became infuriated. He had all kinds of powerful attacks, but both times he was forced back by Long Chen.

Just as he was preparing to attack him once more, Long Chen’s bone blade appeared before his face, just about to cut off his head.

He hastily twisted his head and jumped back. He just narrowly managed to avoid Long Chen’s attack.

But unfortunately, he had forgotten one thing. This was not the outside world, but the death-deciding stage. It was only a couple of hundred meters wide.

After Long Chen’s previous two attacks, he had already been forced near the edge. Now that he had jumped back…

With a loud bang, everyone was dumbfounded to see Wu Qi’s head slam into an iron pillar.

But it went without saying that his peak mid Tendon Transformation physique was extremely great. Despite having shot back like a cannonball and then crashing into the pillar, only a trace of blood flowed down his head.

However, he was still extremely dizzy for a moment, stars appearing in his vision. But then realizing what situation he was in, he quickly recovered.

He had only just recovered from that bout of dizziness when he saw Long Chen’s bone blade cutting a strange arc towards his stomach. It was so fast that he didn’t have time to dodge.

In his fright, he threw his sword right at Long Chen’s heart. His sword wasn’t as long as Long Chen’s bone blade, so in order to force him back, he had to throw his sword. That way his attack would arrive a bit faster and Long Chen would have to dodge, allowing him to escape his present predicament.

But what appalled everyone was that Long Chen still ignored the blade, continuing his attack.

Two weapons cut through flesh. Long Chen’s bone blade stabbed through Wu Qi’s stomach. But a sword was sticking out over Long Chen’s heart. For a moment, everyone was deathly silent.

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