Chapter 2249 Blue Ring Blood Race

The Blood race’s experts had retreated, and the battlefield was silent. Pill Valley, the ancient races, the Xuan Beasts, and the others were a bit jealous now.

What if the Blood race didn’t return to attack within the next two days? If the agreed upon time passed, then wouldn’t the Dragonblood Legion have easily accomplished their mission?

Not only could they get the reward promised by the divine families, but all the immemorial essence blood gathered on the battlefield would belong to him. His luck was too good to be true!

However, no one dared to say anything. The current Long Chen could no longer be viewed as the little brat they could subdue at any time. He had already grown to the point where the world responded to him. Provoking him now could not possibly bring anything good.

The way Xia Chen had reflected the Siege War Chariot’s attacks toward them was still fresh in their memories. They could only pretend to be mute.

The Dragonblood warriors took advantage of this precious time to recover as much energy as possible. With the help of the spirit gathering formation, their spiritual yuan quickly replenished.

In all the fighting, Long Chen had requested that they only used spiritual yuan, and not the power of their Yuan Spirit or Spiritual Strength. That was because spiritual yuan could be quickly restored, while the latter two could not.

With their great control, the Dragonblood warriors had been able to almost hypnotize themselves, making them forget about the power of their Yuan Spirit and Spiritual Strength. This had brought them to the edge of death. 

Through this method, they corroborated the understanding of life and death that Liu Ruyan had displayed to them through her manifestation of the Yin and Yang Dao.

Since the Blood race had retreated, they could rest and finally look through what they had gained. This also preserved their sharpness for the next wave. The Dragonblood warriors meditated as Xia Chen and Guo Ran got to work. 

The two of them entered the formation. There was a huge pool of blood gathered now. All the essence blood of the Blood race’s dead had been gathered during the battle.

The blood pool was now half full, emitting ancient and powerful fluctuations. That aura was also violent, which wasn’t suitable to be absorbed. This essence blood needed to be refined and purified first, so Guo Ran took out a jade bottle and carefully sucked in the essence blood.

Based on the estimate of ten thousand drops of essence blood being able to be refined into one drop of immemorial essence blood, they probably wouldn’t have enough. The Dragonblood Legion was too big.

Each person would need at least ten drops of immemorial essence blood to have the greatest effect. So for over ten thousand Dragonblood warriors, they needed over a hundred thousand drops of immemorial essence blood. That was a frightening number.

Immemorial essence blood was so precious that even the four everlasting families didn’t have much. They definitely had less than a hundred drops of it.

This was why the various powers were so envious. Based on Xia Chen’s estimates, this blood pool could be refined into three thousand drops of immemorial essence blood.

The essence blood of the Blood race needed to have many of its impurities removed to return to its most primordial state. Those impurities occupied ninety percent of the essence blood, so three thousand drops was already an optimistic estimate.

It was said that the amount of impurities in the essence blood was related to the strength of the specific sub-race of the Blood race. The lower ranking races had more impurities, while the higher ranking ones had purer essence blood.

Three thousand drops of immemorial essence blood was nothing to the Dragonblood Legion. Furthermore, this estimate was probably too high, as quite a bit of the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters’ essence blood was mixed in as well. Of course, to a different person, these three thousand drops would be enough wealth to go crazy over.

Time passed bit by bit. Even after a full day, there had been no move from the Blood race. However, the atmosphere only grew heavier. It was the calm before the storm.

In the middle, Guo Ran had wanted to enter the Yin Yang World to see if he could learn anything, but Long Chen had rejected this idea. The Yin Yang World was no longer the old Yin Yang World. If Guo Ran went too far out, then any fourth step Netherpassage expert would kill him. The danger was too great to make the risk worth it.

Right now, the remnants of the Sovereign seal were what Long Chen was relying on the most. He only had to block this entrance. Once the three days were up, his mission would be complete.

“Boss, do you think that their meeting will last ten days or more? Will we pass that easily?” asked Guo Ran.

“Don’t get caught up in dreams. I’ve never had such good fortune in my entire life.” Long Chen shook his head. Perhaps such a thing might happen for someone else, but he didn’t have any hopes when it came to himself.

He had barely said this when the land began to quiver. Everyone’s gaze once more focused on the depths of the Yin Yang World.

The low ranking races were still present at the front, but behind them was an orderly army.

“Heavens, the Blue Ring Blood race, the Stone Blood race, the Golden Horn Blood race, those are all high ranking races within the Blood race! So many have appeared at once!” Li Jing let out a startled cry, barely able to believe what she was seeing.

These races had only appeared within history books, and they were famed for their viciousness. They had once brought a rain of slaughter to the Martial Heaven Continent.

Moreover, their intelligence matched the human race, and they possessed terrifying divine abilities. To put them in human terms, they were all powerful Empyreans, the true core force of the Blood race.

“I told you that my luck wouldn’t be that good.” Long Chen shrugged helplessly.

It wasn’t that he was a pessimist. He was simply very confident in his bad luck. He was used to it. Nothing ever went that smoothly for him.

“Those little troops are strange. Ruyan, go test them out,” said Long Chen suddenly.

The low ranking races were at the front, but their movements were strange. It was as if they were carrying something heavy.

Liu Ruyan summoned her true body. Before the army could get close, she attacked.

As a result, those low ranking Blood race experts were blown apart. At the same time, terrifying explosions came from their backs.

The power of those explosions managed to blow up Liu Ruyan’s tough branches, making people jump. Liu Ruyan’s branches were both flexible and tough, making them difficult to break even for divine items. But a huge number of them had been blasted away.

“It seems that the Blood race also has expert forgers. That explosive power is almost on the same level as the Siege War Chariot,” said Guo Ran with some surprise.

The low ranking experts launched a suicidal attack on Liu Ruyan, charging at her from every direction.

Liu Ruyan snorted. Countless willow leaves transformed into flying swords that sliced through them.

No matter how they exploded, they only blew apart a few leaves. They were unable to harm her true body.

Liu Ruyan’s leaves were her most basic attack tool, and she could summon as many as she wanted. Her body shook as leaves poured out like an angry sea. The Blood race’s low ranking experts were unable to get close enough to damage her true body. Her range and the area she covered stunned everyone.

“In terms of just attack range and area, perhaps no one can match her,” said Beitang Rushuang.

The Beitang family’s old family head nodded as well. She had never seen such a powerful lifeform. 

They all knew that Liu Ruyan was not human. There were wood-attributed Magical Beasts in this world, but not one of them was as terrifying as Liu Ruyan.

Liu Ruyan was an extremely difficult existence to deal with. She had unlimited regenerative abilities. Whether she was fighting alone or in a group, she was an incredibly powerful existence.

The Blood race’s idea was good, to use a suicidal sneak attack to break Xia Chen’s formation. If they had managed to reach the formation, they could have used up most of its energy and maybe broken it, or left the killing blow to a second wave.

Suddenly, from within the torrent of willow leaves, a single figure went against the flow. A blue ring flashed on his body, and he held a sword even longer than himself.

Liu Ruyan’s leaves were unable to stop him. He was like a streak of light, appearing in front of Liu Ruyan before she could do anything else. His sword slashed down.

Liu Ruyan formed hand seals, and the giant willow tree behind her shook. Countless branches coiled around each other, forming a giant whip.


Her whip struck the Blood race expert and knocked him back, but didn’t injure him, startling Liu Ruyan. This person’s power was around the same as a human Netherpassage expert with awakened Spirit Blood.

He let out a furious roar, and the blue ring on his body spun. Blood Qi surged out of him, and divine light exploded out of his sword.

This was a powerful opponent, and Liu Ruyan no longer had time to attack with her leaves. Her branches coiled into giant whips that attacked her opponent.

The Blood race expert was repeatedly struck by Liu Ruyan’s whips. On the sixth hit, he finally coughed up a mouthful of blood.

The world around him turned dark as eighteen of Liu Ruyan’s whips came at him from every direction.

However, before she could kill him, a giant sword cut through all eighteen of her whips.

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