Chapter 2248 Killed In One Blow


The cannonball exploded inside the cannon and blew apart the Siege War Chariot.

Following that, the cannonballs inside the Siege War Chariot also exploded, shaking heaven and earth.

Flame soared into the sky. The final Siege War Chariot was destroyed.

Guo Ran stood in the sky, looking supreme. The endless flames that were the result of his single arrow gave him a feeling of unrivaled grandeur.

“Guo Ran, get back!”

Long Chen suddenly shouted. Guo Ran didn’t understand what was happening, but without hesitation, he flew back at his maximum speed.

He had just retreated when a hand reached out through the flames, just barely missing Guo Ran.

Guo Ran was so terrified that he became covered in cold sweat again. That hand had come without him sensing it at all. If it hadn’t been for Long Chen’s warning, perhaps he would already be dead.

The void split apart, and an elder from the Blood race appeared. He was skinny and dried up like firewood. There was a vertical third eye on his forehead.

“The Three-Eye Blood race!” Li Jing let out a startled cry. “That’s a high ranking race! He’s definitely a commander!” 

Just at that moment, the elder of the Three-Eye Blood race opened its third eye. A blood-colored light-sword shot toward Guo Ran.

Even though Guo Ran was running at maximum speed, that light-sword still caught up to him.

The crystal-clear sound of a sword coming out of its sheath rang out. Sword Qi ripped through the air, striking the light-sword.


The light-sword exploded from Yue Zifeng’s attack, saving Guo Ran.

However, Yue Zifeng turned pale and coughed up a mouthful of blood. A crack appeared on his forehead, and blood dripped out. Blocking that attack had come at an immense price.

“That’s a fourth step Netherpassage expert.” Yue Zifeng’s gaze was as sharp as a blade as he sized up the Three-Eye Blood elder.

Yue Zifeng had received a backlash upon striking the elder’s attack because his mind was one with his sword. However, no one laughed at him for being injured. They were filled with shock that Yue Zifeng was able to block a full-force attack from a fourth step Netherpassage expert.

“Probably only a sword cultivator’s power would be able to ignore the difference in realms to block such an attack,” said Qu Jianying.

The old man nodded. Sword cultivators were miraculous existences. Their attacks often broke the laws of the cultivation world.

A fourth step Netherpassage expert controlled the power of Samsara. That kind of power couldn’t be matched even by a third step Netherpassage expert.

“I’ll go bite him to death!” Wilde was very protective of everyone in the Dragonblood Legion, and seeing Yue Zifeng injured, he started pouncing forward, only to be stopped by Long Chen.

“Wilde, save your energy.”

If Wilde got angry, he would ignore all else. He didn’t know how powerful a fourth step Netherpassage expert was, and more importantly, Long Chen didn’t want him to risk his life. Now wasn’t the time for that just yet.

The Three-Eye Blood elder was shocked to see his attack blocked. Another light-sword shot out of its third eye.

This attack was even more powerful than the last. This elder was clearly enraged and was going to make Guo Ran stay behind one way or another.

Long Chen stepped forward, Evilmoon in his hand. He had to block this attack, or even if Guo Ran had his armor, his life would be in danger.

However, before he could attack, the void trembled. A whirlpool appeared and sucked away the light-sword.

The elder was suddenly overcome with terror.

The light-sword actually shot back out of the whirlpool, following its previous trajectory with even greater speed and power. 

The Three-Eye Blood elder had no chance to dodge and was instantly blown into blood mist.

At this time, Guo Ran had finally safely returned to the formation. Seeing the elder be killed in one blow, he was shocked. Just who was capable of killing such a terrifying expert in one blow?

“Their formation is so powerful? It can even slay fourth step Netherpassage experts?”

Everyone’s jaws dropped as they stared in disbelief. If that was really true, then wouldn’t the Dragonblood Legion be completely unrivaled?

“That wasn’t the power of the formation. The Three-Eye Blood elder’s attack triggered the Sovereign’s might, and he was killed,” explained an extremely old elder who looked to be on the verge of becoming a fossil.

That explanation made people feel better. If the Dragonblood Legion really had that kind of ability, that would be too frightening.

“But the Sovereigns are already dead, and the seal is broken. How could it counterattack?” asked one person.

“Hmph, what do you understand, brat? The Sovereigns were supreme existences. Even though the Sovereign seal has broken, the remnant Sovereign will is enough to easily wipe out fourth step Netherpassage experts. The Sovereigns lived for the Martial Heaven Continent, giving up everything they had. Even though they’re gone, their remnant wills still protect us. As a person, you must have gratitude and respect. Young people should pay more attention to their words. Without the Sovereigns, this world would have been destroyed. You wouldn’t even have a chance to spout your careless words,” said that elder coldly.

Clearly, the elder felt great dislike for that person saying the Sovereigns were already dead. That was disrespectful to them.

Many of the others also cast gazes dripping with blood at that speaker.

“I was wrong. I shouldn’t have blasphemed the Sovereigns.” That person immediately apologized, giving himself a slap in the face.

He was at least smart enough to admit his mistake. If he hadn’t, his sect wouldn’t protect him. In fact, to appease everyone’s anger, they might even offer him up. He could see his sect leader’s murderous gaze.

Since he apologized, no one bothered with him any longer. After all, a little brat wasn’t worth anything.

“The Sovereigns truly were unrivaled existences. Just one seal is enough to protect the continent for tens of thousands of years, and even once the seal is broken, just the remnant will is enough to slay fourth step Netherpassage experts.”

In the past, they had heard that Sovereigns were unrivaled. But that didn’t give them a real idea as to just how strong they were. But now… in their eyes, a fourth step Netherpassage expert was unrivaled. But just the remnant will of a Sovereign seal was enough to wipe out this ‘unrivaled’ existence.

“Although the Sovereigns were unrivaled, they were unable to remain in this world. Not even their pictures remain. We didn’t even get a chance to offer up sacrifices to them,” said one expert regretfully.

Although Sovereign Mo Li had appeared in front of the Yin Yang World at the end of the last battle, after he was gone, people found that the countless photographic jades they had activated had vanished. Any photographic jade that had recorded the image of the Sovereign had disappeared, and even their image of Sovereign Mo Li grew blurry.

After so many days, they now found that all they could remember was that Sovereign Mo Li had appeared, while not being able to remember a single feature of his face.

Now they understood why there were statues of gods in this world, but no statues of the Sovereigns. No one could remember what the Sovereigns looked like.

The Sovereigns had given up everything for the continent, but the ones they had saved didn’t even have a chance to worship them.

That was why the Sovereigns were the most mysterious and supreme existences. People had to feel eternal gratitude and respect for them, a feeling that transcended race.

Everyone looked at Long Chen. In this world, the only one who could call a Sovereign brother was him. However, he always liked wearing black clothes.

If Long Chen wore white, perhaps many people would believe that Sovereign Mo Li had indicated that Long Chen would be the next Sovereign. However, this existence that called a Sovereign brother always wore black, symbolizing death and slaughter. It was the complete opposite of the white color’s purity and rebirth.

Even now, people didn’t understand why Sovereign Mo Li would act so close with Long Chen. He didn’t have even the slightest mannerisms of a Sovereign.

“If Long Chen had switched to wearing white clothes after that day, perhaps the majority of this world would follow him.” Seeing people’s glances and private discussion, Qu Jianying sighed for Long Chen.

“Why would others have to wear white just because the Sovereigns wore white? If Long Chen switched because of this, he wouldn’t be Long Chen. Furthermore, what rule states that Sovereigns must wear white? Perhaps the sixth generation Sovereign will wear black,” retorted the old man.

“Stubborn donkey.” Qu Jianying glared at him. This obstinate old man just had to go against what she said all the time.

The Blood race was thrown into a panic when that Three-Eye Blood elder died. Their attack came to a stop, and they retreated.

“Little dogs, don’t go! Come fight another three hundred rounds with your daddy Guo!” Guo Ran immediately recovered enough energy to shout arrogantly at them.

However, the Blood race’s experts ignored Guo Ran. They retreated like the tide, leaving behind only countless corpses.

“How tiring.”

A black-robed Liu Ruyan sighed. She had been the one to put in the most effort during this fight. She finally had a chance to rest. However, although she was weary, her aura continued to grow sharper.

Clearly, absorbing that much of the Blood race’s essence blood had increased her power. Furthermore, there was still a great deal of essence blood that she hadn’t refined.

“Is it over?” asked Gu Yang.

“What do you think? Do you think the dark era is a joke?” Long Chen shook his head, his expression serious. “The enemy has lost their commander. A new commander is coming, and there will definitely be another assault at that time. They’ve now probed our tactics and strategy, so the next attack will be a thunderous one.”

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