Chapter 2247 Bombardment

Following Xia Chen’s shout, another giant flame sphere shot toward Yu Xiaoyun and the others, making them crazy.

They wanted to dodge, but they couldn’t. If they did, then their disciples would be doomed, so they could only block.


Another explosion rang out. Even with those almighty experts joining forces with divine items, they wretchedly coughed up blood.

This was an attack capable of threatening fourth step Netherpassage experts, while they were only at the third step. If they didn’t have powerful divine items, they would have died.

“Intolerable bullying!” Various experts cursed. This was clearly Xia Chen sending those attacks their way.

“Are the divine families not going to do anything?! You’re just going to allow the Dragonblood Legion to kill us?!” Yu Xiaoyun finally couldn’t bear it any longer.

The elders of the outer branches were about to say something when Long Chen said, “Do you feel like it’s possible for us to do such a thing? How about you try it?”

Xia Chen’s control over his formation had reached a perfect level. No one could imitate him. The money that Long Chen had thrown in had not been spent for nothing. Xia Chen was now an unparalleled formation master in this world. No one would dare to say that they were superior to Xia Chen in this regard. Or at the very least, no one here could say such a thing.

Yu Xiaoyun and the others had nothing to say in response to Long Chen. If he simply refused to admit that it was intentional, there was nothing they could do. After all, there was no proof.

“Fine, count yourself vicious.”

Yu Xiaoyun and the others had no choice but to retreat even further. Once they were further away, they would have a choice between blocking it or dodging it.

“What is going on with Guo Ran? Can he handle it?” Xia Chen’s expression once more became grave.

Although he was able to send these attacks flying away from his formation with the smallest price possible, these attacks were too powerful. His formation wasn’t able to do this forever.

This formation of his possessed both offensive and defensive powers, but at its core, it was a killing formation. That was because the Dragonblood Legion wanted as much of their essence blood as possible. Their goal wasn’t just to accomplish the mission that they had been given.

“It’s not so easy. This Siege War Chariot’s forging principles are completely different from the Martial Heaven Continent’s. The way the energy explodes is different. Guo Ran will need some time,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen understood Guo Ran. Although he was normally a fool, when it was time to be serious, he was mostly reliable. If he couldn’t find a way to counter the Siege War Chariots, then no one else would be able to find a way.

At this moment, Guo Ran was unleashing a barrage of attacks on the Siege War Chariot. But whether he attacked the cannon or the chariot, he was unable to cause any real damage, shocking and enraging him.

Furthermore, with the Blood race and the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters on the ground, he couldn’t get close to the chariot.

“Time to go all-out!”

Guo Ran suddenly charged toward the chariot.

“Inferior human race, you want to touch our Siege War Chariot? Keep dreaming!”

As Guo Ran weaved through countless attacks to get closer, a sneer came from within the chariot.

A tempest of light-arrows exploded out of the chariot, shooting at Guo Ran.

“Did you think we wouldn’t have any defenses?” A red-haired man appeared atop the chariot, sneering at Guo Ran disdainfully.

Guo Ran clenched his teeth. Instead of dodging, a long horn appeared on his head. Like an arrow, he shot through the tempest of arrows. Rumbling rang out as they crashed into his body.

“Good thing this armor of mine isn’t a waste.” Guo Ran laughed wickedly. Although the pounding was making him numb, he was able to endure it.

The red-haired man snorted. Waving his hand, dozens of other red-haired men appeared at the same time from within the chariot. The swords in their hands unleashed waves of light at Guo Ran.

These experts were all Netherpassage experts. They were most likely specialized guards for the chariot.

“You want to fight in close range with me? Do you know how the character for Death is written?” Guo Ran sneered, his sabers also blazing with light.

The red-haired men smiled coldly, clearly understanding what Guo Ran was saying. They attacked at the same time, and shockingly, they used a rarely seen combination art to merge their energy together.

Just as they thought that Guo Ran was about to face them head-on with his sabers, countless holes appeared on Guo Ran’s chestplate.

Needles shot out of those holes, as quick as lightning.

The needles exploded upon stabbing into the bodies of the red-haired men. They actually had the effect of his exploding arrows, and even these Netherpassage experts were blown up.

The first red-haired man was shocked, and just as he was about to retreat back into the chariot, a streak of light cut off his head.

Guo Ran’s finger stabbed into his head. His Yuan Spirit shattered, and Guo Ran quickly searched through those fragmented memories for what he wanted.

“Got it!” With a delighted cry, Guo Ran’s figure flashed across the chariot, dodging the attack of another Blood race expert.

Guo Ran’s saber ruthlessly slashed into the wall of the chariot. Web-like cracks appeared all over the wall.

This place was actually the weakest part of the chariot. He had learned quite a few secrets about the Siege War Chariot from that red-haired man’s fragmented memories.


Guo Ran once more struck the wall, and this time, the wall exploded, revealing a large hole. Guo Ran charged through.

The inside of the chariot was a maze, but relying on the red-haired man’s memories, Guo Ran flew toward the core.

Dozens of red-haired men were present in the core, controlling the Siege War Chariot. Without a word, Guo Ran unleashed his concealed weapons at them.

The land quivered as the Siege War Chariot slowly turned away. Gu Yang and the others were delighted, knowing that Guo Ran had succeeded.


Guo Ran controlled the Siege War Chariot to shoot at the other Siege War Chariot.

That Siege War Chariot exploded. Following the first explosion, more explosions rang out as the cannonballs inside it exploded as well. All the Blood race experts nearby were blown to smithereens.

After destroying that Siege War Chariot, Guo Ran immediately adjusted the cannon to shoot at another Siege War Chariot that was frantically moving. His second shot struck it, making it explode as well.

“This is addictive! This is the kind of a toy a man should have!” Guo Ran was delighted. Every Siege War Chariot had ten cannonballs. Those cannonballs would explode when they struck the Siege War Chariot, and their combined explosive power was apocalyptical.

Guo Ran’s blood was boiling hot as he watched the destruction he had caused. He was about to aim at his next target when he saw the final Siege War Chariot’s cannon was already aimed at him. His hair instantly stood on end.

“Not good!”


The Siege War Chariot that Guo Ran was in exploded, and then the cannonballs inside it exploded along with it.

“Guo Ran!”

Gu Yang and the others were horrified.

“It’s fine. He’s alive,” said Long Chen.

Guo Ran was standing in the sky, his sabers in his hands. He overlooked the battlefield, looking very calm.

In reality, Guo Ran was crazily hacking up blood within his armor. His whole body was covered in cracks. He had just been a bit away from dying.

Although he had instantly fled out of the hole in the chariot, the shockwaves had almost killed him. Despite having activated his armor’s greatest defensive state, he was still a mess. He was covered in cold sweat.

Guo Ran was standing there to act profound. However, his body was in such pain that he didn’t dare to move. All his energy was focused on preventing his body from falling apart.

To the rest of the world, Guo Ran appeared calm and collected as if he completely disdained that Siege War Chariot’s attack. It was the pinnacle of arrogance.

After a brief moment of stunned silence, the Blood race’s experts roared and attacked Guo Ran.

Guo Ran still didn’t move. Tiny needles shot out of his armor, piercing through their bodies. Anyone whose body was pierced by a needle would explode into bloody mist.

Due to how small the needles were, from a great distance, they weren’t visible. It simply looked like Guo Ran was standing there, and any of the Blood race’s experts that approached him would explode upon getting close to him.

“This time, he’s showing off pretty well. There’s nothing to say about the details. It’s very well done,” praised Gu Yang. This kind of silent arrogance was true arrogance.

What he didn’t know was that at this critical moment, Guo Ran didn’t dare to move for fear his body would collapse. He wasn’t intentionally showing off.

Finally, Guo Ran cracked his neck. He was able to move once more.


Guo Ran suddenly slashed his saber behind him, slicing through a fist of an Explosive Blood Bull Monster that had come. 

Just at that moment, the last Siege War Chariot aimed at Guo Ran. Just for Guo Ran, it was willing to use up one of its limited attacks. It was clear just how deep their hatred for Guo Ran was.

“You’re still coming?”

Guo Ran sneered. As the Siege War Chariot took aim at him, the surrounding Blood race experts fled for their lives. On the other hand, Guo Ran calmly took out his crossbow. This time, his arrowhead had a silver ball attached to it.


Guo Ran shouted and unleashed his arrow, which streaked toward the Siege War Chariot. Just as the chariot was about to unleash its attack, while the cannonball had yet to come out of the cannon, it was struck by the arrow.

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