Chapter 2246 Source of Calamity

Gu Yang and the others were startled. Looking over, they saw that the Blood race’s army was no longer blindly charging forward. They had started to form up.

They were too far for them to see exactly what they were doing. But an aura that made people tremble began to spread across the battlefield.

Liu Ruyan and Wilde were both called back. The Explosive Blood Bull Monsters also stopped charging forward. They retreated, joining back with the Blood race’s army.

“This is the real start of our battle,” said Long Chen.

“We’re more than prepared. No matter how many of them come, they won’t be able to get by,” said Guo Ran confidently.

“Don’t be careless. The grand formation costs a great deal to keep up. We can’t rely on it as it’s only been one day. The next two days are sure to be a fierce battle. We have to maintain as many trump cards as we can to avoid the worst-case scenario,” warned Long Chen.

“Yes. I can see what seems to be high-ranking races amongst the Blood race. The commanders of their army have probably come. The low-ranking races are brainless and aren’t frightening, but the high-ranking races are not at all dumber than our human race. They are extremely talented and can be likened to our Empyreans. Within the same realm, there is a huge difference in combat power between the low and high-ranking races,” added Li Jing.

Rumbling rang out. Thousands of the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters joined forces to pull a giant war chariot. As the war chariot rolled across the earth, the world shuddered.

“What is that?!”

That enormous chariot made everyone jump.

“That’s… that’s the Blood race’s Siege War Chariot! Even a fourth step Netherpassage expert isn’t able to receive an attack from it! Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, we can’t hold any longer!” Li Jing turned pale with terror.

The war chariot was so massive that clouds covered the top of it. Even the enormous Explosive Blood Bull Monsters appeared small in front of it.

The war chariot had a giant cannon on it. It was pitch-black, and looking at it, it was like a fiend was looking back. When the cannon came out of the entrance to the Yin Yang World, Long Chen and the others’ hair stood on end.

“Commander, the Blood race is actually using their Siege War Chariot! That’s something that can threaten the lives of fourth step Netherpassage experts. There’s no way that the Dragonblood Legion can block it. We have to go out.”

In the distance, Shen Chengfeng’s legion’s expressions changed upon seeing the chariot.

Shen Chengfeng’s expression was grave. “They’re using the Siege War Chariot so soon. The Blood race must have been preparing for a long time.”

The Siege War Chariot had appeared several times throughout history. However, every time, it would appear during a critical moment that affected the life and death of the Blood race.

Creating such a chariot required an unimaginable amount of manpower. Even the Blood race needed hundreds of years to create one.

The Sovereign seal had broken, but the remnant Sovereign aura prevented fourth step Netherpassage experts from passing. Thus, they actually sent out the Siege War Chariot.

The Siege War Chariot’s cannon could destroy all life within this area. Even a fourth step Netherpassage expert would be killed if struck directly.

How could they ask Long Chen and the others to block such a terrifying chariot? Shen Chengfeng was caught in a hard spot. If he took action, that would be announcing that Long Chen had failed, and all his previous efforts would have been for nothing.

“The higher-ups have clearly underestimated the power of the Blood race. For them to use the Siege War Chariot right at the start, this dark era will probably be an unprecedentedly bloody battle,” said Shen Chengfeng.

“Commander, are we going?”

Shen Chengfeng pondered it and ordered, “Prepare the Divine Crossbow. If the Dragonblood Legion cannot hold, immediately shoot!”

His orders were immediately carried out. Shen Chengfeng looked at the distant Long Chen and muttered to himself.

“Long Chen, I can’t blame you for not being strong enough. I can only blame you for being too unlucky. That Siege War Chariot is a powerful weapon that only a few people can block.”

In Shen Chengfeng’s opinion, Long Chen definitely wouldn’t be able to stop it. Once his formation was broken, it would signify his failure, and Sheng Chengfeng would take action. He couldn’t allow the Blood race to charge onto the continent. That was the order that Elder Long had given him.

Just as Shen Chengfeng was preparing to stop it, Long Chen looked at Guo Ran. “That thing’s pretty tough. Can you handle it?”

“I can’t make any guarantees. I’ll test it out.” Guo Ran had never been more serious. Summoning his blood-red armor, he spread his wings and flew out, instantly crossing the battlefield and reaching the Siege War Chariot.

“Boss, this thing’s attacking! You cannot allow it to strike the formation, or it will break!” shouted Xia Chen. Although he had never seen this chariot’s power before, after working together with Guo Ran for so long, he could make a general estimate.


Suddenly, a powerful explosion shook the land. Guo Ran had shot an arrow into the cannon. It had exploded inside it, unleashing a wave of fire.

“Did he succeed?” shouted Gu Yang.

“No, it was a failure. Sniper apprentice-brother Guo Ran wanted to use the arrow to blow up the cannon. If that had worked, then the entire Siege War Chariot would have been blown to bits,” said Li Jing.

Suddenly, the Siege War Chariot stopped and began to shine. The Explosive Blood Bull Monsters knelt on the ground.


The world shuddered. A huge flame sphere shot out like a star at the Dragonblood Legion.

Space exploded in the midst of that flame sphere. The rumbling tore apart the void, and a sensation of death enveloped the hearts of everyone present. This was a truly world-destroying blow.

Qu Jianying and the others’ expressions completely changed. This attack was absolutely terrifying. They were all worried that Long Chen couldn’t block it.

Xia Chen formed hand seals, and runes lit up on the ground. One light barrier after another appeared. A total of ninety-nine of them condensed in an instant.

The flame sphere blasted through the light barriers. However, the light barriers were tough and even had a reflective effect. As the flame sphere blasted through them, its own power began to dissipate into the air. Finally, after blasting through eighty barriers, its momentum faded enough that it rebounded off the next barrier.

The flame sphere was deformed from the rebound, and the energy inside had lost its balance. It flew in a certain direction. Startled cries rang out from Pill Valley, the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, and the Xuan Beasts’ experts.

That flame sphere was coincidentally flying straight toward them after being rebounded.


Cries rang out.

“There’s no time! Block it!”

Yu Xiaoyun was the first to take action. The Daynight Furnace flew out, unleashing divine light. Xie Wentian, Di Long, Peng Wanli, Long Juncang, and Zhong Ziyang took out their divine items, blocking with all their power.


It was like the explosion of a star. A terrifying energy unleashed a terrifying mushroom cloud in the sky. Meanwhile, astral winds raged on the ground, turning mountains to dust.

However, it went without saying that Yu Xiaoyun and the others were worthy of being the leaders of their respective powers. Their combined forces had managed to block this attack.

After blocking it, Zhong Ziyang coughed up a mouthful of blood. The divine item that he had taken out was a blood-colored sword. This sword was known as the Killing Sword and was the Bloodkill Hall’s inherited divine item. But it was not their number one divine item.

The number one divine item, the Cruel Dagger, was in Dong Mingyu’s hands. When she had betrayed the Bloodkill Hall, she had taken the Cruel Dagger with her.

Taking the number one divine item and having Long Chen remove the restrictions of her god seed had caused the Bloodkill Hall’s faith energy to diminish immensely. That meant that the Killing Sword’s power had also sharply dropped, which caused Zhong Ziyang to be injured and increased the pressure on the others. Long Juncang, who was the weakest of the rest of them, also almost coughed up blood, but he forcibly swallowed it down so as to not embarrass himself.

“That bastard Long Chen, he definitely did that on purpose!” Di Long ground his teeth.

“Watch out, another one’s coming!”

Long Juncang shouted. They had barely managed to block the first attack, and their disciples were still in a panic when another giant flame sphere came shooting over at them.

A second Siege War Chariot had appeared and had shot after the first one. Xia Chen had controlled the formation to send it flying again.

“Block it!” roared Yu Xiaoyun. Divine light once more erupted from their divine items.


It was another intense collision, but this time Zhong Ziyang was no longer alone. Everyone other than Yu Xiaoyun coughed up blood together.

“That bastard Long Chen, he’s trying to kill us!” roared Long Juncang.

One time was a coincidence that could be brushed off. But twice? That was clearly intentional.

Qu Jianying and the others were also startled. Long Chen was actually using such a method?

Pill Valley, the Corrupt path, the Xuan Beasts, the ancient family alliance, and the Bloodkill Hall’s people were all standing together. Long Chen was actually conning them like this.

However, to be able to shift the attack of the Siege War Chariots so accurately, that sparked some disbelief.

“This is a coincidence, understand? A coincidence! Oh no, not good…!” Xia Chen was shouting an explanation when another flame sphere shot over, smashing into the defenses of his formation.

As a result, the flame sphere was once more sent flying toward Yu Xiaoyun and the others, enraging them.


Yu Xioayun and the others joined forces again to block, and this time, Yu Xiaoyun was also unable to stop himself from joining the ranks of those coughing up blood.


Yu Xiaoyun immediately gave the order to retreat after this attack. They not only retreated, but they even changed angles so that they wouldn’t be in the path of the rebounding flame sphere. As a result, just as they moved to a spot where they felt that they would be safe, Xia Chen’s startled cry rang out.

“Watch out, the flame sphere is heading toward you!”

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