Chapter 2245 Explosive Blood Bull Monsters

From the depths of the Yin Yang World, one mountain-sized figure after another appeared. They were monsters with the head of a bull and bodies covered in black qi. They were like devils crawling out of hell.

“Bull-headed devils?” Long Chen was startled. He recognized this monster.

Back in the Yin Yang World when Ye Lingshan had accidentally slipped into an underground trial, she had found a fragment of the Eastern Wasteland Bell. Taking it had drawn the ire of these bull-headed devils, and they had almost killed the two of them.

In the end, they had been forced to draw them into a killing formation, but even that killing formation hadn’t managed to kill them. Instead, they had wrecked the formation, allowing Long Chen to grab the precious medicinal ingredients lying behind the formation.

“They’re also part of the Blood race?” asked Gu Yang.

“No, they aren’t. They’re a kind of Magical Beast domesticated by the Blood race. They are called Explosive Blood Bull Monsters. They have immense power and also terrifying defenses. Even divine items have trouble injuring them. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, although these Explosive Blood Bull Monsters have auras similar to early Netherpassage experts, due to their offensive and defensive powers, they can match third step Netherpassage experts. This is most likely the Blood race’s counter play to our formation. They want to use the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters to break it,” warned Li Jing, her voice shuddering slightly from nervousness.

The Explosive Blood Bull Monsters were quite famous in her history records. They had been the nightmare of the human race. The Blood race had used them to trample their protective formations.

Normally, this kind of card would only be used toward the latter stages of the battle. But it was currently just the start of the second day, and they had appeared. That was not in accordance with past records.

“These Explosive Blood Bull Monsters are very powerful. When I was in the Soul Transformation realm, I was unable to do anything to them,” said Long Chen.

“In other words, their physical bodies are very powerful, right?” Wilde, who had been snoozing, suddenly stood up.

“Yes, but I don’t know if you can eat it,” said Long Chen, knowing what Wilde was thinking.

“I’ll go try.”

Wilde didn’t wait for anyone else to say anything and charged out with his bone club. His body suddenly grew, transforming into a three-hundred-meter giant.

Wilde blasted through many of the Blood race’s experts. He was like an arrow piercing through their midst.

One of the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters roared at Wilde and stamped a foot at him.


Wilde’s body flashed and he dodged. This stamp of its foot unleashed a shockwave that blew away the surrounding experts of the Blood race. 

After dodging its attack, Wilde grabbed onto its leg and bit down.

Although Wilde was now a three-hundred-meter giant, he was still tiny compared to the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters. He barely reached the top of its hoof. As a result, he bit down at the flesh right above the hoof.

Blood splashed. What shocked people was that a giant chunk of meat was torn out of the Explosive Blood Bull Monster. Wilde’s teeth were even sharper than a divine item.

The Explosive Blood Bull Monster jumped up, letting out a shriek. This one bite from Wilde filled it with pain.

“Big brother Long, I can eat it!” Wilde’s garbled voice rang out as he tried to talk through a mouth of meat. He sounded happy.

“Then go ahead and eat it!” Long Chen couldn’t help having an odd expression. Wilde’s teeth and appetite were… exceptional.

Wilde was eating its hair and hide along with the meat. Just watching made Long Chen’s throat feel itchy and uncomfortable. But Wilde seemed to find it flavorful.

Wilde had never been picky about taste. He liked things with strong blood and flesh, the stronger the better.

To use Wilde’s words, chewy meat was the best. Meat that lacked power was like cotton. It didn’t taste good, and it didn’t fill his stomach.


The Explosive Blood Bull Monster stamped its foot once more, roaring furiously. Wilde was forced back, and he roared, his body once more growing until he became a towering figure as big as the Explosive Blood Bull Monster.

“How… how is that possible?!”

“Is he a human or a monster?”

Although Wilde had once fought as a three-hundred-meter giant, now he was many times larger, shocking people. Did the human race really possess such a divine ability?

Wilde’s bone club grew with him, and he smashed the head of the Explosive Blood Bull Monster. It died without even making a grunt. After killing it, Wilde didn’t even wait for its corpse to fall. He grabbed it, and a bracelet on his wrist lit up. The Explosive Blood Bull Monster shrank until it was the size of his palm.

This bracelet was something that Guo Ran had specially made for Wilde since Wilde didn’t know how to use magical arts. Giant corpses could be compressed with spatial energy thanks to this bracelet which helped out Wilde. With just a thought, Wilde could shrink and suck his prey into the bracelet.

The shrunken Explosive Blood Bull Monster was tossed into Wilde’s mouth. He bit down fiercely, and there was a sound like an exploding meatball that made Long Chen and the others get goosebumps. As for the other experts, their hair stood on end. Just where had Long Chen found this human-shaped monster?

As Wilde chewed, he didn’t stop. His bone club swung toward another Explosive Blood Bull Monster, killing it.

Wilde’s bone club was a priceless treasure that happened to suit his particularities. It was extremely hard and heavy. Even the Explosive Blood Bull Monster couldn’t endure a strike from it.

After killing his second Explosive Blood Bull Monster, without even thinking about it, he tossed it into his mouth and continued looking for his next target.

“Wilde can get this big? That’s really frightening.” Meng Qi stared in shock.

Long Chen explained, “Wilde has said that three hundred meters is the best option for him normally. That size keeps his exhaustion low and he can fight for a long time like that. The larger he grows, the greater the exhaustion. That’s why he normally stays at three hundred meters when fighting. But after testing the power of the Explosive Blood Bull Monster, he must have felt that he needed to get bigger. He can probably consume them to replenish the energy he’s using.”

Everyone watched as Wilde began blasting through the battlefield. The Explosive Blood Bull Monsters were killed one by one, each of them only requiring a single swing of his club.

This giant battlefield had become Wilde’s hunting pasture. That scene was hair-raising.

“Just who is the invader?”

Seeing Wilde slaughtering the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters and blasting any of the Blood race’s experts in his way, people couldn’t believe their eyes.

“That big fellow is from the legendary Barbarian race. To be able to grow to such a size, he has to come from a high-ranking race, maybe even a king race amongst the Barbarian race.” The Beitang family’s old head stared. Her eyes twinkled with an ancient light.

“Wasn’t it said that the Barbarian race went extinct in the battle from back then? How could such an existence appear on the Martial Heaven Continent?” asked Beitang Rushuang.

“Who can say for sure what happened? That happened so long ago, no one knows what’s true or false. I say, this isn’t important. What’s important is for you to capture Long Chen first. Then all of this will be yours.” The old family head pressed her, making Beitang Rushuang roll her eyes. This grandmother of hers really had fallen for Long Chen. She had to have Beitang Rushuang pull him in.

Even though Wilde was killing the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters rapidly, there were too many of them, and quite a few still managed to get by. Their huge bodies charged toward Xia Chen’s formation.

The swords shooting out of the formation were only able to cause some cuts on their giant bodies. They weren’t fatal. Once too many of the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters managed to reach the formation, there would be danger of the entire formation crumbling.

Liu Ruyan’s attacks were still extremely sharp against the Blood race’s experts. But the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters were too powerful for her to kill easily. Her efficiency against them was inferior to Wilde who was killing them one swing at a time.

Guo Ran took out his blood-colored crossbow. But before he could shoot, Gu Yang actually said, “How could we ask boss Guo Ran to handle such a minor matter? It would be better for this junior brother to handle it.”

Gu Yang and the others had long since been envious of Guo Ran’s crossbow. They knew how to shoot it, but his arrows were too precious for them to play around with.

They knew how to use the crossbow, but there couldn’t be the slightest deviation, or they wouldn’t even be able to hit a hair on their enemies at long range.

At this time though, the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters were near, and their bodies were huge. As long as you weren’t blind, you would be able to hit them. Gu Yang suddenly wanted to try it.

Naturally, if he wanted to borrow the crossbow, he had to say some nice words. Guo Ran was delighted to the point that he couldn’t stop grinning. He happily gave Gu Yang his crossbow to try out.

A blood-colored arrow shot out, piercing through one of the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters’ mouths and going out of the back of its head. A large hole appeared, and with a wail, it fell to the ground.

Gu Yang continued to shoot. The Explosive Blood Bull Monsters had giant heads, and as long as he struck them anywhere on their heads, they would be killed.

“Damn, this is amazing!” Gu Yang laughed as he shot. With just the flick of his finger, he was killing the Explosive Blood Bull Monsters. That feeling was truly refreshing.

“Stop messing around. Prepare for an extended battle. The real experts have come.” Long Chen suddenly let out a serious shout, his gaze on the Blood race’s army.

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