Chapter 2244 Grand Formation Activated (Teaser)

“Form the formation!”

Guo Ran’s shout rang throughout the battlefield. The Dragonblood warriors heard it, and light suddenly blazed out of their bodies.

“They still have more power?” People were startled by this sudden burst of power. Hadn’t they already run out of energy?

In truth, they were right. The Dragonblood warriors had truly reached their limits. The light flowing out of their bodies came from the armor that Guo Ran had made for them.

With the armor covering their bodies, the Dragonblood warriors were refreshed. Their almost exhausted spiritual yuan slowly began to recover.

Last time, in the qi flow battle, the Dragonblood warriors had been facing the experts of the various powers. Toward the end, they had run out of energy.

That had made Guo Ran see a dangerous scenario. If more experts had attacked at that time, the Dragonblood Legion would have been in danger.

After that battle, Guo Ran had modified the armor once more, embedding a thousand energy storage runes throughout each of them. This way, the Dragonblood warriors could store their spiritual...

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