Chapter 2244 Grand Formation Activated

“Form the formation!”

Guo Ran’s shout rang throughout the battlefield. The Dragonblood warriors heard it, and light suddenly blazed out of their bodies.

“They still have more power?” People were startled by this sudden burst of power. Hadn’t they already run out of energy?

In truth, they were right. The Dragonblood warriors had truly reached their limits. The light flowing out of their bodies came from the armor that Guo Ran had made for them.

With the armor covering their bodies, the Dragonblood warriors were refreshed. Their almost exhausted spiritual yuan slowly began to recover.

Last time, in the qi flow battle, the Dragonblood warriors had been facing the experts of the various powers. Toward the end, they had run out of energy.

That had made Guo Ran see a dangerous scenario. If more experts had attacked at that time, the Dragonblood Legion would have been in danger.

After that battle, Guo Ran had modified the armor once more, embedding a thousand energy storage runes throughout each of them. This way, the Dragonblood warriors could store their spiritual yuan inside their armor and draw it out during times of crisis.

The thousand energy storage runes roughly allowed each Dragonblood warrior to store almost half their normal spiritual yuan. That stored spiritual yuan could save their lives during a critical moment.

The Dragonblood warriors were now extracting a portion of that stored spiritual yuan, nourishing their almost exhausted bodies.

The Dragonblood warriors gathered into a circular formation. In that instant, they became like an iron block. Their formation spun, tearing through the Blood race’s army.

In a formation, the Dragonblood warriors no longer felt any danger. Their power was linked, and they were like a machine of flesh. They slowly retreated.

The stored spiritual yuan in the armor could not be wasted. Storing the energy took time and used up ten times the amount of energy of what was stored. It took a full month to max them out. That stored spiritual yuan was a trump card that shouldn’t be used lightly.

Just now, they had only used a little bit, but the Dragonblood warriors were aggrieved over it. As soon as they finished the formation, they retreated.

Liu Ruyan’s huge body rose from the ground, countless roots pulling her forward. The endless army of the Blood race was suppressed by her.

The Dragonblood warriors retreated, while Liu Ruyan advanced. The two of them switched positions.

Pillars of light spread out of the ground, forming a ring of light. Countless swords shot out of that ring of light, tearing through the Blood race’s army.

Those in the Life Star realm directly exploded upon contact. Even those from stronger races would only be able to block a maximum of three swords before being killed.

“What a powerful formation!” The sight of those thousands of swords flying made the spectators jump.

“I’ve long heard of a terrifying formation master within the Dragonblood Legion. Such a terrifying killing formation must have a ridiculous price. They won’t be able to keep it up for long!”

The stronger the formation, the greater the price of keeping it active. A killing formation of such power covering such an area had to exhaust an unimaginable amount of resources for each second it was active.

Formation masters had gradually declined. Legend had it that formation masters were one of the most terrifying existences back in ancient times. As long as they had enough resources, they could slay gods and devils. They could flip the entire world. The position of formation masters was even greater than alchemists.

Unfortunately, this was a declined era with few resources. Most formation masters starved to death because they didn’t have the resources to raise themselves.

The formation masters on the continent now were nothing more than artisans working to make a meager living. Most formation masters were forced to take up a second profession just to pay for their own resources. 

No one would deny that formation masters could be terrifying. But the prerequisite was that they had enough resources. If they didn’t, then they were cooks without tools or ingredients. How would they cook? So the profession of formation masters had declined to the point that no one outstanding in this field had appeared in the past tens of thousands of years.

As for the formations of the large sects, they were things left behind from the ancient era. As long as they were careful and avoided large-scale battles, their formations could remain in good condition without a formation master.

That was why currently, formation masters weren’t treated as important by the large powers. They could always use their old formations.

Now though, just the slightest revelation of Xia Chen’s skills stunned everyone.

The formation continued, annihilating the incoming army of the Blood race. They were unable to charge over.

Xia Chen formed hand seals, and a whirlpool image appeared on the ground. The spiritual qi of the world crazily condensed there.

“What a terrifying spirit gathering formation!”

Feeling the spiritual qi of heaven and earth being sucked away, people’s expressions changed. Spirit gathering formations were one of the most common formations. Everyone had one. But this spirit gathering formation of Xia Chen’s was incredibly powerful, so powerful that it even made the Heavenly Daos twist.

Even those from Pill Valley, the Corrupt path, and the others were amazed. The effect of this formation was a hundred times greater than their own spirit gathering formations.

“No wonder the Dragonblood Legion’s growth is so terrifying. They have such a powerful formation master. Any problems can be resolved easily.”

“I heard that Long Chen is also an amazing alchemy master, with rumors saying that his alchemy arts are not inferior to the Pill Fairy’s. A pinnacle alchemist plus a pinnacle formation master are the greatest support of the Dragonblood Legion.”

“No matter how great Long Chen’s alchemy arts are, he’s just one person. There’s no way he can refine enough pills for such a large legion. I heard his medicinal pills are mostly from the Huayun Sect. Have you forgotten how Long Chen stuffed himself with barrels of medicinal pills during the qi flow eruption?”

“In other words, the support of the Dragonblood Legion is the Huayun Sect from behind the scenes? No wonder they have such wealth.”

The Huayun Sect was said to be the richest sect on the Martial Heaven Continent. They had been competing with Pill Valley from the start. However, they were much more low key and rarely interfered in matters of the cultivation world. People usually forgot about their power.

Now that someone mentioned them, they all came to a sudden understanding. It seemed that the Dragonblood Legion’s money came from the Huayun Sect.

“As expected of the most successful businessmen. If you invest in objects, the profit will be limited. But if you invest in people, well, once Long Chen becomes ruler of the world, the profits would be endless.”

Long Chen was famed for being ruthless with his vengeance, but also for repaying people who helped him.

The Xuantian Dao Sect, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, and the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race were the best examples. They helped Long Chen, and Long Chen viewed them as family. He would risk his life to protect them.

Those three powers had declined to a miserable point before he had gone to them. The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race in particular had been hunted down almost to extinction. Now, the three powers stood at the top of the world’s rankings. That was payback.

Swords continued to fly out of the formation, slaughtering the army of the Blood race. Corpses piled up rapidly.

At the front, willow leaves slashed like swords, and giant roots attacked like dragons. They devoured the majority of the Blood race’s experts. In front of Liu Ruyan, they were simply food.

That made quite a few people jealous. All the essence blood of those experts would go to the Dragonblood Legion.

Seeing the corpses on the ground slowly wither until they were desiccated, it was obvious that Long Chen was gathering their essence blood.

The Blood race’s essence blood contained the essence of ancient times. Although their bloodlines were no longer pure, their essence blood could still be refined into immemorial essence blood.

That immemorial essence blood was a priceless treasure to those who hadn’t awakened their Spirit Blood yet. No amount of money was able to buy it.

Such essence blood could only be refined from the Blood race’s experts, and although they had been killed before in past dark eras, the immemorial essence blood refined from them was always immediately used by the experts of that time. Very little had been saved. After all, that was how they had strengthened the side of the continent and prevented more people from being killed. If everyone was killed, then saving it wouldn’t have any use.

Those corpses were treasures, and all of them now belonged to the Dragonblood Legion.

“The divine families really are biased! Why should Long Chen get all the benefits?!” grumbled one of the Xuan Beasts.

Peng Wanli’s expression changed upon hearing that, and as expected, the elders of the outer branches glared at him. One of them coldly stated, “If you feel it’s unfair, then after the three days are up, how about we allow the Xuan Beasts to defend this area on your own for three days?”

These members of the outer branches were already holding back their anger from what had just happened with their trick being exposed. Adding on having to watch as the Dragonblood Legion simply activated a formation and comfortably sat back gathering the essence blood, they were driven crazy with jealousy and rage.

As for the heads of the Xuan Beasts, they were definitely not too bright to say that the divine families were biased. That one person had ended up provoking these old fellows.

Peng Wanli didn’t give that person a chance to respond. He directly slammed his hand through that person’s head, killing him.

“The divine families have always been fair. My teachings haven’t been enough unfortunately. Please forgive me.” Peng Wanli cupped his fists.

He was not Long Chen. He didn’t want to draw the ire of the outer branches. In the future, they might make things hard on him.

These old fellows were clearly idiots used to being treated like princes, when in reality they were nothing more than dogs. Provoking them didn’t bring him any benefits.

After Peng Wanli killed that person, the speaker from the outer branches snorted and didn’t say any more.

Suddenly, a heaven-shaking roar came from within the Yin Yang World. The earth trembled and giant figures appeared.

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