Chapter 2243 Limit

“Compared to the Dragonblood warriors, our Nangong disciples are greenhouse flowers. They’re still children. Us old fellows were too obstinate.”

The Elders of the Nangong family were gathered together, sighing.

When it came to talent, the disciples of the Nangong family were definitely much better than the Dragonblood warriors. When it came to resources, it was unknown just how far behind the Nangong family threw Long Chen.

Now the difference was shown. This was the result of tempering through true battle. Although they had also tempered their disciples, those were simply trials. The danger was always under control.

Contrary to them, the Dragonblood Legion had fought in life and death battles countless times. There had been no guarantee of their lives. They could only risk their lives, and in the process, comprehend the true essence of the Martial Dao.

Even if the Nangong family’s experts were slightly stronger than the Dragonblood warriors, they would still die if they battled. The Dragonblood warriors’ conviction in victory was too terrifying.

Even surrounded by this endless army of the Blood race, where a single mistake spelled death, they still looked relaxed. How was that possible? Because they had absolute confidence that they wouldn’t make any mistakes.

To walk through the cracks of danger, to wave their hands and turn crisis into fortune, it made everyone reflect on something. The Nangong family’s Elders began to examine themselves.

It went without saying that the Nangong family’s Elders possessed greater wisdom than some. When they encountered a problem, they considered themselves first, unlike certain people who only knew how to complain and push the responsibility onto others.

“You can’t put it like that. Everyone has their own path. Some people want to instantly soar, and others want to slowly build a foundation that matures. In the end, the results are what matters. The Dragonblood warriors’ path doesn’t necessarily suit other people, and envying them is meaningless. You just need to look at your own path and decide if it’s right for you,” said Nangong Zuiyue.

“Zuiyue is correct. The Nangong family’s teachings are not focused on such ferociousness. We cannot imitate that aspect,” said an elder in gray robes. This elder was the current head of the Nangong family, Nangong Yunshan. The comical thing was that his seniority wasn’t actually very high. He had been an up and coming youngster, and calculating the generations, he would technically be Nangong Zuiyue’s junior. But because he was the family head, the two of them called each other equally.

Just at this moment, a new sub-race of the Blood race appeared. They were exceptionally large and muscular. Even their hands and feet were thick, and they held giant hammers in their hands.

“This is the Behemoth Blood race. They’re a mid-ranking race with immense power. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, your warriors have to be careful!” Li Jing let out a startled cry.

When those Behemoth Blood experts smashed their hammers at the Dragonblood warriors, the Dragonblood warriors’ swords slashed out. Sparks flew. The Dragonblood warriors were knocked back several steps, while the Behemoth Blood experts were sent flying, their hammers escaping their hold. The Dragonblood warriors’ attacks were unable to kill the Behemoth Blood experts in one blow, and it had to be known that they weren’t holding back.

“Even Netherpassage realm Behemoth Blood experts can be stopped?” Li Jing covered her mouth with both hands, completely shocked. Just how powerful were the Dragonblood warriors?

The Behemoth Blood race was a mid-ranking race amongst the Blood race and said to be the core of the Blood race’s forces. Furthermore, some of them were in the Netherpassage realm.

The arrival of the Behemoth Blood experts caused the Dragonblood warriors to no longer remain so indifferent. They gradually became unable to keep up with their numbers.


One of the Dragonblood warriors was suddenly surrounded by over ten of the Behemoth Blood experts, causing startled cries to ring out. In that situation, he should definitely die.

Surprisingly though, the Dragonblood warrior used his fist to receive one of the hammers, causing it to miss. In exchange, that arm was completely deformed, with even his bone sticking out.

Taking advantage of that slight moment, he used his sword to cut off the attacker’s head. As for the hammer he had forced into a deviated trajectory, it blocked the attacks of several others. In that chaotic mess, the Dragonblood warrior’s sword flashed. He killed seven of the Behemoth Blood experts in an instant.

With seven of them dead, he won a chance to breathe. His deformed arm was already healed, and he then grabbed a hammer, smashing it into his enemies.

He proceeded to cut down the owners of those hammers, racking up a high kill count. His movements flowed perfectly, from his pulling back, to using their own force, to counter attacking. It was perfect yet also incredibly dangerous.

With so many of the Behemoth Blood experts attacking, the Dragonblood warriors were surrounded by danger. However, they continued fighting, cutting down their enemies. The way they fought made others exclaim in praise.

“The warm-up is over. The battle is finally starting.” Gu Yang clenched his fists excitedly. He was itching to join in.

“The warm-up?” Li Jing was speechless. This terrifying battle was just a warm-up in the Dragonblood warriors’ eyes? That was absolutely monstrous. “Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, are you not going to join in?”

Everyone around her laughed. One of the female healing warriors said, “Little sister, you’re underestimating the Dragonblood warriors. If they couldn’t even handle these little fish, would they dare to call themselves Dragonblood warriors?”

“But…” Li Jing looked at the Dragonblood warriors. Injuries were rapidly appearing, and they had clearly reached their limit. It didn’t look at all like they were acting.

“It’s fine. Just keep watching,” comforted that healing warrior.

Even as they spoke, the Dragonblood warriors continued to be pressured. More and more of the Behemoth Blood experts appeared. The ones in the Netherpassage realm in particular were extremely dangerous.

Occasionally, the Dragonblood warriors would cough up blood, but they didn’t retreat. Even in such desperate straits, they were constantly looking for opportunities to counterattack.

“I understand now why the Dragonblood warriors are so powerful! Even when facing death, their Dao-hearts are firm. There isn’t the slightest fear in their hearts,” exclaimed one of the Righteous experts.

For them, just watching already made their hearts tighten. The Dragonblood warriors might die at any moment, but the Dragonblood warriors were calmer than them. They weren’t panicking in the slightest, even in such a situation. They were always able to find the best way to counterattack and resolve their predicaments. 

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is treating this battle as a trial… that’s monstrous!” 

Just watching this battle was a trial. As for actually being in it, that was crazy. This was a real battle, while in a trial, you could always be saved. Here, dead was dead.

“They bring out their lives for training, so no wonder they’re so terrifying. Every bit of the Dragonblood Legion’s reputation is backed by true power.”

“A person’s potential is limitless. It just depends on whether you can force it out or not. The Dragonblood warriors are monsters. This definitely isn’t the first time they’ve done this.”

For a moment, the Righteous path’s experts could only sigh in amazement. This battle shook their hearts. It was truly a dance upon the tip of a blade. The slightest carelessness could cost lives.

The experts of the other powers were also pointing and discussing amongst themselves. The elders were clearly using this as a lesson for their disciples.

Only the Corrupt path’s disciples were watching in trepidation. In the Corrupt path, all the living disciples were survivors of cruel and miserable trials. But even they shivered in the face of this terrifying Blood race army. Their viciousness was an act for others to see so that those people would fear them. But the Dragonblood Legion’s viciousness was a part of them. They were vicious to their enemies and even more vicious to themselves.

One of the Dragonblood warriors had half their body smashed to pulp by one of the Behemoth Blood experts, but Long Chen and the others still didn’t move.

As a result, that Dragonblood warrior bitterly held on for several breaths’ time before finding a chance to kill two of the Behemoth Blood experts and healing.

“Absolutely vicious!”

Cold sweat dripped down people’s backs. That Dragonblood warrior’s life had been hanging by a string, but Long Chen and the others had just watched.

“They have no choice but to be vicious. This time, Long Chen could have helped him, but who would help him next time?” Mo Nian finally broke his silence. “If a person refuses to work, no one can help them. Long Chen can only give them an environment, but to become a true expert, they need to rely on themselves. That’s true of both the Dragonblood warriors as well as Long Chen. They understand their position and are all risking their lives. Actually, life is like this. The greater your goal, the more challenges you’ll encounter. If your goal is only to be a normal person, you’ll only need to experience the struggles of a normal person. If you want to become a god, then you’ll need to go through trials on the level of a god. Every person has to pay a price for whatever aspirations they have.”

Hearing Mo Nian’s words, everyone fell silent, mulling over what he had said. They looked at the Dragonblood warriors surrounded by the Behemoth Blood experts. They were like tiny boats floating on top of a raging sea, looking like they might collapse at any moment. But the Dragonblood warriors still looked determined. This scene touched the deepest parts of people’s hearts.

Time passed bit by bit. When the sun once more rose in the sky, it meant that it had been a full day and night since the battle had started.

The Dragonblood warriors had brushed past death countless times during these hours. In the end, they managed to survive.

However, as time passed, their power began to wane. Even though they were still fighting valiantly, they were weary.

“This is about the limit. Guo Ran, give the order.” Long Chen suddenly spoke.

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