Chapter 2242 The Bravery of the Blood Race

“The Ye family’s dogs are just like their masters. That little fellow is correct, the divine families’ face has been completely lost by them.”

Up in the void, Shen Chengfeng and his experts coldly witnessed what happened below. Killing intent flowed out of him. He had an urge to go down and slaughter all of them.

They were hiding in the void through a formation. They were far away enough that no one knew they were there.

“Commander, what is the Ye family doing? These outer branches are completely out of line. Can’t they properly manage them?” One of the experts beside Shen Chengfeng frowned. That person was a Netherpassage expert. He looked to be in his thirties, but his eyes spoke of things he had seen. He was a true expert, someone who had followed Shen Chengfeng for many years and had always been his right arm.

“The interior of the divine families is too complicated. Some things aren’t for us to ask. But these outer branches really make me want to choke them,” said Shen Chengfeng hatefully.

“This Long Chen’s not bad. He has power and wits. He killed so many of them, and yet they don’t dare do anything to him. They don’t even dare to make a sound,” praised his right-hand man.

“Wits? How come I don’t see any?” Shen Chengfeng laughed. If Long Chen really had wits, he wouldn’t be the enemy of almost the entire world.

If he had wits, he would be slick and sly, knowing how to switch tactics to different situations, knowing how to avoid danger. At the very least, in these areas, he didn’t see any wits from Long Chen.

“This Long Chen is truly a marvel. If he can be raised properly, perhaps he can become a sharp weapon.”

Shen Chengfeng said, “He is a double-sided sword. The higher-ups might not like him. Only children that listen get to eat their fill, and Long Chen clearly isn’t one. Although Elder Long likes Long Chen, to get the full support of the divine families would be extremely difficult. Just think, to have ten thousand people block the attack of the Blood race, it’s clear that the higher-ups have stringent requirements for Long Chen.”

“Commander, do you feel like Long Chen will succeed?”

Shen Chengfeng shook his head. “It’s difficult to say. If we were following the historical records, then perhaps the Dragonblood Legion would have been able to last three days. But this time, the qi flow eruption was extremely strong. That indicates that this tribulation is on a completely unprecedented level. The Dragonblood Legion managed to occupy the strongest qi flow stream, but that advantage will only show upon advancing to the Netherpassage realm. Currently, they don’t have that much of an advantage.”

There were a few aspects to the qi flow eruption. One was that within the qi flow stream, it was easy to charge through bottlenecks and shackles without the foundation becoming unsteady. Instead, the foundation would only grow more stable. 

Another aspect was that those supported by the qi flow would be blessed by heaven and earth. However, that kind of blessing would only truly manifest in the Netherpassage realm.

Breaking through to the Netherpassage realm was the most dangerous bottleneck in the cultivation world. The odds of death were extremely high. In fact, part of it didn’t even relate to power or talent. Sometimes it was just luck.

Some powerful geniuses had died when advancing to the Netherpassage realm, while some people who hadn’t had much hope at all had managed to succeed. The Netherpassage realm was the most difficult realm to understand on the path of cultivation.

Even the qi flow eruption couldn’t change that iron law. If they wanted to enjoy the benefits of the qi flow, they had to enter the Netherpassage realm first. So the current Dragonblood Legion was truly at a disadvantage.

“However, at least up until now, the Dragonblood Legion has been fighting very steadily. They haven’t needed to use any big moves.” This was true. The Dragonblood warriors were still fighting individually, and Liu Ruyan was able to stop any stragglers. 

Shen Chengfeng once more shook his head. “You don’t understand. The Yin Yang World is different from our battlefield. The ones coming out right now are just cannon fodder. Their elites want them to die…”

“They want them to die? But why?”

“Because you haven’t entered the core of the divine families, you don’t understand. Last time, Elder Long told me he received some reliable intel that these invading races have been accumulating power for countless years to the point that they are no longer able to endure that burden. In other words, the Blood race has raised too many warriors, to the point that there aren’t enough resources to go around. This is their way of reducing their burden. They sent cannon fodder against the Sovereign seal, and now that the Sovereign seal is gone, the cannon fodder has lost any value, and so they’re sending them through.”

The divine families had their own ways to gather intel, but only those on the level of Elder Long were qualified to receive that intel. As for Shen Chengfeng, he wasn’t qualified. He had only heard Elder Long mention it.

Elder Long had mentioned this to Shen Chengfeng to make sure that he was mentally prepared. He couldn’t get paralyzed by any sudden changes, or it could be calamitous.

The experts behind Shen Chengfeng were dumbfounded. If that really was the case, then just what kind of terrifying level had the Blood race grown to?

“Now you know why our eighth legion was called from the Ancient Battlefield. Even I thought that this was just a minor matter. The remnant Sovereign aura prevents those at the fourth step of Netherpassage and above from entering, so this should be an easy battle. However, the Blood race has too many members and can use flood tactics to overwhelm us, while leaving its elites for the final blow. We cannot be careless,” warned Shen Chengfeng.

“Yes.” The experts behind him assented. They put away their indifference and began to carefully examine the battlefield.

Sword Qi was sweeping through the battlefield. It was a bitter sight seeing so many bodies being sliced apart. The Dragonblood warriors were covered in blood, but that blood belonged to the Blood race.

Liu Ruyan’s giant willow body was still blocking the channel. Not one fish got through the net. Whenever there was a sign of things growing too intense, the earthen net move would be used once more, slaughtering them.

“Boss, something seems off. So many of them have died, but why is their morale completely unaffected? They even seem to be growing crazier?” asked Gu Yang.

The Blood race’s experts were continuing to charge forward, completely disregarding their casualties. They stepped over countless corpses without any hesitation.

It had been six hours since the battle had started, so their corpses had piled up into mountains. Just what kind of terrifying will was required to continue charging forward like this?

“This is the Blood race’s innate nature. The dead members of their race release a bloody qi that stimulates the nerves of the others, making them crazy and lose their minds. These Blood race experts come from low level races. Their intelligence was limited from the start and after being affected by that bloody qi, their heads go blank, and all they know is to kill. You can’t judge them like how you judge humans. Right now, they’re just murderous beasts in human-like form. They might even be crazier than Magical Beasts. They’ve already lost their sense of self, and only death can make them stop,” explained Li Jing.

Of everyone present, no one knew more about the Blood race than Li Jing. Whenever a new sub-race appeared, she would instantly explain their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the best way to handle them. She had been very useful.

“So that’s the case. I was scared, thinking that there were warriors even braver than the Dragonblood warriors.” Gu Yang breathed out in relief. This explanation put him at ease. He had been shocked by the Blood race’s bravery. But if they were just brainless maniacs, then there was nothing curious about it.

“The Dragonblood warriors are true warriors.” One of the Empyreans in the Beitang family couldn’t help sighing. “If it was a one against one fight, I’d be confident in being able to defeat them. However, if I were to fight on this battlefield, I wouldn’t be able to last so long.”

This Empyrean had already awoken his manifestation and was one of Beitang Rushuang’s eight great bodyguards. He was extremely powerful and had quite the reputation within the Beitang family.

However, he couldn’t help but to praise the Dragonblood warriors. This showed him that true experts always needed to sense what areas they were lacking in.

Beitang Rushuang nodded. “You’re the only one here who dares to admit that you might be inferior to others. Just that is enough to allow you to walk much further.”

The Empyrean sighed, “Compared to the Dragonblood warriors, those of us who were blessed with the support of the Beitang family are far more fortunate. Without the Beitang family, there is no way we would have reached our current level. But they managed to reach their level by putting their lives on the line over and over again. They had to have experienced unimaginable pain to reach this level. That’s why their wills are far tougher than ours. We were too blessed. Just thinking about it makes me feel ashamed. The Beitang family gave us such good conditions, and we ended up like this. Brothers, our environment was many times better than theirs, and yet we’ve been surpassed. How can that be justified?”

The Empyrean looked back at the other disciples of the Beitang family. Those disciples instantly looked down in shame. If even he could admit that he was inferior, then the rest of them were far from being able to match them.

“Senior apprentice-brother Nuo Li, we’ll definitely work hard. We won’t be inferior to anyone!” shouted a disciple. Seeing the Dragonblood warriors’ shocking combat power, their own pride was excited.

“Work hard.” Nuo Li nodded.

“Work hard.” Beitang Rushuang also raised a fist. She looked at the calm Long Chen and made a solemn vow.

“Working hard is correct, but the direction must be right. If you were to seize him, then the Dragonblood Legion would be your family. Wouldn’t that be much more efficient than any effort on your own?” The Beitang family’s old family head whispered into Beitang Rushuang’s ear with a mischievous smile.

“Grandma…!” Beitang Rushuang blushed.

“Girl, don’t shout. Your grandma’s vision is definitely correct. Don’t you see the girl from the Nangong family also whispering? They definitely have their sights on Long Chen as well. Let me tell you, if you let her seize him first, don’t come crying to me,” said the old family head.

Beitang Rushuang looked toward the Nangong family. There were several elders whispering with Nangong Zuiyue, occasionally glancing toward Long Chen.

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