Chapter 2239 Titanic Arm Blood Race

When the Sovereign seal exploded, everyone’s hearts tightened, both friend and foe. Even their breathing became heavy.

That was the Blood race on the other side, the mortal enemy of the Martial Heaven Continent. They wanted to annihilate everyone and everything on the continent. In front of such an enemy, no one could remain relaxed.


The Blood race’s experts actually knew how to speak the human language, and they charged forward like a tide.

“Brothers, go ahead. Release your passion,” shouted Guo Ran, waving his hand.

The Dragonblood warriors unsheathed their swords, rays of divine light tearing through the sky. They actually pounced on the charging Blood race.

“What are they doing? After spending all that time setting up a grand formation, are they just going to fight like this?” exclaimed one of the seniors.

These seniors had assumed that Long Chen would use the grand formation to lock down this area and use absolute defense to stop the Blood race’s attack.

However, the Dragonblood Legion wasn’t using their formation at all. Their warriors were simply charging out. Had they just been bored when they set up their formation?

“These enemies are only at the Life Star realm and aren’t worth it. To the Dragonblood Legion, this is just a warm-up, not a battle,” said the old man lightly.

The old man’s words had barely left his lips when the Dragonblood warriors began slaughtering the Blood race’s army. Sword-images slashed through them.

“What terrifying attacks.”

Last time, the Dragonblood warriors had been protected by a formation and displayed a collective attack that had swept through their enemies.

Now though, everyone saw that even when the Dragonblood warriors were fighting individually, they were still extremely terrifying existences.

Every one of them was incredibly powerful. Even in such an important battle, their expressions were completely calm.

“They really are elites, worthy of being called the Martial Heaven Continent’s number one legion.”

The Dragonblood warriors were so powerful that the Blood race’s army was unable to even get close. Some of them tried to sneak attack the Dragonblood warriors, but they were killed in a heartbeat. The Dragonblood warriors’ swords would just swing to the side or even behind them, slaying the sneak attackers.

Such a thing didn’t just require immense power, but also astonishing spiritual perception. They all possessed a strong sense of danger that allowed them to control the changes of the battlefield. Even surrounded by attacks, they could choose the best move in an instant.

It sounded simple, but in reality, it was as difficult as ascending the heavens. This was an ability that could only be cultivated through experiencing countless battles, countless brushes against death.

Thus, even though the Dragonblood warriors were fighting individually, the Blood race was rapidly cut down. With each attack, a mass of the Blood race’s experts died.

The Righteous experts who had come were completely dazzled by this scene. These were true experts.

“I heard that every member of the Dragonblood Legion used to be an ordinary person, but under Long Chen’s lead, they’ve reached their current height. Long Chen’s not just a peerless genius. He’s a miracle maker!”

The neutral faction’s people were also swept up in various emotions. Without any backers, Long Chen had created a miracle like the Dragonblood Legion. That was a heaven-defying ability.

Pill Valley, the Corrupt path, the Xuan Beasts, and the others were afraid. The Dragonblood Legion had grown up. If they kept growing, they would be a dangerous threat to their very existence.

“We cannot allow them to grow any further.” A vicious light appeared in Yu Xiaoyun’s eyes. But with the divine families keeping watch over here, he couldn’t do anything.

In the face of the tide of the Blood race, the Dragonblood warriors' swords created a rain of flesh and blood. However, their numbers were still insufficient. A few of their enemies managed to slip through the cracks.

“Long Chen, if you allow a single Blood race expert to get by, you will have failed. Don’t even think about getting the reward in that case,” shouted one of the experts of the divine families’ outer branches from up in the sky. They were overseeing the battle.

Long Chen wasn’t even interested enough to look at them. They were trying to apply pressure to him.


A giant willow exploded out of the void, and countless willow branches appeared, piercing through the Blood race experts that managed to get past the Dragonblood warriors.

Those Blood race experts quickly withered upon being pierced by the willow branches. Liu Ruyan directly sucked away their bloodline power.

“You said that the essence blood of those I kill goes to me. Can I count on that?” Liu Ruyan’s voice rang out in Long Chen’s mind.

“Yes, no one will fight over it with you. You’ll get however much you kill.” Long Chen helplessly smiled. Even now, Liu Ruyan was wary of him as if he would break his word.

For Liu Ruyan to be able to refine her own immemorial essence blood from the Blood race was a bit surprising to Long Chen. It seemed that her origins were far from simple.

After hearing Long Chen’s words, Liu Ruyan’s body grew until the entire entrance was bottled up. No one could get through.

Liu Ruyan’s branches were sharp and endless. The Blood race’s experts were pierced through and had their essence blood sucked away.

“Ruyan needs to accumulate a large amount of essence blood to break through her current bottleneck. She started gathering it even in the last battle.” Chu Yao stealthily sent a message to Long Chen.

“Why didn’t she tell me? I could have thought of something for her.” Long Chen was surprised.

“Dummy, do you not know her temper? She wouldn’t ask for help even if she was dying, let alone asking for help from you,” rebuked Chu Yao.

Liu Ruyan was stubborn and cold. Her iciness was similar to Ye Zhiqiu, but Ye Zhiqiu was warm inside. Meanwhile, Liu Ruyan was cold inside and out. Other than Chu Yao, she rarely spoke to anyone.

Furthermore, Liu Ruyan still disliked Long Chen for having suppressed her with the black soil. That had always been viewed as a humiliation to her.

Even now that they were one family, she was still unable to forgive him. She mostly ignored Long Chen, so for her to ask him for help was impossible.

That was why Chu Yao secretly mentioned this to Long Chen to avoid him feeling a grudge, as if Liu Ruyan was unwilling to share the immemorial essence blood with everyone else.

In truth, as the Dragonblood warriors fought, the formation beneath their feet was already active. According to Elder Long, this formation would gather the Blood race’s essence blood as it rained down from the sky. It could later be refined into immemorial essence blood.

However, that was just the start. The Blood race’s essence blood was not the same as the human race’s essence blood. To merge them required several steps.

This essence blood would belong to the Dragonblood Legion, but the ones that Liu Ruyan killed would have their essence blood go to her. Chu Yao even brought up that Liu Ruyan wanted to advance to make sure that Long Chen didn’t blame her for being selfish.

Long Chen simply smiled and shook his head. Liu Ruyan was unyielding. If she had said this earlier, he would have long since brought her to the wild world to start her preparations.

Long Chen told Chu Yao that this wasn’t a big deal. They were entering the dark era, so slaughter would be present at all times. Liu Ruyan would have plenty of blood to gather.

Long Chen, Chu Yao, Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Ye Zhiqiu, and the others were all just watching from the rear alongside the healing warriors. Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan weren’t fighting either. Currently, there was no need for them to partake in the battle.

Li Jing had been worried, because according to the outer branches of the divine family, she was to follow the Dragonblood Legion, and if they died, she would die too. That was one reason she had been so nervous when she came.

Seeing that Long Chen didn’t even need to fight, that just the Dragonblood warriors and Liu Ruyan could stop the Blood race, her tense heart relaxed. She felt much safer.

The Blood race’s army grew stronger over time. Eventually, some larger ones appeared, their arms incredibly thick, thicker than even their legs. Blood chains wrapped around their arms, and they held blood-colored sabers several meters long. They seemed to be a physically powerful sub-race amongst the Blood race.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, this is the Titanic Arm Blood race. Their physical power is limitless, and they are the true warriors of their army. In comparison, the other ordinary experts of the Blood race are just ants. You have to warn the others to be careful,” said Li Jing.

Long Chen shook his head. “If they’re only on that level, then there’s no need.”

One of the Titanic Arm Blood experts charged forward, his thick saber slashing down. The immense power brought with it a screeching whistling sound.


That Titanic Arm Blood expert was sent flying back by one of the Dragonblood warriors. It crashed heavily into the ones behind it, causing them to cough up blood.

The Titanic Arm Blood expert seemed to have been angered, and a bloody light appeared in its eyes. It once more attacked.

“Dragon Blood Battle Armor!” That Dragonblood warrior let out a shout, and blood-colored scales covered his body. His sword hacked down like a bolt of lightning.

Sword Qi flashed and that Titanic Arm Blood expert, along with its saber, turned to dust.


Li Jing covered her mouth, not daring to believe what she was seeing. The incredibly powerful Titanic Arm Blood race could still have its experts killed in one blow by a Dragonblood warrior.

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