Chapter 2237 Grand Formation Complete

Light filled the land, and lines of light crossed in an incomprehensible manner to anyone but Xia Chen.

“Many thanks for your help, brothers. It’s time to activate the formation, so to avoid any injuries, I’d ask you all to back up as much as possible.” Xia Chen’s voice rang out.

The light soaring out of the ground suddenly exploded, forming a giant barrier that covered this area.

Everyone retreated. Although it was common for formations to cause some powerful fluctuations when first activated, the vast pressure was suffocating.

With the light, it was impossible to see what was happening inside. Even the Dragonblood warriors were standing outside the formation, calmly watching.

At the core of the formation, only Long Chen, Guo Ran, and Xia Chen remained. Guo Ran was inserting countless black arrows into the pillars of light, while Xia Chen was fiddling with a second formation disc  which he sent underground.

Everything before this was just laying the foundation. Now they were truly setting up the formation, and what they were doing were the core secrets that outsiders could not be permitted to see.

The formation discs Xia Chen was setting up were the son discs. There could be multiple son discs but only one mother disc. By using multiple son discs at once, it could allow the formation to go through thousands of variations.

As Xia Chen was setting things up, he smiled. “Boss, following you was definitely the best choice of my life. This feeling of spending money is truly luxurious.”

By following Long Chen, Xia Chen had plenty of resources to work with. The formations that he had dreamed of but lacked the money to create were now becoming reality. 

Without Long Chen’s support, he would have been a bound dragon, only able to thrash in the mud without achieving his true potential. The reason he could create formations like this was thanks to Long Chen.

“The money is being spent well, so it’s worth it. It’s not just luxurious, but it also keeps us alive. Be careful. Quite a few people are definitely keeping an eye on us. This formation’s secrets must not only be kept from them, but we have to be able to slip away with those secrets even after the formation ends. We’re not exposing our own blood, sweat, and tears for others,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen didn’t want Xia Chen’s masterpiece to be secretly learned by others to be used against them.

“Don’t worry, boss. I’ve already modified these formation discs. Once their energy is used up, they’ll automatically self-destruct and leave nothing useful behind,” guaranteed Xia Chen.

“Boss, let’s really shock those idiots this time- aiya!” With the slightest distraction from talking, a tiny arrow touched the skin on Guo Ran’s arm. Without the slightest hesitation, he cut off his own arm.

Even as the arm landed on the ground, it instantly turned black before rotting.

“You deserve it,” said Long Chen without the slightest sympathy.

The poison on these arrows came from the Heavenly Underworld Vermillion Fruit. At the start, Guo Ran had been unwilling to waste his best materials on these arrows, only to find that in just a few hours, the arrows themselves began to rot.

After that, he had had no choice but to use the highest level of divine materials to create the arrow heads. He was unwilling to modify the entire arrow though, but just this was enough to save money without reducing their power.

The arrow heads were special, with six barbs at the end and an incredibly sharp tip. Guo Ran wore special gloves to handle the poison, but they didn’t cover his whole hands. As a result, the slightest touch resulted in it breaking his skin. Since he wasn’t in his battle state, he didn’t have the slightest ability to suppress this poison and could only cut off his arm.

“Damn, how many times will this repeat? Boss, just what poison is this?” Guo Ran circulated his Heavenly Dao energy, and his arm regrew. But the sweat on his forehead remained.

He had suffered like this multiple times, requiring him to cut off chunks of his flesh. The poison was just too crazy.

“If I didn’t have a few trump cards, how could I dare to carry out such a huge transaction? You just have to be careful. If you end up touching this poison with your face, then even if you don’t die, you’ll lose a few layers of skin,” warned Long Chen.

Only a Netherpassage expert could possibly endure this poison, but even they would only be able to endure for a while. This poison was something Long Chen had concocted from several different poisons, and although it wasn’t on the same level as the giant pill he had refined, a Life Star expert would definitely die from it. 

Without this little bit of power, Long Chen wouldn’t allow the Dragonblood warriors to face the Blood race. Something unexpected could always happen, and he didn’t want to see huge casualties.

Guo Ran then decided to summon his armor before continuing. Although it was inconvenient, it was better to be safe.

Since they had received help from the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples, they finished the work ahead of schedule. They had time.

Guo Ran and Xia Chen spent a whole day before finishing the formation. They did various tests to confirm that everything was as expected before releasing the barrier.

When the barrier was released, Long Chen noticed that the experts from the other powers had arrived. They were standing in their own regions, watching from a distance. He saw people from Pill Valley, the ancient races, the Xuan Beasts, the ancient family alliance, and more.

They had simply occupied their own spots, some even looking like they were here to watch a show. They had tea and refreshments.

“Boss, do you want to use the formation to capture them all? If we do it now, I’m seventy percent confident,” whispered Xia Chen.

These people were hateful. They were like watching a monkey show when Long Chen and the others were preparing to risk their lives. It was clearly intentional.

“Not a bad idea. I really am tempted.” To tell the truth, Long Chen also had this urge. Just as he was considering whether he should do this or not, Qu Jianying walked over.

“Long Chen, what’s with that look in your eyes? Do you want to consume them?” Qu Jianying smiled.

Qu Jianying had seen Long Chen’s sharp gaze locked onto Yu Xiaoyun and the others. She was teasing, but she didn’t realize that Long Chen really was thinking about it.

“Alliance head, you must be joking. How could I think that?” Long Chen shook his head, dispelling Xia Chen’s suggestion.

Not realizing that, Qu Jianying looked around. Seeing the formation was complete, she asked, “Are you confident?”

“It should be no problem.”

“If you can’t hold, don’t force it. The reward isn’t important. Don’t get hot-headed because of some people’s malicious words,” warned Qu Jianying.

She knew that Long Chen was smart, and Li Tianxuan even said that Long Chen was more intelligent than him. But when he was angry, his intelligence instantly became zero. He could do any stupid thing.

No matter how outstanding Long Chen became, in Qu Jianying’s eyes, he and Ye Lingshan would always be children she had to worry about.

Although Long Chen had said that if he couldn’t hold, he would ask for help from the Martial Heaven Alliance, the Beitang family, and the Nangong family, she was still worried that he would do something stupid if others angered him. After knowing the old man for so long, she was even more worried.

“Don’t worry, Long Chen’s not a fool,” grumbled the old man.

“Long Chen’s not a fool but you, you raised him into one,” said Qu Jianying irritably.

“Fine, I’m not going to talk.” Curiously, the old man didn’t argue. He just shook his head. It seemed that the two of them had reconciled, but Qu Jianying was still angry with him.

“In any case, don’t act on anger,” said Qu Jianying in the end before returning to the Martial Heaven Alliance’s camp. As for the Dragonblood Legion, they stayed at the center of the formation, watching the entrance to the Yin Yang World.

Long Chen saw that Nangong Zuiyue and Beitang Rushuang had also arrived. But they didn’t come over, most likely because they didn’t want to disturb him. They just waved a greeting which Long Chen responded to.

Time passed. Zi Yan and the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s people also arrived. She smiled and nodded to Long Chen.

Long Chen’s heart warmed. Zi Yan was no longer targeting him and was supporting him instead. That made him feel gratified.

However, when he saw the icy Pill Fairy, his heart turned cold. Through his experience with the god seed in Dong Mingyu, he had found that the god seed was actually a slave seal, but it was even better because it made the slave’s thoughts change to the point that they were willing to give up their own life.

Dong Mingyu’s heart had Long Chen inside it. From that point onward, she no longer believed in her god, allowing her to maintain clarity even though the god’s will invaded her mind. She was able to retain her self.

The Pill Fairy though was different. She had been the god’s ardent follower from birth. The god had always been a supreme existence in her heart.

When she was branded with the god seed, her soul completely transformed. She was no longer the kind and pure Yu Qingxuan but the god’s loyal servant.

Long Chen looked at the Pill Fairy, and the Pill Fairy looked back at Long Chen. Their gazes intersected. Within the Pill Fairy’s eyes, all Long Chen saw was a will to destroy. He didn’t sense any of her old emotions.

Long Chen couldn’t help sighing inside. The Pill Fairy was different from Dong Mingyu. Her god seed had already invaded her soul. No one could save her. There would definitely be a battle to the death between him and the Pill Fairy.

Long Chen also saw Kun Pengzi and Tian Xiezi. Their auras had grown more frightening.

Their gazes were sharp when they looked toward Long Chen. Killing intent raged in the space between them. Rumbling even rang out in space as just their killing intent was able to influence the Heavenly Daos.

“Hmph, Long Chen, hopefully you don’t die. If I don’t personally cut off your head, it’ll be my life’s greatest regret,” said Tian Xiezi, his voice insidious. It contained a special soundwave that made it resound throughout heaven and earth.

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