Chapter 2236 Everyone Pitching In

“Brothers, work hard. There’ll be wine and meat at night!” Guo Ran and Xia Chen were directing the Righteous path’s experts who had come to help.

They had built giant criss-crossing channels in the earth so deep that they required earth cultivators to strengthen and stabilize.

Every channel had dozens of formations set up within it. Originally, this work was supposed to be left for the Dragonblood warriors, but with such a big battle coming, the Dragonblood warriors needed to focus and prepare themselves to make sure they stayed in their peak state. It just so happened that since many people wanted to help, they could rest. Furthermore, if Long Chen rejected them, it would be rude.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, aren’t you afraid that some of these people don’t have good intentions?” Li Jing had become Long Chen’s attendant. Seeing Long Chen using strangers for such important work, she couldn’t help giving him a warning.

If there was the slightest slip or hole in a formation, it could cause a catastrophe.

Long Chen smiled. “Kindness is rare. We’re only letting them do the most basic work. The details will all be left to Xia Chen and Guo Ran to complete. Furthermore, such an intricate grand formation requires over ten full inspections and various tests to confirm its perfection.”

If Li Jing could think of it, then Long Chen could as well. Although the current Righteous path had reached an unprecedented unity, with so many people, no one dared to say that there weren’t some undercover agents. 

When Long Chen had asked Xia Chen if it was possible for someone to mess with his formations during the building process, Xia Chen had directly and arrogantly said that if someone was capable of such a thing right under his gaze, he would have to kowtow and beg to become their apprentice.

Since Xia Chen was so confident, Long Chen was happy to let the Dragonblood warriors rest. They still had plenty of time. After a day of work, they could drink.

As a result, these Righteous disciples ended up celebrating to a crazy extent. The meat they were eating belonged to peak twelfth rank Magical Beasts. The wine that they were drinking came from the Wine God Palace. It had to be known that the Wine God Palace’s wine was something that they hadn’t dared to even dream of being able to taste.

This wine contained its own special realms inside. When drinking it, they only dared to sip it slowly to fully savor it.

As for the wine that Long Chen had gotten out of Tu Qianshang, it was so intense that one disciple ended up catching fire after drinking it, scaring the others into not daring to try it.

They worked during the day and drank during the night. They could even talk and laugh with a peerless expert like Long Chen. These Righteous disciples had never dreamed of such a thing.

As for the experts that had come from other powers, they could only swallow their saliva as the scents of wine and meat drifted their way. They didn’t dare to make a sound.

After one night, more Righteous experts came running over to offer their help. Some of those disciples had sent news back to their sects that there was wine to drink and meat to eat here. They could even listen to Long Chen’s comprehension about cultivation. Hence, the Righteous path’s disciples flocked to this place. Some even exited seclusion just to come over.

“You’re all not cultivating?” Long Chen was startled to see the number of Righteous disciples that had run over. There were over eight hundred thousand of them. 

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, we came to work! I heard there’s wine and meat, plus we can hear you expound on the Dao. That’s way better than cultivating,” said one person excitedly.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, don’t worry, if there are too many of us, we won’t eat or drink your meat and wine. Just helping you is enough.”

Seeing so many of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples, Long Chen bitterly smiled. “Rather than properly cultivating, you came over here to eat and drink? If Ye Lingshan knew this, wouldn’t she choke me to death?”

“It’s fine. I already said that they could open their stomachs until you’re destitute.”

Suddenly, Ye Lingshan walked over like a fairy, surrounded by a group of experts.

Long Chen was surprised that Ye Lingshan had also come. He hastily went over, putting on an act. “This lowly Long Chen greets the great alliance head.”

At this time, Ye Lingshan had already put her hair into a bun, indicating that it wouldn’t be long before she was bestowed the crown of the head of the Martial Heaven Alliance.

However, the coronation was an important ceremony. Hence, during this time, Ye Lingshan would receive more and more of Qu Jianying’s responsibilities and was starting to feel the pressure.

The Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples laughed along with Ye Lingshan. “Long Chen, you’re now a figure that shakes the entire Martial Heaven Continent. When will you start acting like a senior?”

“No matter how great my fame, don’t I still have to listen to the alliance head’s orders? I have to suck up whenever I can for fear of you making things hard on me in the future,” said Long Chen.

In front of outsiders, Long Chen always made his position clear with Ye Lingshan, being her subordinate. While many people knew that his position in the Righteous path far exceeded Ye Lingshan’s, this show of his made it clear that Ye Lingshan was the true alliance head.

Although the Martial Heaven Alliance was now united, there couldn’t be two leaders. If that wasn’t made clear, others might seek to drive in a wedge.

Since Long Chen had chosen to reject Qu Jianying’s suggestion back then, he had to be satisfied not being the leader. Even a green leaf had a purpose and had to know how to set off the flower. That was how to be a good leaf.

Ye Lingshan also knew Long Chen’s intentions and was not worried about Long Chen fighting over her position. If he really wanted it, she would immediately offer it to him with both hands. Regretfully, Long Chen had no interest in it.

However, by saying this, Long Chen made the experts following Ye Lingshan feel much more comfortable. Ye Lingshan had her loyal followers, and this clear expression of his attitude assuaged their worries.

“Who would dare to make trouble for you now?” laughed Ye Lingshan. Even the outer branches of the divine families were afraid of him.

“I don’t know. People just don’t like me.” Long Chen shrugged.

Ye Lingshan said, “Well, so many of my people have been drawn over by you. If you let my people starve, I might stop liking you.”

“Come, come. I might not have much else, but I have wine and meat aplenty. I have many meat-and-wine friends, so I naturally prepared extra.” Long Chen smiled.

The construction this time was vast. Currently, only the first line of defense had been completed. Xia Chen was planning on setting up nine of those lines of defense, each more complicated than the last.

Based on Xia Chen’s estimates, there wouldn’t have been enough manpower in the end, and the Dragonblood warriors would have been necessary to set things up. But with so many people, as long as they were used properly, there would be no need for the Dragonblood warriors to lift a finger.

“Are you saying I’m a wine-and-meat friend as well?” asked Ye Lingshan, acting angry.

“I wouldn’t dare!” cried Long Chen hastily.

Ye Lingshan rolled her eyes and had the disciples do what they wished. The disciples rolled up their sleeves and got to work. After all, they were disciples from the Martial Heaven Alliance, and they needed her go-ahead. It had to be clear who was the boss.

The work that Guo Ran arranged for them to do was very easy. There was no skill required. It simply took time. With so many people, they rapidly progressed.

Xia Chen oversaw things and would promptly fix any mistakes. All the surrounding land was quickly transformed into a giant labyrinth.

When the labyrinth was complete, Xia Chen took charge, setting up his formations. After that, the labyrinth had to be filled in with earth again, requiring the earth cultivators to take action once more and compress the earth.

After that, the second formation was set up. New formation lines were dug up, but not as deep as before. It was another labyrinth, but a different one and more complicated.

They worked during the day and drank during the night. These few days were quite ordinary, but they were also content.

On the third day, a new group from the outer branches of the divine families came.

A young man announced, “Long Chen, you are breaking the rules. The Heavenly Divine Writ clearly stated that the Dragonblood Legion must defend on their own for three days. Right now, you are using other people.”

This young man might be acting calm, but his trembling voice sold him out. It was clear he was afraid. The old fellows of the outer branches didn’t dare to face Long Chen, so they had sent a scapegoat.

This young man’s cultivation base was only at the mid Life Star realm and was weak like he was a scholar. Any random person here was capable of taking his life.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, they’re being forced. Please don’t make things hard on them,” said Li Jing. She felt sympathy for these people.

Long Chen nodded to indicate she could be at ease. Looking at these people, he said, “Since you’re just passing on other people’s words, I won’t make things hard on you. Remember my words and send them back to those idiots. First, I agreed with Elder Long to block the Blood race for three days. That starts when the battle starts. Second, even if I’m using other people, you aren’t qualified to criticize me because I bought them. The meat I took out is the meat of precious ancient Magical Beasts, something comparable to rare medicines. It is capable of strengthening the body. I won’t even mention the wine from the Wine God Palace, of which money cannot buy a single drop. Being able to buy labor with money is my own financial power, understand? Lastly, go tell those old fools that if they try to make things harder on me again, I’ll slap them in the face. I’m in a good mood today, but you know, men always have a few days in a month when they aren’t in a good mood. Be wary of those days when my mood isn’t so good, remember?”

“Yes, we’ll remember!” Those disciples hastily left to report this. After that, the outer branches didn’t dare to make a sound.

Time passed day by day. The Sovereign seal was growing dimmer and dimmer. Three days before the time that Sovereign Mo Li had mentioned, the nine formations were complete.

Xia Chen formed hand seals, causing pillars of light to shine out of the ground, piercing the clouds.

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